Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Lavender, posset, and something I need to explain.

Breathing again.
The e-zine is finished and in the hands of my proof readers. \o/
I loved making all the extra things for this issue. Elefantz HOME e-zine is not just stitching projects but articles and ideas, things to cook, and things to learn.
In the kitchen this issue I share a drink that Blossom and I first discovered in 2009, Lemon Posset. It's an old English recipe using milk, lemon rind, egg, nutmeg and brandy (or essence for children) and is perfect for sleepless nights to beckon slumber...
As this is my 'Sweet Dreams' issue, we're also making simply lavender bath salts to use yourself or give as gifts...
My stitch tutorial this month is Fly Stitch, and I have a little practice design for you to work on until the August issue where Fly Stitch will feature in one of the designs...

There is still time to subscribe. The magazine is published this Friday, July 5th. Go HERE to read about how.
In the previous issue of Elefantz HOME I shared a Backstitch tutorial with a simple practice block, 'stitch'. I made mine into a pincushion this week...
Every issue has something you can practice, and use, in a project of your own. Sometimes a quilt block, sometimes an embroidery stitch. Elefantz HOME is about making, learning, and sharing.

On Monday I shared the full Monogram Monday 'Shabby Roses Sampler' pattern...
I've had a few emails complaining that I've put the full free pattern in my Craftsy Shop, some asking "why change things?"
With kindness, may I explain?

I'm busy, really busy, every day. 
Sharing FREE designs with you is a gift from my heart to yours. 
It takes time to design, to stitch, to format into a pattern, to write the pattern, and then to get it up online somewhere you can easily access it without more of my time being spent emailing it to individuals.

Before I began uploading my patterns to Craftsy it seemed that every day I'd have emails from blog readers telling me they were having issues downloading my free projects from my Google drive and could I email it to them instead?
 As simple as it sounds, that requires more time in the office each day for me (I spend 4-5 hours a day there as it is doing all my bookwork, blog work, pattern writing and emails) and a bit of brain drain trying to 'fix' the download problems. 

Then along came Craftsy. All you need do is sign up.
It's free. Every design (whether paid or free) is saved into your Craftsy Library for you to instantly download or access whenever you like- win-win all round I'd say.
This works for ME, dear ladies, that's the most important thing.
I am happy to give you free Jenny of Elefantz designs, but please don't get annoyed at how I share them. 
I'm trying to balance my love for design with a business that keeps the wolves from the door - and within all that, to give freely to you as well. I hope you're not offended. 

I've personally been a bit offended this year with the number of emails telling me I'm 'not doing things right' or complaining about one thing or another. Some days I wonder why I bother to share anything? But after a chat with Mr E I've decided to let it go and just be who I am and do what I do - showing friendship, grace and love to each of you. 

Most of you are just lovely in your emails, and I know it's not your fault if you have a download issue - I'm not directing this at any of you. This is about those who 'push' their ideas at me telling me there is something wrong with my design and they don't like it, and others with their disgruntled attitude all angry at me and with no kindness whatsoever. They are a small minority but with a loud voice they insist be heard.
 To them I say, "If you don't like my free designs, don't download them".

To others, kindly, if you don't like Craftsy, I'm really sorry, but it works best for me, and if the change has just been a bit uncomfortable for you let me know if I can help you to conquer the 'how to download from Craftsy' blues with these simple steps.

1. Go HERE to my Craftsy Shop.
2. Sign in, or join up if you haven't before. It's free.
3. Click on the pattern you want and it will come up as a whole page link.
4. To the right there is a button that says free, and you must 'add to cart'.
5. This takes you to a new page where you click 'add to my library'.
6. Now click on 'your library'.
7. The pattern is there for you to download. 
 If you got this far without throwing tomatoes at the screen, thank you.
Please smile. This is all a learning curve for me too. We're actually in it together.



  1. I cannot believe that people can be so 'mean spirited'.
    You are a very talented lady and generous in so many ways.
    Computers and the internet have a mind of their own and do not always obey the rules!
    Please continue inspiring us, my friend.

  2. I, too, appreciate your great generosity in sharing some of your designs for free. What a gift to us that is. I also applaud that you are adjusting things to have more balance in your life. We each need to do that. You have to do what is right for you. That's the only way you can be your best.

  3. Very disappointing that there are complaints about your generosity and the way you do things.... I love the little trashcan we can put emails like that into!! Keep focussed on the goodness and trash the rest I say!!
    Big Hugz

  4. oh Jenny why are some people so nasty, as you say most of us are delighted with all you share with us but to receive unpleasant comments is not on, just delete them and remember you have hundreds no more like thousands of us who love following you. Looking forward to getting the e-zine any day now.
    Take care and chin up, knowing you you have said a prayer for those unmentionable people.

