Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Block 3 and that sneak peek...

Block 3 today!
How are you going so far? Are you saving the patterns each day to make in the future, or have you begun stitching them? I'd love to see photos as you stitch your blocks!

"the girl"

...'the girl' wears pearls in her hair, and offers you her bouquet...
Download block 3 HERE

I promised you a sneak peek of a new Christian stitchery I've finished...
It's a mini quilt with the sweetest little zig zag border across the top...
I'll be sharing this next week. 
My greatest joy is to share God's word in needle and thread. xx

Yesterday I baked a fresh loaf of sour dough! This has become Mr E's favourite bread so I bake a few loaves each week...
 If you want to read more about my adventures in the kitchen, I share over HERE on my foodie blog.

Whilst I cooked and stitched today, Princess Sophie was fast asleep on our bed.
She lives up to her name!
See you tomorrow with Block 4. 



  1. Goodness I've been gone and now that I'm back I discover you have a pretty new blog look. I have a deep fondness for red hair -- I have two red heads. She's a pretty girl.

  2. I resemble that girl - all curly hair. =) I'd love her bouquet, too. Thanks for sharing these beautiful blocks that showcase God's bounty. Your cat is so adorable. I'm a cat person, but I don't have one any more.

  3. I love this Bouquet stitchery...The girl is so pretty and life like....I haven't started stitchin yet but am saveing for sure. I will definitely be sewing it hopefully soon though. Thank you...Hugs to you and princess Sophie...That loaf wouldn't stand a chance to cool at my

  4. This "girl" is lovely and I think she is my favorite!

    Thank you, Jenny!

  5. Hi Jenny,
    'The girl' reminds me of your beautiful daughter Kezzie. I think everyone
    who lives in your house, pets and people are very very lucky to be taken
    such good care of. You are special Jenny! I just love reading your blog.
    Kind Regards Nada.

  6. Can't wait to see your new scripture stitchery. I am sure it will be added to my TO DO List.

  7. Sharing God's word, Sourdough and have me on all three.

  8. thank you Jenny for the block, have downloaded them but no no stitching yet, I advise you to not hold your breath. Looking forward to your new Christian piece and the cat looks so peaceful under the blanket as though butter would not would not melt in his mouth


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