Friday, July 12, 2013

My Shield - a free design for you...

As I shared yesterday I have a lovely new design to share with you today. May it inspire you to remember that the Lord is forever your shield, your glory, and the One who lifts you from the darkest times.

It's been a long time since I used my 'Oopsie Daisies' in a design...

Please share this blog post with all your friends. May they be blessed also with this free design.

You can download "The Lord Is Our Shield" HERE.
 Next Friday we will begin my new free BOM, "Shabby Roses Home"
Here's a little peek at Block 1...

This is a 10-month BOM, and I'm using fabric scraps in similar tones to make the entire quilt.
Search through your stash to find the colours you'd like your quilt to be made in. I can't give any exact fabric requirements as I'm not making it that will just come together from a pile of fabric scraps and orphan fat quarters. 
All the blocks are stitched on white hanky linen and my colour palette consists of pinks, blues, greens, and mustard so far. 
 You've got seven days to build a box of fabrics you can choose from along the way, so enjoy that process!
Once you have the fabrics set aside, choose a few basic threads that will co-ordinate for the stitchery parts. I've used a blue, green, rose, pale gold, yellow, and mustard so far.

I'll share some more peeks next week and perhaps show the fabric pile I've assembled.

Have a restful weekend, won't you...


  1. Jenny,

    You are so generous! I don't know which one to make first!

  2. Thank you so much. You are very generous!

  3. so pleased to read you are restored and have had that time with the Lord to sustain you.It is so good to know that when we are alone we are not alone isn`t it. Some lovely downloads you have shared will pop over and add them to my Jenny file now.

  4. Me encantan los dos regalos, muchas gracias, soy seguidora tuya hace mucho tiempo, estoy terminando el abecedario y en seguida empezare con el super nuevo regalo



  5. We are truly blessed hon!!! He has provided many gifts for you to are amazing!!!
    love ya

  6. Ooh...we like shabby roses home - thinking of using paris flea market -Hannah always laughs when I say that and wonders what the fleas are doing going to Market - silly girl!!
    Thank you for the lovely scripture verse with Oopsie Daisy...Plan on that one to be done next week. You are so lovely. It is so nice to be able to make the nice things you design. K and H

  7. So glad to hear that you are home, safe, refreshed and rested. I for one count you among my many blessings.
    Thank you for sharing your designs and patterns. I have two friends to share the Oopsie daisys with and two more to make the design as an encouragement and thank you for helping me with vacation bible school this coming week. Thank you for making my decisions so easy.
    Can't wait to start the "house" quilt. It looks gorgeous and fun. Have a wonderful weekend Jenny.

  8. This is lovely Jenny. Thank you for sharing it with us. Have a wonderful weekend. God bless.

  9. This post is so perfectly timed for me. We had news yesterday that was stressful and shows a long hard battle is ahead of my husband and myself. The verse and cheery flowers made my heart smile....all other projects will be on hold until I can finish this as my daily reminder.
    Bless you Jenny and you generous heart.

  10. Thank you so much Jenny for sharing your creative gifts with us so freely. This is such a beautiful and inspirational design! I can't wait to see the new BOM. You beautiful Shabby Roses patterns are always among my favorites Hugs....

  11. How lovely and one of my favorite verses!!!!

  12. Thanks - a favorite verse and easily changed to my favorite KJV. I love the colors you've chosen, but I know I won't find those in my scrap pile. I think I need to look at threads first and then find fabrics that go with. =) Thank you for the new BOM. I'm looking forward to it! You are so talented and so generous. I'm already looking forward to the next magazine, but the BOM will hold me for a while.

  13. Thanks Jenny for your generosity! I love it!

  14. You are such a generous person to offer so much. I can't wait for the new BOM.
    P.S. Cauliflower is on special for 98 cents! LOL!

  15. Thank you so much, Jenny, for your generous patterns...but most of all for the peace and comfort you remind us to seek in the Lord. Yesterday was a rather "down day" for me, but then I spent the evening reading quite a bit of the older posts on your blog and your faith in the Lord gave me a reminder to seek the peace I need. As always, the Lord is always there for us and I am much better today.

    Thank you again.

  16. Thank you so much Jenny. Your designs are always so inspirational. Thank you for being the generous, giving person that you are.

  17. Oh I so love this! Thank you Jenny for your generous heart!

  18. Thank you for another lovely design.


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