Monday, September 16, 2013

I'm on a "Sentimental Journey"...

It was early 2010, and a very gifted designer caught my attention.

Michelle May of "The Raspberry Rabbits" was sharing one free block each month from her new design, 'Sentimental Journey'. A dozen inspirational quotes, worked in needle and thread....

I was still new to published designing and very busy with my own work, so I downloaded the blocks each month with the intent of making them when life slowed down.
By the time Michelle shared her finished layout for the blocks - gorgeous embellished pockets (see above) - I was hoping I could stitch them as soon as possible. I loved her style, and her eye for detail, and I was inspired...

Well, you know how I shared my BOUQUET blocks last week and you were really happy about that?
That's how I feel right now because Michelle is sharing all the blocks from Sentimental Journey again!!
Over the next month she will share three blocks each Friday, FREE for you to download!

This was just the prompt I needed to trace my blocks and stitch them between my own Elefantz stitching projects. 
I have a stash of older Tilda fabrics, plus co-ordinating Tilda threads, ribbons and buttons - these will be perfect for this project....
Because I do have a busy stitching schedule of my own, I chose to reduce Michelle's blocks by 50% so I can still stitch the full pocketed wallhanging, but a bit quicker...

Mother Teresa is my hero, someone I admired and respected as long as I can remember, so I began with her block first...
I'll give you updated photos as I slowly work through these 12 blocks, but why not stitch them too?

Visit Michelle's blog HERE and take advantage of these free blocks to make her "Sentimental Journey" designs! You'll be so glad you did.



  1. I love the fabrics you have chosen, Jenny.

  2. This will be lovely with your fabrics!!!

  3. Gorgeous fabrics you chose. I think this is SUV
    Ch a beautiful project. I got so excited seeing it.

  4. thanks for the link Jenny, popped over and will also download as these look lovely

  5. Thanks, Jenny! I downloaded them in 2010, too, but I just checked and I had missed March, having only a photo of it, so this will complete my collection! I do like the fabrics you picked - it feels a little different for this project.

  6. Thanks for alerting us to the Sentimental Journey being available again. Also I WILL eventually get it done LOL

  7. You have chosen beautiful fabric


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