Friday, August 9, 2013

Day 5 - the process of an Elefantz design...

Day 5 - the last steps for you to see!
 Yesterday my post ended by showing you the heart fabric I intended using for the border. I chose to cut the fabric so that the sweet button hearts design on it would run horizontally...

This is because I have chosen the grey stripe fabric as the binding fabric, and I wanted the two to contrast with each other - horizontal hearts and vertical stripes...

But before we get to the actual binding, I needed to sandwich the top of the table runner with fusible wadding and some backing fabric.
As table runners get a lot of use, and therefore regular machine washing, I have used a medium weight fusible Pellon as the wadding. I only use cotton wadding for quilts.

With only fat quarters of this fabric line (Nice People, Nice Things) I didn't have a long enough piece to back the table runner. Rather than sewing two different fat quarters together, creating a seam in the back, I chose to use some pink floral fabric I had on hand which worked well with the colours in the pieced top.

I spray basted the backing fabric behind the Pellon. I love spray baste! It's a dream, but remember you only need a light spray over the back of your wadding, and after laying the backing fabric over it a quick press with a warm dry iron will seal it enough for the next step - quilting!

I did a fairly simple quilting of the table runner; outlining around the blocks and pieced sections..

I've used two different thread colours across the top of my quilted area - pink in some areas, and pale turquoise in others - but the back was different. I used just a pale pink in my bobbin, to blend nicely into the pink floral backing fabric...

Whilst I was doing the machine quilting and preparing the binding I listened to the BBC Book Club's podcast of the 200th anniversary of Jane Austen's 'Pride & Prejudice' on my iPad. I am a Jane Austen fan from way back and this podcast was fabulous - informative and a bit funny too.
You can listen to it on your computer too; go HERE.

Next step was to attach the binding strip...

Once the binding was sew on, I trimmed the excess Pellon and backing fabric away...

....and pressed the binding away from the table runner top for a nicer finish when folded to the back.

The binding was turned to the back and slip stitched down with a thread that matched the binding...

And that, my friends, is a wrap!
One new Elefantz design from an idea to a finished pattern... 

 Though I shared this over five days, the process took me just two days. 
I hope you enjoyed this behind the scenes look at the why's and wherefore's of my design process, and maybe I've encouraged you to let your own ideas travel from a thought to a finished project!

If you like Helen Stubbings new line of fabric, 'Nice People, Nice Things', ask your local quilt store if they'll be stocking it, and if not, give 'google' a try - it's wonderful for finding things locally!
My "Bee Happy" table runner pattern will be in Australian Patchwork & Stitching magazine near the end of the year. I'll let you know when it's available.

Would you like to make one of my favourite table runner patterns?
It's been a while since I've had this pattern back on the shelves, but when I ironed it today to use on my dining table I thought, "It's too pretty not to be available to others"...

My 'Oopsie Daisy' table runner is 11" x 41" and is perfect for using up leftover jelly roll strips, and a couple of charm squares!
The applique is pretty sweet too, and no matter what side of the table you sit on you have a mug of pretty oopsie daisies to smile at you...

 The pattern is HERE in my shop now as an instant PDF download.

It is Friday morning where I am in Far North Queensland, and with spring just three weeks away I'm up to my ears in a complete spring clean and re-organisation of my sewing room/creative space while Mr E is away. I started at 4.30am on Wednesday and will have it finished today by lunch - which is just as well because Mr E flies home tonight!
I've even gone through every button bag, all my fabric, my big plastic tub of lace and ribbons, all my unused skeins of thread, as well as built two 4-shelf bookcases (from flat packs) that fit inside the built-in wardrobe away from the light to re-house my fabric. When I began this spring clean I discovered some folded fabrics had fade lines from the bright tropical sun that creeps in even when the shades are drawn! Now they are safe. \o/

I love spring cleaning. It blows out the cobwebs in my mind and refreshes my soul.
What about you? Do you enjoy a good spring clean too?



  1. thank you so much for sharing your process with us - the runner is adorable and you are brilliant!