  5. Put the nasties aside - you are right - if they don't like something about the pattern - move on - and out of your sphere. Just put them to the back of your mind Jenny. (they can try designing themselves if they like!)

  6. Please keep doing things *your* way, we all are luckier for it! I'm a recent visitor to your blog land, and your creativity and generosity is almost overwhelming! The faster you can sort thru the "grunt work", the more time you have for creativity and crafting, and we all benefit. Now I'm going to sign up for your ezine, I'm so excited! Chrissie x

  7. You are so generous with your designs and I am always surprised when people complain about something they have been given. It sort of boggles my mind. Please know that I appreciate the fact that you are putting your designs on Craftsy. It makes it so easy to purchase for those of us that don't live in your country.

  8. hiya Jenny, Hannah and I are throwing kisses at our screen! We love ya! Craftsy is a cool set up and we have a number of free and paid for in our account. I think that people who are lovely enough to share free stuff on their blogs rock!
    love and blessings
    Karen and Hannah

  9. Why, oh why? It is quite a shock to read this, Jenny! Have faith, there are still so many beautiful people out there.
    Hugs and blessings - Lurline.

  10. oh Jenny, I just had a laugh at the image of throwing tomatos at the screen. It would serve someone right as then they would damage their own computer. :P

    I am so glad you placed the pattern on craftsy, I like being able to access the library later.
    Thank you for sharing again.


  11. I love everything you design and I also love Craftsy. I practice reminding myself not to get offended by others. I'm not always successful, but I'm getting better at not letting others steal my energy.

  12. Oh my goodness! Complaints? Mean spirited remarks? Jenny, dear sweet Jenny--I am a happy fan and it just sickens me that people would treat you, one of the most gracious and loving person on the internet! I love that you do craftsy and so appreciate your generosity in giving us such gorgeous designs. I have bought quite a few and I am a regular subscriber to your ezine. So you go girl and trash the nasties!

    Carmen in Alaska :-)

  13. I'm so sorry to read that you have had to deal with such negativity. Some people really need to learn to pull their heads in!

  14. We all love you and applaud your generosity. Just ignore those others!

  15. Hi Jenny, I am 70 and have no trouble downloading from Crafty. You are so kind to give freebies away. If the grumps don,t like it move on. Keep up the great work. Hugs Lynette.

  16. Oh Jenny, makes me sad to think people can me so mean spirited. But there is some truth in the fact that those with the kindest hearts get hurt the most. Your kindest and generosity is appreciated and looked forward to - it can brighten the worst of days! I love Craftsy and have enjoyed using it - have a little collection of both paid and free patterns I can't wait to do. Look after yourself Jenny and know you and your work is loved my many - have a beautiful week <3 <3

  17. Unbelievable! Out of the kindness of your heart you give freely! I appreciate the effort and your God given talent! I love craftsy as the google thingy never worked for me so I think it a wonderful tool! Take time for you and be encouraged that I love what you,do!!

  18. Knowing the amount of work that goes into what you do Jenny and recently having first hand experience of your wonderful talents .It is a very generous and time consuming gift from your heart. Please do not let the naysayers and ungrateful few diminish your shining light. No one is twisting their arm to accept your generosity. I don't' think some people realise just how much work and effort it takes to get our work out there for folks to make use of.
    Your words were well said.
    Big hugs xx

  19. Oh Jen! I don't think there are words left unsaid that ran through my mind as I read through this post today!!! I just want to send you virtual hugs through this connection here :) Keep strong in the Lord, and HIS guidance, and know that for every cranky person hanging around here, there are a hundred others who just want love and blessings for you xx

  20. How amazing that you are publishing and ezine! I'm constantly impressed with your skills and dedication.

    And to those naysayers - come on! They are so lucky to be sharing your fabulous designs and to be able to come to your blog for crafty inspiration; sometimes people don't realise how much time, effort and love goes into each post, each design, each aspect of providing that content. Thank you for sticking to your guns! xxx

  21. I love reading your blog, I am sorry for the people who are dissatisfied with their lives and spread their negativity.
    Please do what is right for you.
    Thank you from me, I' m off to look at your patterns :-)

  22. You are amazing, gracious, Christ-like. Just being like that is going to offend some people these days. Remember Christ?...the "come unto me all ye who are weary and heavy-laden and I will give you rest" Christ? Well, they killed him. That same mean, upside-down, hateful spirit drives some people today. Their meanness just shows that you are doing the right thing.

