Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Like mother like daughter...

Val Laird is a wonderfully generous Australian designer, and if you haven't visited her blog before, let me encourage you to do so very soon.
Over the past few years Val has shared some beautiful free Block of the Month quilts, her most recent being "Apples of Gold"...

The full pattern for this beautiful quilt is available HERE on Val's blog. In fact, over the last few weeks Val has also been sharing a number of her older designs as free downloads to help her readers with their Christmas giving.  I told you she was generous. 
Recently I discovered something else about Val - it seems she was also generous is passing a dose of creativity to her daughter, Janelle!

 Janelle recently published the first edition of her online children's magazine, "Imagine, Make, Believe"...

I love this magazine!
Let me tell you about it.
Janelle obviously knows children well because the magazine is full of fun and educational kid-friendly activities, crafts, stories, and even a play - all centred around a Castles and Royalty theme. 

"The Jewel Thief" play can be acted out as a full dress-up performance by children (great script!) or for shy kiddos there are finger puppets (full templates in the magazine) to 'act' out the characters.

The magazine has step by step tutorials for making swords, crowns, and other medieval props, as well as a board game, word searches, simple recipes, and a number of different games and activity ideas that bring the Castles and Royalty theme to life.

There are colouring pages for younger kids, as well as all the pieces to print up and play the "Raid The Castle" board game. 
I think this would be a brilliant gift for grandchildren, especially if you have them in your care over holidays or weekends. 

 The magazine will be published 4 times a year, and at just $4 per issue you will never wonder how to entertain the children in your family again!
Actually, what about buying an issue as a Christmas gift for a young family you know? It's a gift that keeps giving - giving fun that is!

Janelle is also generous like her mum, and you'll find some free projects on her website as well. I especially love the Nativity printable shared on the magazine webpage HERE.

It's a blessing to be able to share the talents and generous gifts of others.
Both Val and Janelle are my sisters in Christ, and to see them *giving* of their God-given gifts just makes my heart soar!

I hope you take time to visit their blog/webpages today. 




Patricia said...

Jenny, Have not been on the computer for a few days. But love the framed piece your friend made with embroidery picture of your group. The disappearing 9 patch is adorable. I am following Val.

Patricia C

Val Laird said...

You are so sweet, Jenny. Thanks for your beautiful post. May the Lord bless and encourage you in all you do.

Janelle said...

Thanks for your lovely write up Jenny! I do have four children between the ages 8 and 13, so I hope I have some idea about children now!! ;) I hope your grandson has a great time with his copy!