Sunday, October 13, 2013

Sneak peeks, and 3 minute blueberry ice-cream...

It's been a very hot weekend. 
I think the air conditioner will finally have to be switched to "on" tomorrow. We have resisted the use of it and been reduced to puddles of perspiration for the past couple of weeks. Thankfully we've saved quite a few $$ on our next power bill...but, enough is enough. 
When your eyes are filling with perspiration and your vision blurs, and you cannot stitch...well, the time has come for cool.

Before I passed out from heat and perspiration I was working on these cuties for the November 1st issue of Elefantz Home e-zine...

And when I could not see the stitches anymore I resorted to ice-cream.
Freshly made in 3 minutes!

2 cups of frozen blueberries & 1/2 cup good vanilla bean yoghurt
Whizz in the food processor until it looks like this...

...then scoop into cones. 

Lick, enjoy, and be cool.



  1. I love those fabrics and the stitchery looks intriguing!

  2. I am hearing can only go so long with stinging eyes from should not be so expensive for what is really quite a necessity when living in the tropics..omgosh is that a camel I your fabrics and stitches,cheers Vickie

  3. Such a pretty peek! Yummy is all I can say!!

  4. As you turn on the a/c we turn on the heat! I don't love ice cream but my family believes it's a year round treat. :o) That looks refreshing and tasty. Loving the critter sporting sunglasses. Stay cool!

  5. That stitchery looks just gorgeous as does the yummy ice cream. Temperatures plummeting here in the UK; we had a 10 degree drop in the space of 24 hours! Brrr ... summer has gone :(

  6. Oooh, more lovely stitching goodness to dream over! The 'scream looks good. I have frozen raspberries, can get yogurt, but no food processor! I may just whip it up and then let it refreeze and try it. Not three minutes, but ....

  7. Their embroidery always will be delicate. This ice cream looks delicious

  8. Such a pretty stitchery and fabrics. Hope it cools a little for you this week. We've had some hot days here in NSW too, but today is only 19 degrees which is a lovely temperature. Happy Stitching x

  9. my mouth waters just looking at that icecream. Cannot imagine the heat you are having, we never get it very hot but we do know what cold is like!

  10. I have lived in a tropical country so know how awful that heat can be. I remember the first year I was there, going to the zoo during hot season and thinking I was getting sick because I was perspiring so much. Then I looked around at everyone else and realized it wasn't just me. We live in a cooler climate now and only use our air conditioning a little bit in the summer. In the winter we do try to keep the heat down a little because the bills can be quite high if you are not careful so I understand your trying to hold off using your air conditioner. Your ice cream looks yummy!


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