Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Mail from Princess Sophie...


  1. What a pretty bowl Princess Sophie. Maybe you will like it enough to change your drinking habits and give mum more writing time.

  2. Wow Princess Sophie! I agree with Barcode...your water bowl is really pretty. Not as pretty as you of course, but very nice all the same. Tell your Mum, that even though she has time limits to get her writing done, she needs to be sure to continue to relax and take time to "breath". Hugs....

  3. Well Sophie--You look gorgeous even with the tap running. Hope Mum gets enough water too while she is busy writing. Don't forget to give her some snuggles of encouragement from all of us.

  4. What a hardship for a Princess! Reduced to drinking out of a bowl that looks like Blue Delft. Life is certainly not what you're used to, is it? Hang in there with all the roughing it.

  5. Gee, life's tough eh!!!! Baa and Snowy have it tough too - they were not allowed any muffins. You look very sweet in your tiara! I am sure your slave oops mummy will be back soon....

  6. Hi Princess Sophie,
    I don't know how your mum does everything she does. She is Wonder Woman. Suppose that makes you Wonder Kitty


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