Monday, September 30, 2013

Colour change, and a free little bird...

Isn't it amazing how a change of colour can completely alter a design, or even a photo?

I love this photo of Blossom and I taken in May this year...

But today I was playing around with it, and discovered that the black and white effect has captured my heart as well! In fact, I am going to have this one framed...

When I designed and stitched the "Bless Each Heart" pattern in country colours earlier this year, it was on the suggestion of a magazine editor...

They're not what I'd normally choose, and though she loved it this way, I really wanted to re-make the design in pastels, so I did...

...and chose to add some applique.

 The pastels were definitely 'me'!
Are you adventurous when you stitch? Do you have one style, or do you play around with different colour schemes and layouts?

Early in 2010 I designed and stitched my "Shabby Roses - A Christmas Story" quilt. I was in love with Robyn Pandolph's "Roses de Noel" fabric range at the time and the deep green and burgundy colours had that comforting winter feel to them that I associated with a frosty Northern Hemisphere Christmas...
But I am a Southern Hemisphere girl, and our summer Christmases are rather hot, so when I re-made the quilt late in 2011, I chose the softer palette of 'Aviary' by 3 Sisters as my fabric choice...

Then of course, there are times when a re-make ends up in almost the same soft palette as the original!
This happened after I made my original version of "Shabby Roses"...

I loved the fabrics, so when I decided to make the quilt again I chose different colours, but still maintaining a gently romantic appearance. There was one major difference with the second version, though; can you spot it?

I changed the layout of the blocks, and thus altered the appearance of the quilt!

Little things can be changed too. Like using one small stitchery many different ways.
This is my "Little Bird in Tree" design. It began as a freebie on the blog in 2010, just in stitchery form...
...and then I stitched a new version that I coloured with pencils to make a zippered pouch...
 ...before adding some applique to a third version that became a journal cover!
Now, you'd think that might be the end of that design, right?
It truly is one of my all time favourite originals. 
So where else did I use it?
On the front of a sewing companion I made for my sweet daughter Kezzie's 2011 Christmas gift...
There are many ways you can take one design (or photo!) and give it your individual twist. A different use of colour; change of design layout; adding another technique such as applique to add depth to a stitchery, or vice-versa...we're all only limited by our imagination.

I thought you may like to stitch "Little Bird in Tree"??

The pattern is free to download HERE.
I wonder what lovelies you will create?! Leave a comment and tell me how you might use "Little Bird in Tree"...




  1. You and your daughter are so alike but more like sisters than Mum and daughter. Some beautiful designs you have shared with us today and it is good to see how the same one looks so different when done in different fabrics. Re the shabby roses I see you have changes the sashing on the second one, rather like the bright red you have used on it. Will hop over to craftsy now for the bird download

  2. gorgeous pic never ceases to amaze me how one design can look so totally different donein another colourway..thanks for the free birdie soo cute pattern,cheers vickie

  3. I have recently discovered your blog, and I am fascinated by the many looks of your various designs. I would be hard pressed to come up with even one alternate colorway. Love the dainty look of the bird in the tree design and want to thank you up front for sharing it. swalker287 (at) gmail (dot) com.

  4. I love the way each design looks when you change the colours used. All great designs Jenny in whatever colours you use. Hugs.......

  5. In the colour photo you two look like sisters! It is a beautiful photo. Thanks for sharing. Jennie

  6. Great photo of you both ..
    It is interesting how your designs look when you just use different colours.
    Love the little bird in the tree. I stitched it a longggg time ago in a table topper which sits on the table next to my recliner.. Thanks..

  7. I have my favorite colors but my taste is a bit eclectic -- I also happen to love the vintage-y look as well as what is termed more "modern." My favorite it seeing projects make using my patterns -- always amazing how one pattern can look so different just based on fabric/color selection. Love seeing your different looks. Precious photo of you and blossom.

  8. You amaze me with your insight and talent Jenny. Thank you for the free download. One of these days I hope to get time to stitch it.

  9. Hallo Jenny,
    Love all the different creations you made and yes I love the bird and used it in a companion for myself years ago! Still use it a lot! Hugs

  10. Thank you for the bird, darling. I love pastels for spring and summer but go to the deep reds and oranges and dark blues for fall and winter. Is the Christmas story quilt available to buy?
    Patricia C

    1. Check back on Friday, Patricia. I will re-release it for one week only...xx

  11. Das ist ja ein tolles Motiv und eigentlich gefallen mir alle Variationen. Vielen lieben Dank für deine Mühe und Arbeit und die schönen Ideen.
    Liebe Grüße Annerose

  12. You have inspired me again with that tiny bird stitchery!

  13. Thank you for the sweet Little Bird in Tree pattern.

  14. Thank you for little bird in tree design. Unsure yet how I will stitch it. But I know it will be pretty regardless what colors I do it in. Thank you. You and your daughter look so much alike. She is a beautiful young woman. I know you are so proud of her. And her of you .

  15. That's my fave photo of you and Blossom too, Jenny! Two peas in a pod! It's wonderful to see your designs featured in so many different stories... I never think to re-do my designs... it's a great idea! Have a great day sweetheart! Vikki xoxo

  16. That's my fave photo of you and Blossom too, Jenny! Two peas in a pod! It's wonderful to see your designs featured in so many different stories... I never think to re-do my designs... it's a great idea! Have a great day sweetheart! Vikki xoxo

  17. Sinceramente no tengo idea en que lo utilizaría, un delantal, en una almohada, es tan versátil el bordado que te serviría para muchas cosas; pero algo que yo podría decirte es que es tan dulce, como cada uno de tus diseños. Muchas gracias por este lindo blog.

  18. I was in love with your Christmas story quilt in the original, but I like the softer one, too. I like the addition of applique to the hanging hearts, and the bird is great in all its incarnations! Thanks for sharing it again. I'd forgotten about it!

  19. thank you for your continued generosity, it's a lovely pattern. You and Blossom are the spitting image of each other!


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