Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Free Elefantz design and a tutorial...

The greatest joy of my designing life is sharing God's word and truths through stitchery.
I pray that He continues to bless the work of my hands to His glory, and that you in turn are blessed.

This month I'm sharing a new stitchery, but using the same Bible verse as last month's design as it's one I hold dear to my heart, and remind myself of very often.

john 14:27
I made my stitchery into a mini quilt...
It's simply pieced, but with the addition of a 2" zig zag row across the top...

I don't know how you will use the stitchery design, but if you want to use a zig zag row like mine, here is how...

Make as many of these little blocks as you like, as it depends on how long you want the strip of zig zag to be, but you need two rows to sew on top of each other for the full zig zag effect.

Let's start with one block!

Cut one 1 7/8" square of blue fabric, and 1 7/8" square of pink.

Draw a diagonal line across the back of the pink square with a pencil, and lay it face down on top of the right side of the blue square...

Sew a seam line 1/4" either side of the pencil line...

Cut through the centre of the two stitched lines...

Press each little block open...

...and with your scissors, snip away the tails.

Sew two rows of these little blocks...

...and lastly, sew the two rows together!
You have a row of zig zag!

Please let your friends know about my free Christian stitcheries. They are wonderful for encouraging others, and as you stitch, let God's truth sink deep within your soul. It is LIFE.

Hugs and blessings,


  1. A beautiful piece to work on. Thank you for your gift of designs. I recognize the manufacturer is Lakehouse but cannot remember the fabric line. What is it and do you know if it is still available? Thanks in advance.

  2. Love all the stuff you are doing these days Jenny . I cannot even get started on any of it I'm so busy doing stuff for other people
    Perhaps I'll catch up one day
    Love to all

  3. Beautiful project, you share so much - thank you

  4. Thank you for this pattern. It's so lovely and the sentiment is priceless.

  5. A lovely project! Thanks for sharing!

  6. Thank you so much for the pattern - and for showing clipping off those ears! I see SO many, even professionals, who don't do that, and it just doesn't look nice and flat when it's finished. I love this verse, so repeat it all you want. It's one I remind myself of a lot these days. You continue to bless the lives of those around you with your example. Thank you!

  7. Me encanta visitar tu página y disfruto viendo las labores que haces porque son preciosas! bsts

  8. Amen honey.......we are blessed that you are blessed!
    xoxoxoxoxo :o)

  9. So glad I found this, I am trying to focus more on embroidery and looking for more ideas! Thank you for Sharing

  10. bbux10@columbus.rr.comNovember 7, 2014 at 11:09 PM

    I know that I can't use your patterns for profit, but could I use some of your verses and particularly The Lord's Prayer for pieces for the church bazaar?


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