Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Fabric, sweet fabric...

Only on the rarest of occasions has fabric 'called my name'.
Last month, my rare occasion arrived....

I've been rather self controlled this past year or two, using a lot of what was already in my stash for various designs and gifts.
I even had a large de-stash a while back and donated a lot of fabrics that have been sitting 'round a little too long and needed to be used instead of retiring early to a plastic tub out of sight.
I've also noticed the style of fabric that catches my eye these days is changing, so I'm embracing the change.
Some of these reminded me of Nana's washing line hung low with 1960's sheets, and that just oozes 'warm and fuzzies' inside my heart...

...whilst others took my mind back to when my daughters were little, and all the pretty summer frocks I would make for them. I always felt as though I were dressing dolls, so cute they looked...

I'm hugging all these new pieces close to my heart at the moment. I bought them as a gift to myself, a pretend that they were sent from Nana...missing her very much at the moment. How did 30 years pass and yet still feel like she was hugging me tight only yesterday?

Kezzie and I had a long phone chat today...I'm missing her too. The other end of the country is so far away. Thank you, Lord, for telephones.

Yes, these fabrics called my name, and when I opened the package today they spoke to me of family, memories, and love.

If you're interested in these pretties, I bought them from the lovely Kerri at Sew Deerly Loved on Etsy. My favourite place to indulge.

Mr E and I are both hypothyroid, though his is Hashimoto's Disease.
I was diagnosed in 1996, and he in 2009.
It's easy to get complacent and just pop your pill each day, but we've both been on a downward spiral the last year or so, which was all the incentive I needed to study up on it again. I was up to date with current treatments and discoveries when he was diagnosed, but life has gotten so busy that I'd let it slide.
I like a holistic approach to health, and so does he, so I learned a great deal from Dr Sandra Cabot today, and have begun a kick start for our livers.

If you are also a hypothyroid sufferer, I encourage you to watch this video. The explanations are simple, brilliant, and probably life changing.
I'm off to read, and then play with some very special 'memory lane' fabrics.

Have a day you will treasure,


  1. Good Morning Jenny, Here it still is! Love the new fabric and it will surely inspire you! When my girls were young other fabrics were a must and Holly Hobby was the big example! So they were waring cute dresses with aprons and I also made them myselve, now I can make things for my grand daughter and you inspire me! Thank you for the inspiration and I will send you a photo soon!

  2. Thank you Jenny for the link about thyroid health. I just finished watching it and it certainly is an eye opener. I have been having test for about 2 yrs as I am borderline at the moment. I will certainly do more investigating now. Thanks again :-)

  3. Gorgeous fabrics Jenny. Looks like you have started on a new path with your health. I hope it will mean an improvement for both of you. Hugs.....

  4. I'm mostly using stash fabrics as well. But it is fun to buy some new pretties to keep inspired. It is funny how our taste evolves. Mine certainly has. You have some terrific fabrics for your new projects.

  5. Beautiful fabrics Jenny! I have a lazy thyroid and was diagnosed in 1992. Mine is a hand me down and share around type!!! Mum, aunties, cousins, sisters - but I have been battling a bit over the last few years. Thank you for the link - I am heading that way now. I read Dr Cabot's Thyroid book back when I was diagnosed - it was very interesting. Think I may have another read shortly.

  6. mmmm.. lovely fabrics! {drool worthy}, happy to hear they brightened your day. I too have Hashimoto's, will be checking this out, thank you for the information.....xx

  7. Love your new fabrics... Very pretty.

  8. I can see why these fabrics called your name! How lovely that they bring back memories for you.My style seems to change but I am always drawn to pastels.
    I am going to watch the video just to be in the know & try to understand what you are dealing with. Thinking of you. xo

  9. Jenny, these fabrics really "are you!" They look just perfect for you. You know, right after my grandmother died, I found myself buying fabrics that reminded me of her. Some went into napkins which was wonderful to see them often when I was setting the table

  10. Jenny I was ooing and rring when I saw these wonderful fabrics, wow.
    Sorry to read about you both having thyroid problems, do hope this latest Dr has helped you both

  11. Looking forward to seeing what you create with those gorgeous fabrics.

  12. Hi Jenny,
    Lovely fabrics - when the Xmas Mag comes out do you say where you can get the fabric? I love the Jason Yenter fabric and design you've done for the table runner - that will be on my christmas making list! Take care of yourself and Mr E.

    1. Hi Jenny,
      I bought the Jason Yenter fabric from
      Hope you can still get some - it's wonderful for the fussy cutting.

  13. Those fabrics are so lovely, so completely what I've come to identify as Jenny. =)

  14. Beautiful fabrics! I can't wait to see what you make with them!


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