Thursday, December 12, 2013

Time out is good for the soul...

Boxes waiting to be packed. Patiently waiting...

In between packing I've been enjoying some time out to rest from the heat and do a little stitching. After all, it's good for the soul...

My portable project plan during our house move is to complete more of Michelle's "Sentimental Journey" blocks...

They'll be gorgeous as a set of hanging pockets trimmed in Tilda...

I'm praying I can hang things in the new rental home. 
How nice would that be? It's been two years since I've been able to do this.

But for now the sun is going down, so back to the boxes...



  1. Oh these will be lovely!!! ... We're heading on holiday in less than a week and just looking at my to-do-list of things that need to be done and made before I leave is making my head spin - doesn't help that I was completely out of it last week, in bed sick and unable to hold a needle straight, let alone attempt to use the machine!!! Good to see you're taking time out when you need it to refocus ... maybe I need to follow your lead and just take a break every so often!! :)

  2. your workmanship is so amazing! Michele's patterns look lovely with your stitches!

  3. Wish I could come and help, but you know we'd only sit, stitch and talk!

  4. Olá Jenny,
    É tão agradável passear por aqui, é tudo tão lindo e inspirador!
    Vai conseguir sim pendurar as coisas novas na nova casa, e ela ficará linda!

  5. Beautiful! Just like all your work!!! Received tablerunner today and it is SOOO gorgeous!!! Thank you,Jenny, many times over. Sharon Lozano

  6. Those will be lovely. I'm glad you have breaks for stitching and rest in the midst of all the packing. Packing - no fun every time I've done it!


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