Sunday, August 25, 2013

Our mini trip away - day 2...

Early Saturday morning while the pub in Herberton and the rest of the township were still sleeping, Mr E and I tip toed downstairs and ate a quiet breakfast of muesli and toast in the deserted dining room. The publican had kindly left the food, with coffee and juice, for us before he went to bed the night before. 
There's something about little towns - such simple kindness and trust that is missing in cities these days.

Back in the car we drove further along the Tablelands to Mareeba for coffee at Coffee Works, and a look at another school.
The coffee works make their own chocolates too, so of course we had to support the cacao bean industry and buy a few bags to bring home!

After a look at the school, we spied a sign advertising a market day in the nearby town of Yungaburra, so that was our next stop!
More winding mountain roads to explore, and then round the bend to the busiest little town we'd ever seen!
Yungaburra really is a small town, with a population of around 900, but on the monthly market day the township swarms with visitors from hundreds of kilometres away. The picture below doesn't show the true size of the markets, but let me tell you, they are huge...

After an hour long stroll through stalls of every description - food, vegetables, handicrafts, clothing, woodwork, soaps, plants, bric-a-brac, photography, paintings, knives (we found four knife stalls...??), juice bars and more - we turned back to take a walk along the main street of Yungaburra.

What a BEAUTIFUL town!
Flowers are everywhere!

Hanging from street lights...

In planter boxes outside shops...

In large pots along the footpaths...

And this was my favourite flower display - growing in old tyres and hung on walls...
Isn't that clever AND gorgeous!?

I have never been to such a pretty place. The residents of Yungaburra obviously love their town and it shows!

Me E and I had lunch at the Vienna Inn Cafe (surrounded by flowers and more plants)...

...which offers a traditional central European menu... of course I had choriso and sauerkraut, which was yum!

Too quickly our visit was over and it was time to head back down the mountain for the long drive home.
Thank goodness I thought to buy some freshly handmade macarons at the market because we enjoyed them as 'dessert' in the car...

We haven't made any decisions about next year yet, but we did agree that this part of the country would be a beautiful place to live.
If you have a spare prayer perhaps you'd pray for our wisdom about this, please? Specifically that God would close all doors except the right one. Thank you. xx

big hugs


  1. Well what a surprise to have a quick blog hop today to find that you have been up in my part of the world.
    Glad you went to see the Yungaburra markets they are just wonderful and the town with all the flowers i just love walking around there when i get the chance.
    did you and Mr E get a chance to go to the historal place i can not remember it's name in Herberton it is just beautiful too.

    Will pray for you and your family but i no that you will all make the right decision for yourselves.

    May even get to come and have a day stitchin with you if you move this way.

  2. Jenny -

    I have said a prayer that Our Lord will guide you in your decisions. Such a beautiful place, with all of those flowers! I was complaining to my dear hubby today that our area is too "built up" after dinner tonight he took me for a drive in areas surrounding our town that I have NEVER seen before. Such beauty so close and I had NO idea it was there! There is so much beauty in this world if we just take the time to really "see" it. God is good.

  3. Wow, this looks like your sort of place

  4. can see you are both enjoyoing your break away, as you say a lovely litle town. Did not realise you were thinking of moving again, yes of course I will pray and ask for God`s guidance.
    Like you have never seen tyres used in that way before, a great idea.

  5. Thank you Jenny & Mr E for a lovely road trip!!! My sister was in Yungaburra last week & sent photos of a lovely memorial to the dogs that died in the line of duty protecting our soldiers in Afghastan it was by a lovely lake! Thinking of you both as you make the right decision xx

  6. It looks lovely a place you could be happy if the job was right for Mr E

  7. Yungabarra looks absolutely delightful! Thanks for sharing with us.

  8. Thank you for sharing your trip away, Jenny. It seems like you and Mr E are being guided by God to a very beautiful part of Australia. I am sure he will point you in the right direction.
    Western Australia

  9. He knows EXACTLY where you are meant to be hunny....and all will be revealed!!!! Prayers and hugs gorgeous girl xoxoxox

  10. Greetings Jenny, Visited Yungaburra 1974 and loved the area then, but imagine it is much different now. Glad you both had a stimulating visit. Found any good ideas there. Regards Lesley

  11. the tire planters are sheer genius! what a lovely trip, thanks for this post.

  12. Praying for the correct decision. The photos are lovely!

  13. I always love travelling along with you getting a firsthand view of beautiful Australia! Prayers are being sent.


  14. You have the prayer. What a gorgeous little town that is, indeed, and I love the flowers along that bright blue wall, too. I don't suppose there's a job possibility there? =) Thanks for sharing these pictures of lovely Australia. I've fallen in love with a town from thousands of miles away, and will likely never see it any closer, but how wonderful and miraculous a thing that is!

  15. Well my vote is for this town, lol - wow what a beautiful place, and so very Jenny! I'm praying, sweetheart!

  16. Beautiful posts today. May God bring you to the proper door opening upon a new chapter of your lives. Pray about it and think about it and the decicsion will soon make itself for you apparant.

  17. Hi was so lovely to see pics of Yungaburra. We lived on the tablelands for 20 years (in Atherton) and just LOVED it!! The people are wonderful and also lots of creative people there too! You would be most welcomed! The wonderful flower filled tyres are on the side wall of the wonderful embroidery shop (closed now of course) that I taught in for a number of years. I'm sure your husband would love teaching up there and know you will make the best decision for both of you. Good Luck! Jan x


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