  2. Yes I do, although it will be an autumn clean over here soon!
    Thanks for those fantastic 5 days, hugs

  3. Love the "oopsie daisy table rummer.
    I found it in an old magazine and I"m making it in black and white with a single thread of red in small chain for the flowers and the green It as a gift for a friend for Christmas.( it takes me a while to do as I spend a lot of time with my grand kids)Love Lynne.

  4. I loved watching you design and sew this table runner. It's so cute and I've learned a lot about the process. Thank you!

  5. Jenny -

    I absolutely LOVE your table runners. Maybe one of these days I can fit making one of them into the my long list of "To Do" projects, lol. I have several "favorite" blog sites that are right up at the top of my bookmarks and I HAVE to read them first before I do anything else. Of course, you are amongst those favorites! I LOVE your blog and can't get enough of your beautiful designs. You are truly talented. Thank you for brightening my days!

  6. It is beautiful all finished up! Your talk of spring cleaning makes me what to have a big tidy too - maybe I will get the chance this weekend - it is very satisfying when it is all done.

  7. Thank you for sharing your design process, Jenny. :) It's been inspiring and really helpful. <3

  8. The table runners are lovely! Your work is beautiful, Jenny.

  9. Your table runner turn out beautifully. Thank you for sharing the process.

  10. I envy you the organization! The table runner is great, and I do like the horizontal/vertical on the edges. I downloaded the Oopsie Daisy runner and will make it soon. I need a break from other things, I think!

  11. he table runner has worked wonderfully, not that i doubted that it would for a second and it is so good to have the blog to refer back to when I reach the stage of being able to make one.
    You have been busy with a big tidy up, your sewing room sounds so organised.

  12. I have loved watching your process as the week has progressed! Thankyou for sharing!!! The runner is GORGEOUS - just like all your others :) ... The Oopsie Daisy runner is one of my favourites! In fact, it was the first table runner (and pieced & quilted item!!) that I ever made!!! A good friend was blessed with this item back then, but it is still one of those patterns I've always told myself I want to remake for myself - I just need to find the *perfect* fabric for it! :) How lovely that you would share this pattern again! It truly is gorgeous!!! ... Enjoy your weekend!! I'm betting that working in your freshly reorganised room will do wonders for you! xx

  13. WONDERFUL!!!!
    Very Beautiful!


    Maria Filomena

  14. Hi Jenny, Many thanks for an informative week of your runner's progress. Need to make one for my new grand daughter born in Towns-ville on Monday. Need to sort out fabrics, threads and chest's measurements. Now I will be busy!

  15. Sehr schön geworden dein Tischläufer und schnell bist du, toll.
    Ich wünsche dir ein schönes Wochenende und schicke liebe Grüße Annerose

  16. what a great finish for you...I have to try to rember to iron my binding like you did.

  17. A wonderful finish Jen - yes starting to get organised myself. When u work full time, have a family and love craft, things tend to a bit chaotic! I can't believe you've only been doing this a few years - lovely work.

  18. Thanks for sharing this week Jenny - I have really enjoyed watching the lovely table runner come to life xox

  19. Thank you for sharing this process with us, I've found it really interesting. I think I may try to write up one of my designs by following your steps :)

  20. I've rally enjoyed this series of posts and the finished project I'd delightful. Thank you so much.

  21. thanks so much for showing us your design process. It is a very cute table runner. I do like spring cleaning. It makes me feel the same way.

  22. I thoroughly enjoyed your design process - thank you bunches.

    I love both runners - so sweet.

  23. Hi Jenny!

    I loved your Blog.
    Everything is Beautifull!
    Eusa Maciel

  24. I do not want to trouble You,but liiving in Norway I do not knop how to get theAustralias Patchwork and stitching magasin! I do so very much want to make your happy Bee tablerunner,will it be able to purchasecitvfrom your etsy or craftsy store? Sorry for this request,but your patterns are so cute! I just went to the festival of Quilts in Bermingham,lots of lovely projects,my suitcase is filled up,but I do prefervyour designs! Lots of regards Gunn

  25. Thank you for showing how you made this design, I like it a lot!

  26. Love these table runners and Helen's Fabrics


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