Friday, December 13, 2013

Last post before we move...

This is my last blog post for another 8 or 9 which time we should be settled and unpacked in another house.

Thanks for your prayers; please keep them coming.
Specifically, for Mr E to have help with all the physical moving of furniture and boxes (hard to get helpers on a weekday), and also for no rain on our moving days of Tuesday and Wednesday. 
((thank you))

Before I sign off I wanted to leave you with some 'show & tell' photos sent to me by blog readers who have been making my designs. They are so lovely!

Rosanna has completed my "Circles of Life" quilt!
(pattern is HERE)
She designed her own layout for the blocks, and reduced the size of the centre block. Wow - I want to make mine again - hers is an inspiration!

Gunn has finished my Shabby Roses "Beauty" quilt, is up to date with the "Daisy Days" blocks (and designed her own layout, which I love!), and made my Dissappearing 9-Patch runner from the other day too!
(Gunn's photos were tiny, so they are fuzzy, sorry)

And lastly, Fiona used three of my free Wonky House blocks to make a really sweet table runner!
In fact, go HERE to her blog for Fiona's simple table runner piecing tutorial...

Thanks for sending me your photos, ladies! 
You're amazing!

And lastly, I have some things that caught my eye, and which may come in handy for sweet projects.

From Amy at Nana Company (and she has a giveaway)...

From Kerri at Lovely Little Handmades, this excellent cathedral window cushion tutorial (excellent for using your stash)...

...and from the lovely Kaaren at The Painted Quilt, her last First Friday Freebie for the year!

be blessed while I'm away
you're in my prayers



  1. all the best for the move, and great happiness in your new home see you back bloggingin 2014

  2. Fabulous post. I do hope everything is perfect for your move and your new home is a place of peace, joy and comfort. Much love.

  3. Hope your move goes smoothly and you settle in quickly to a new neighbourhood x

  4. Wishing you all the best during your move. May God bless your new home. Love'n'hugs.

  5. All of it gorgeous. I will be praying all goes smoothly with your move. And that you all can find some big strong trustworthy helpers. Here wishing you and your family a fabulous holiday in a lovely new home filled with love.

  6. Praying for your move to go smoothly, Jenny and family.

    All the designs your readers have stitched are lovely. Beautiful work, ladies!

  7. Hope all goes well with your moving...
    Beautiful show and tell of your designs.. Well done ladies.....

  8. Beautiful projects from your readers! Hope you get settled nicely and enjoy the holidays. I truly appreciate your wonderful inspiration and projects all year long. Thank you! XX

  9. Dear Jenny,
    I'm thinking good thoughts for your during this move. How on earth do you do it? In 48 years we've had one apartment and two houses.....I'm the person who need roots and would feel groundless having to move a lot. My kids and now my mostly grown grandchildren all say the same thing: they know that home is 'here' and they have a good 'anchored' feeling.

  10. Best of luck with the move. I hope everything transfers in one piece, and there is an abundance of help for Mr. E. thanks for sharing the projects. Stitch your sanity back. =)

  11. I hope all goes well with your move Jenny.

  12. Thank you for taking the time to post these lovely things. I hope that your move goes smoothly and quickly, so that you can have a little rest soon!

  13. Thanks for the feature Jenny, hope the move goes smoothly and you are soon settled in your new home.


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