  23. Hi Jenny, while I haven't [as yet] used Craftsy I am horrified that some folks have denigrated your generosity. I made your Promises and Borders BOM last year as a gift to a near relative who I am happy to say is delighted and has it hanging on her wall. Such generosity in sharing designs, no matter how we need to download them, is much appreciated. ((((Jenny))) You just keep on being yourself!

  24. After reading this I had to try craftsy and it works perfectly. Easy to use. Some people just demands, and do not pay attention to those. We are doing this for fun and sharing patterns is an extra service you are giving us. You are so kind doing it. So forget those rude people and embrase the one who are kind to you. Big hugs.

  25. What a shame that you've had to write this post. I hope it will make your correspondents more thoughtful in future.
    Thank you for continuing to share your work - and I'm pleased that you've found a platform to do it from that will take away some of the wasted admin time for you.
    I hope that you are able to use the time having fun and stitching!

  26. Well said Jenny, and I love Craftsy it's as you say and very easy to work with. Hugs and keep smiling.

  27. Love your post Jenny. Very well put, if people don't like the way to download free designs then don't. I'm sorry there are people out there who complain about something when no money is involved. Thanks for your free patterns, Craftsy is so easy to use. I hope you feel better now you have that off your chest. Hugs.....

  28. I am so glad Mr. E was there to reassure you. You have such a generous and loving heart, it saddens me to think of people complaining things aren't done "their" way! I have followed you since the GumTree Days and love the patterns you so generously share with us and have subscribed to you e-zine this time and the last as well! We love you Jenny and appreciate your kindness and your love for our Lord!

  29. Well said my friend! I'm loving all of your designs so much. My only complaint is that you design much faster than I can stitch them all up!
    Like anything "new" Craftsy takes a little getting used to...but it is wonderful to have things in the library that I can go back and print when I have more time. Sending HUGS! Thanks for all you do and share!

  30. Dearest Jenny,
    I know how hurtful mean-spirited comments can be but try to ignore such people and know that so many of us love you, and not because you give us things but because you are such a kind, good and caring person. Your inner beauty shines through in everything you write and share and do.
    Big big hugs Melody

  31. Jenny you are the gentlest of souls! I know from experience with my own website with down loading patterns that sometimes it doesn't go to plan (I've got a whole page of step by step isntructions) and still get people asking for me to email the pattern to them personally. If you follow the prompts on screen, downloading is very easy.
    Craftsy is wonderful, I've started using it too...
    and I agree with the others, don't let the few negatives get to you, there are so many out there that appreciate what you're amazing!

  32. You will surely be blessed by your generosity of your free patterns. I love that Craftsy is a wonderful venue that collects all patterns in one place no matter if they are free or paid for and I can either print or just check a pattern in my library at any time. I am thrilled you use Craftsy for distribution. And many many thanks for sharing your incredible work.

  33. I'm sorry people are so rude to you and can't simply appreciate that you are giving something freely from the heart. Please don't give them the power to take away your joy. Thank you for sharing your lovely designs with us. Your work is always beautiful.

  34. Hi Jenny!
    You have the biggest heart I know, and you' and Mr E have handled this magnificently. I also like Craftsy and the way it works, and have no problems with it. Keep up the great work you do, and enjoy every minute!

    Blessings to you and yours!!

  35. Oh Jenny, it seems like a rule of human nature that generosity, kindness, and love, like you share with us in every project and every word you write, seems to always bring out a few individuals that feel like complaints and criticism are their mission in life. You can bet sweetie, that when you are getting 'ugly' emails or comments, other generous folks, who are also willing to bless us with the gift of their talents are also getting "nasty-grams" as my hubby calls them and most likely from many of the same people. They are a sad group of individuals, to be sure. I for one, love the Craftsy way of sharing patterns. Though I don't purchase any classes through Craftsy, I do love being able to look at a pattern library of things I've saved, and download them when I am ready for them. As you say, it's truly a win, win for everyone. One last thing then I will step down off my soapbox...there isn't one stitcher/quilter out there, who doesn't want more "me" time and that includes the naysayers you have been getting hurtful messages from. I can't for the life of me, understand why they would think you don't need the same, especially as a designer with deadlines to meet and new ideas filling your head. Then you must somehow make room for "Life" itself going on all around you, along with any problems and issues that meet us head on every single day. Pay them no mind sweet friend, you are such a an inspiration to all of us and, as I said, grateful doesn't seem adequate to cover how I feel about the blessings you share with us so selflessly and with so much love. Big Hugs sweetie and thank you many times over for all you do for us. God Bless and keep ...

