Thursday, July 4, 2013

The Final Block of Wonky Houses!

Have you enjoyed the last month of Wonky Houses blocks each Friday? 
Today I'm sharing the 4th (and final) block a whole day early because it's the 4th of July and I want to bless and celebrate with my friends across the Pond in the USA.
Happy 4th of July ! \o/
(hey, that's clever of me - the 4th on the 4th...)
Block 4 was my favourite when I drew them up 'cause I have a bit of a crush on tree houses, plus that cute little bunny at the door is so darn cute!
The pattern for block 4 includes the full instructions for finishing all 4 blocks into a wall hanging...
You can download the final pattern HERE in my Craftsy Shop.
It's a really happy project, so I hope it brings a smile to your face!

Today I have been very busy finishing up two designs for Handmade Magazine's 'Country Christmas' issue. 
If you've been following me for a while you'll know that I don't 'do country' very much at all. The closest I get to it is redwork - but, I do enjoy a challenge.
This issue comes out in Australia at the beginning of October, but I will probably share them later in the year for my overseas readers who cannot access that magazine.

This is "Bless Each Heart"; a stitchery that was simply bordered and framed in a hoop. Hoops are wonderful for framing things!

And this is "A Bagful of Joy", which is great for slipping over your shoulder when you're out and about Christmas shopping. The angled front is actually a pocket. 
 As I was finishing my photo shoot, a little visitor hopped on the bag...

In a future issue of Elefantz HOME e-zine I'll be making a similar bag design, but with more stitchery involved - plus pretty shabby chic colours. I think it will be even sweeter in pink!

Thank you for all the love you showed me after yesterday's blog post. I felt hugged beyond breathing!
You're amazing girls, and I thank God for each and every one of you.



  1. I love this house block Jenny. I think it is my favourite one. Love the new projects too!

  2. Jenny those Christmas hearts are lovely (and very 'me').

  3. We love the bless these hearts at Christmas - really cool, and the bag is neat. It is Hannah's middle name!Your designs are so lovely.

  4. I love Bless each Heart. I will be looking out for the magazine so that I can make it.

  5. Thankyou Jenny. Love the bag, look forward to seeing it in shabby chic colours. Hope your week continues to be happy and a little stress free. Take care xoxo

  6. Bless you Jenny, please continue to share because it makes you and us happy, but I totally agree that you should do it in the most convenient way for you. I signed up for craftsy. Thanks for sharing your patterns.

  7. They're all so gorgeous Jenny!! You certainly are blessed with an amazing gift - and that you desire to share your gift with us is just incredible in this world so focussed on the Me-Me-ME!! Enjoy your weekend sweetie - you deserve it after working so hard to get the latest edition ready for distribution this week, in addition to all the other projects you get done each month!! Hugs! xx

  8. Wow, you are so amazing. I don't post a lot of comments but thought I should post one now. You are such a giving, generous and wonderful person I can't believe anyone would complain that you wouldn't do things their way when you are being so generous. For anyone who is complaining, shame on you. I thank my lucky stars that we have you as a blog friend. Thank you Jenny.


  9. Thanks for your wonky houses patterns. You're right - that bunny is so darned cute. I always wanted a tree house...

  10. Yes, I have enjoyed the wonky houses! I just started a vintage Japanese project for my son who loves all things Japanese. After that, the houses. I'm using your linen for the Japanese embroidery, and I wish I had the stuff you put on the back, because what I found is weird. It works okay, but it's weird and slinky stuff. Love, love, love the Christmas design!

  11. This house is my favourite too. Thankyou for giving me so much inspiration! Hugz

  12. Thank you so much Jenny for all the wonky house patterns, love them and Happy 4th to you.
    (smjohns63 at yahoo dot com)

  13. Thank you so much, Jenny, for these adorable wonky houses! I've downloaded each pattern & hope to be able to use them in a little wall-hanging for a house-warming gift.
    Bless you!

  14. merci pour ces frees sublimes biz jojo

  15. Lovely block :) Loving the bag too, shall start waiting now, lol.

  16. Todo hermoso como siempre!!!


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