Friday, August 30, 2013

First mini-quilt completed for my "Seasons in Redwork" QOM...

I shared the stitchery block earlier this week...

...and now I can show you the completed mini quilt, "Spring Calling"!
It's 13.5 inches square...
 ...and needed 16 tiny little chevron blocks for the border.
Do you like it?
I spent almost a whole day making (and remaking) the little chevrons...
...but they were definitely worth the effort!
This mini-quilt is the first of four in my new "Seasons in Redwork" QOM (quilt of the month!), and will be inside the September 6th issue of Elefantz HOME e-zine.  
The remaining three mini quilts will feature over the next three issues of the e-zine; the next one being 'autumn falling' for my Northern Hemisphere friends. 

Would you like to see everything inside this coming issue?
Well, apart from the "Spring Calling" mini quilt, you'll find patterns for...
Plus, we'll learn about French knots: how to stitch them and ways to use them...

...and on my bookshelf this month we take a wander through Sarah Fielke's "Quilting From Little Things", which inspired my decision to make "Seasons in Redwork" a set of mini-quilts!

You'll see my first attempts at making three of Sarah's own mini-quilts from the book and the lessons I learned from them.
Plus, I'm sharing Nana's delicious Rice Pudding recipe "In The Kitchen", as well as writing my usual little bits and pieces about life, the universe, and sewing!

And the cost for this issue?
Just $5 AUD (about $4.75 USD) if you're a subscriber!
How do you subscribe?
Just head over HERE. It's all rather easy, and if you decide you don't like it or circumstances change and you need to cancel your subscription - well, that's easy too.

The e-zine is also available as a single monthly purchase in my SHOP for $7.50 AUD per issue. 

 Ah, the weekend is not far away - joy, joy, joy!!
May your weekend be safe, happy, and blessed.


  1. a busy, and most delicious week you've had sweety!....I LOOOOVE it all! and you know how redwork tweaks my heartstrings!!!! Just gorgeous! Have a fantabulous weekend.....cant wait till Monday! *wink* xoxo
    love and big sugary sweet hugs
    Wendy :o)

  2. Jenny looks beautiful as always can not wait to get the mag in September love the table runner and the wall hanging.

  3. Gorgeousness always awaits me on your blog....Everthing looks so pretty.

  4. Can't wait for its arrival in my In box

  5. I love it !!! Everything is drool worthy. I almost bought this book tonight, will have to go back and get it. Looking forward to the next issue;) xx's

  6. I found you blog my chance. I have been following for a while now. I must say that your stitching is IMPECCABLE:) Love to see what you are working on. Wishes from Minnesota.

  7. Милые и очень уютные панно! Вы - искуссница.

  8. roll on next week when we will get the magazine, must check out the book, hopefully they will have it at the quilt show this weekend

  9. That's a magazine well worth the cost. More than most I buy! I love Spring Calling - the chicken actually looks like she is calling something. Maybe "Hello, Spring!"

  10. Sitting here just drooling, dear Jenny. So much on your blog that is drool-worthy, lol! Love it all!!! I still need to make something from that book, I love so much in it and just get far too distracted by all the JENNY-NESS to be done!!!!! Love ya girl!

  11. I just love those stars in the border around the bird.


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