  36. I'm so sorry that you have to go through this. I see any free patterns as a gift from the designer. And as you said, if you don't like them or the way they are done, move on! I have heard of Craftsy before but never paid attention to it or visited their site. Thank you for introducing me to it. It looks like something that I may enjoy!

  37. Jenny,
    You are a special, talented and very generous lady, we are all blessed that you choose to share your God given gifts with all of us...keep doing what you are are doing a great job and are a wonderful bright light for the Lord...

  38. I love what you do, how you do it, and am thankful for your generosity and giving heart. Some people are just unhappy, ungrateful, and ignorant. I for one am amazed and inspired not only by the beauty of your work, but also the amount of new items you continue to share with us. Please be uplifted by all us "Thankful" people and try not to be discouraged by the "ungrateful" ones.
    xx Kim

  39. Oh boy!! In this world you just can't please everyone. Very sad. I was shocked to read your last post!! Please don't be discouraged, most of us are delighted to be able to receive your designs.
    Keep up the fantastic work!!! Carleen

  40. Just keep doing what you do best - the majority of people are very happy with your talent. The minority doesn't matter - do they?


  41. Are you serious? People are complaining about FREE??? I love Craftsy and I saved my FREE pattern just now. I bought the floss to start this some time back, but never got started. Thank you Jenny, for sharing your creations, heart, and talent with us!

  42. Love your work and am so pleased that you share your God given talent with us so freely. Wish more people would think "about the glass being half full instead of half empty". The world would be a much better place.

  43. Keep up your head.
    One can't expect anything that's for free to be delivered at one's doorstep :-)

  44. You are so talented and share your talent so generously don't let those mean spirited people get you down. Don't let them win.

  45. Graciously said. Although we step in to a public arena by designing and sharing (whether free or not)ultimately we are obligated to do what is best for ourselves. We strive to be accurate and honest and that's really all we can do. Thankfully the loud disgruntled voices are few and although we'd love to tell them to stick a cork in it...we remain gracious. It's like toxic blog comments -- if you don't like what I do or say then don't come visit.

  46. It is horrifying to me that anyone can complain about a freebie....especially when it is given out of the goodness of someone's heart. Please don't stop because of the nastiness of a few duds. You are talented and generous and I thank you with every e-zine and 'freebie' that I download.

  47. OOOO!! Jenny , turn a deaf ear and a blind eye

  48. Hallo Jenny,
    Thanks for explaining, I had difficulty to get the whole pattern, but now I know how too!
    Thanks for this generous gift! Hugs

  49. Sending hugs and many thanks for all your work.

  50. Auch aus Deutschland: ganz lieben Dank!

  51. Sorry for the crabbies out there. You are so gracious in sharing your lovely designs and I thank you very much.

  52. Hi, I love getting the patterns thru Craftsy. I get your ezine each month and I'm wondering if there is a way to download that issue thru Craftsy? Thanks.

  53. Hi Jenny - just want to let you know I do appreciate all the sharing you do. If you told me I had to drive 5 miles to download them I would! So Craftsy is just fine with me. Your patterns re lovely. Wish I had more time to embroider.

  54. Some people are so awful Jenny. Please ignore them. I really appreciate that you love to share with us. Just forget them. They obviously have nothing better to do than complain. Sending you hugs, Christine xx

  55. Hi Jenny,

    I think you are so sweet to share "free" designs with all of us. It's like you are giving away a part of yourself, but some people would gripe at The Almighty Himself, so ignore the complainers, they are unhappy with themselves and they want to spread their negativity to all.

    Meanwhile, the rest of your adoring fans love all the pretty things you design and create. So focus on that and let the whiners to themselves.

    Personally, I think Craftsy is a great place to get patterns, don't know what all the kerfuffle is about.

    Thank You for all the pretty designs you share...we love them

    Best Wishes and Happy Stitching

  56. Please do not let the meanness of a few people deter you from doing what you love to do. It is hard to believe someone would complain about something that is lovingly and freely given. I feel blessed in every way by all that you do. You give my spirit a lift everyday I receive your mailings. Keep up the good work! Blessing to you and your family!!!

