Friday, November 22, 2013

Baby blues...

I've just finished the final touches to a baby boy quilt heirloom quilt.
Vintage linen, doilies, recycled lace, new lace...

...precious sentiments stitched in blue...

...favourite blue and white fabric scraps.
Soft white cotton lace edging.

This project will be inside the December 6th issue of Elefantz Home e-zine.

Now the not-so-fun part. Time to write the pattern.
Have a blessed weekend, dear readers...



  1. I absolutely love blue and white. Crisp, clean, gorgeous. Phenominal job, Jenny. Thanks for sharing it with us.

  2. Very pretty! I recently made a similar one with the leftover fabrics from my daughters' clothes and vintage lace from my mother's collection. It's in pinks, but I love your blue one!

  3. Привет Дженни! Присоединяюсь к твоему блогу! )))

  4. Now the hints begin! LOL That looks adorable. All I need now is for someone to be having a baby boy! And the December magazine, of course!

  5. The quilt is absolutely wonderful!

  6. Gorgeous. This is a heirloom for sure.

  7. delighted to have discovered your pretty blog!! Love, love, love your baby blue, heirloom quilt!! 'Tis gorgeous!! You have me caught me in your lovely creative thinks that I will just have to keep returning to have a 'bo peep'!!

  8. Its so beautiful and fresh..... I love blue and white combo... especially the lace.


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