Friday, September 13, 2013

The last two blocks and quilt assembly!

I know...I know.
I said I'd share six blocks over six days, BUT...

Mr E is full of surprises!
It's now official that we will not be moving away from Townsville next year. His work contract has been extended for another year! \o/ Thank you for your prayers. xx

It's also official that Blossom is moving out of home in October to share a house with some work chums.

So...what will Mr E and I do over the impending tropical wet season when we will be limited in safe motorbike riding opportunities?
After all, the last of our children will have left home this time next month, and it's time to begin life as empty nesters. We're still young (compared to Mr E's granny who went home to meet Jesus at 95 years of age!) and without the fun of riding our motorbike for months on end, we needed a new hobby.
A new hobby that didn't cost too much, but was something we could do together.

After our trip up the Atherton tablelands a few weeks ago, we had a hankering to head out into the country and see what she has to show us 'off the beaten track'. Our funds were low, so we prayed hard, and set our sights on one particular car.
It appeared - 1,500 kilometres away. Because its in the state capital it's almost half the price of the same model up here where we live, so we're flying out today to bring it home!
It's old, okay - in fact it's as old as Blossom! But it's been loved, and maintained, and we could afford it. It's also a bonus that Mr E was a qualified diesel mechanic before heading into teaching.

So - all that to tell you I'm sharing both the final blocks and the quilt assembly instructions for BOUQUET today! 

Block 5 poem - 'the rose'...

I wrote this poem, and then designed the quilt. 
The final corner blocks (4 of them), 'rose'...

Download the last two pdf pattern files HERE.

Please send me photos if you make this quilt, or any of the blocks. 
 Here is mine finished...

Shabby Roses BOUQUET
I have loved sharing this quilt pattern again, as it's really *me* and gave me such joy in the design and stitching back in 2009.
I've included my quilt label in the assembly pattern as well...
Just stitch your own name and the year you make the quilt under the heart bouquet.

Thank you for being a part of this 5 year Blogversary week with me. xx
I'll draw the winner of the giveaway on Monday and announce it here on the blog.
In a couple of hours we fly to Brisbane, pick up our 4WD, and begin the long and exciting road trip home!  Remember back in January I told you that my word for 2013 was ADVENTURE?
Well, I've been having them, and this is another!

Blossom and a friend will be watching over Bob-the-dog, Princess Sophie, and the house.
I have stitching prepared for the drive home - at least during the daylight hours as we'll be on the road at night too. All going to plan we'll arrive back late Saturday night...and we'll be sleeping all day Sunday. 

Prayers for safe travel most appreciated.
Have a sweet and sunshiny weekend, my friends,



  1. Safe driving and thank you so much for Bouquet of Roses.

  2. Thank you for the lovely pattern and enjoy your trip. Safe travels!

  3. thank you again for sharing your talents with us. This quilt is absolutely gorgeous.
    Praying you have a safe trip to and from Brisbane. Have fun planning your "adventures" together.

  4. Thank you Jenny. Happy Birthday again. I hope your trip goes very well. And please be safe and drive carefully. Looking forward to your return and to hear of your adventures.

  5. Have a great trip, lots of fun and laughs, yummy tea breaks and lotsa sewing!

  6. Thank you so much, Jenny, for this beautiful pattern. I hope you and your husband have lots of fun and adventures on your road trip. (Sounds almost like a honeymoon trip to me. LOL) Take care and I can't wait to hear all about it when you return.

  7. Praying for safe travels and thanks again for the lovely pattern set!

  8. Safe travels Jenny. How exciting having a whole new adventure ahead of you and Mark all starting with your new car, then Blossom going flatting. It will certainly be empty at home for you but having the whole time just one on one with Mark will be great, like starting your marriage all over again. I know I love one on one with Bill after all he asked to "put up" with me, the kids had no choice! lol


  10. Thank you for the blocks!! Have a safe trip and I hope you have some fun suprises along the way!

  11. Wishing you a safe trip back to Townsville and happy trails, enjoy the drive.

  12. Доброй дороги Вам,Дженни!

  13. Oh Jenny! I am so thankful that you don't have to move again!

    Blessings to Blossom as she ventures out on her own.

    Have a great trip!

  14. Now that's exciting news! I so applaud you for not going outside your means, as so many do. This looks like a wonderful vehicle for tooling around the outback. I know you will have marvelous adventures in it. Thanks for the final parts of the stitchery, too. Just lovely, and I'm anxious to find some time to stitch it.

  15. When you asked us to pray you wanted it to be a very clear answer with all other doors closed. Well I think an extension is pretty clear. Glad you are not having to move and glad you get to go on a road trip.

  16. Praise the Lord for your good news - both about this next year and the vehicle!!! He Is GOOD!!! ... Thankyou for the last two 'blocks' for this quilt, it really is beautiful!!! And the poem - precious!!! ... Best of wishes over your coming adventure!! Will continue to keep you in my prayers xxx

  17. such a long road home in the new car, I expect you will share the driving or maybe no as you will be too busy stitching!. Good to hear you will not be on the move yet as blossom seems so well settled in her job and has lots of friends, would have been hard to move away and leave her behind. Thanks for the latest downloads.
    Safe journey I know the Lord will be with you every mile of the way

  18. Ich wünsche eine gute Reise und kommt gesund zurück.
    Liebe Grüße Annerose

  19. Safe travels Jenny and Mr E....enjoy your road trip. And thankyou Jenny for the lovely patterns this week....if only I could just keep up....still deciding which fabric to use for the little houses BOM :)

  20. Thankyou for the free blocks, I have downloaded them all, it is such a pretty quilt.
    Have a safe journey!

  21. May you have an exciting adventure with safe travels. Let us know how the stitching goes. I'm curious as I went prepared to spend many hours stitching while the train transported my husband and I to eastern Canada. I found I could not make those careful beautiful stitches as you have taught me through your blog (not to mention how many times I poked myself) and since it wasn't going to be good enough, I stopped until I was more stable at our destination.

  22. road trips can be so much fun. It is an adventure and you are prepared with your stitching. Have a great and safe trip.

  23. Safe and enjoyable travels........first a safe one home.

  24. Thank you for sharing your lovely pattern. I have to much going right now to start this one but it is in line for next year.

  25. Thank you so much for your generosity! My neighbour (we is now also a newly addicted stitcher)and I are going to be making those beautiful blocks. Great fun! Have a great time on your road trip and travel safe!

  26. Nothing like a new adventure, travel safe!

  27. Adorável e linda! Muito obrigada pela partilha! Beijos Nina

  28. Thank you for sharing this wonderful project!

  29. I hope I've already told you thank you for the lovely pattern for this quilt but in case I didn't...THANK YOU. Have a safe trip with lots of creative stitching time and sharing time with hubby.


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