  57. Hi Jenny.All I can say is--YOU GO GIRL! You are the sweetest, most caring person I know and I appreciate all that you do and share with us. You are so talented and I have learned a lot from you. I love all the patterns that you have so freely shared. Your time is just as important to you as it is to other people so I am very thankful that you take the time to share with us. I don't know why some people have to be so cruel. I think they are just unhappy and want others to be miserable too. But don't let these people get you down, Jenny. There are so many others that love you and appreciate you. I am definitely one of these. So here is a big HUG and a THANK YOU from me.

  58. The world is full of mean spirited people...they are always trying to bring someone down to their level and in my experience they cannot be pleased no matter what...Jenny, I for one so appreciate your sharing your works with us for free...I love that you are willing to give out free patterns to us as well as designing for income...know that you are appreciated and that your all of your patterns inspire many of us to stitch...again thank you for your generosity...I have enjoyed every pattern that I have ever far as craftsy, I think it is a great place to have all of your patterns...I really like that I can save them in my library to use as I need them...hope you have a great day.

  59. Well I for one just love the new alphabet! You were my first blog experience & I have so many things in here that say "Jenny".

  60. I just want to add my thanks to everyone else's. Thanks for your lovely designs and thanks for your generosity. They are greatly appreciated. :-)

  61. Muchas gracias amiga Jenny después de poner el traductor de google varias veces e ingenio logré bajar las tres últimas letras del ABC....y guardar también tus casitas que son muy pintorescas (bueno de a poquitas estoy aprendiendo a usar el internet).....te agradezco tu amabilidad al compartir tus creaciones, todo tu blog es maravilloso y cuantas cosas se aprende de ti,eres muy generosa Jenny.....muchas gracias bendiciones para tu familia
    PD. un abrazo desde Lima Perú

  62. Ahh, Jenny,

    You are such a sweetie, sharing you life, loves and gifts freely with us all. You truly are filled with His grace. Craftsy is a great site and a good choice for you - stick with it. It's easy to use and just has so much fun stuff to inspire, enthuse and keep us busy doing what we all love - creating beautiful things for our loved ones! May God continue to grant you peace, patience and understanding in all areas of your life.


  63. I really can't understand some people's attitude, Jenny...what a lovely gracious lady you are. Like so many others, I really appreciate your lovely designs and your generosity in making some of them free. I've never has a problem with using Craftsy so hopefully the steps you have outlined in this post, will help those who do have issues.

  64. I love your blog because I can sense who you really are behind the posts -- a gracious, kind, and loving person. Please ignore the negative comments and know that 99.9% of us really appreciate how your brighten our day with your blog.

  65. Hi, I know this is a day late but I was just flabbergasted at what people are doing to you..... You are a very kind hearted and talented person. I think what has happened to you is just the sign of the times - everyone thinks that everything is about them and your generosity just goes to prove that it is not. You are a beautiful, caring person who should be applauded not attacked. Keep smiling because us nice quilters "still love you". Jo

  66. Beautifully explained Jenny :) Well done also for staying strong to yourself and your intentions, a lesson I struggle with myself sometimes. Your generosity warms me, and I thank you for it. I do have to say that I found Craftsy very confusing, and don't much like it, I figure that is my problem not yours. Gradually it is getting easier, and I am sure your notes will be very handy as I regularly seem to forget how it works, that library thing keeps throwing me, lol. Have a gorgeous weekend :)

  67. I was disgusted to read this post! How on earth do people dare to complain about you generously sharing your free designs?? I personally love Craftsy and think it is the perfect way for designers to share their designs, both free and paid for, but I would never consider complaining if you decided to use a different method! And people complain about your designs? The majority people in our little blog/craft world are lovely and kind and generous but there are some out there who are rude and unpleasant. I had two of them win giveaways on my blog and it's led to me NEVER hold a giveaway again. What is wrong with these people.

    Jennie, thank you for your wonderful designs, you are so generous to share them.

  68. just need folks like me to write and thank you more often. Even if I never tried to download a pattern, I would be grateful for the beauty you share all the time on your blog. I have creative ideas now and then, but I don't even have a blog because I know the time involved with maintaining one. You are not only maintaining the blog, but also creating beautiful objects and then sharing them so generously. Some folks just need to get some perspective. Don't stop doing what you're doing, and what works for you. You are appreciated.

  69. Ok, you finally convinced me to sign up for Craftsy. I've been avoiding another new way to spend my time on the computer. Sorry others have complained. You are sew sweet to offer some of your lovely designs for free.

  70. Just want to say a BIG THANK YOU for all of the freebies you send our way. You do such lovely work and I am so thankful for everything. For anyone that wants to complain and try to tell you what to do, maybe they should be put on the naughty list and not be able to download any of your kindness. Thank you again!!
    Carol O


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