Wednesday, January 15, 2014

I was thinking about tea towels...

Years ago it never, ever, ever, occurred to me that anyone would want to decorate a tea towel.
And it especially never, ever, ever, would have occurred to me that if someone DID decorate a tea towel that they would actually USE it in the kitchen.

Honest. It just wouldn't have entered my head.

Then in 2009 Jeanette made me some gorgeous appliqued tea towels as a Christmas gift....

...and I found a new love.

 These are the first I pull out of the drawer, and they get washed every second day because I use them so much. I wonder if Jeanette realises how much I still love and use these gifts? 

Fast forward a couple of years and I shared a couple of simple free applique designs for tea towels here on my blog...

They also get a lot of use in my kitchen!

There's something really homely about using a pretty hand embellished tea towel so I'm planning to make a few more for myself this year -  and I'll make some as gifts, maybe one for Jeanette. 

In 2012 I made a really funky apron and tea towel set that I gifted to my eldest girl, Kezzie. The designs were inspired by my Nana who truly 'cooked with love' and encouraged me to 'eat with gratitude'...

Actually, I love this set so much that I think I'm going to make it again...'cause I'd really like it for myself. I don't think Kezzie will be giving her set up any time soon!

If you'd like to make this set you'll find the pattern HERE in my shop as an instant PDF download. 
They'd make a fabulous Kitchen Tea or House Warming gift! But maybe you'd just like to make them for your own sweet self? Go on. You deserve to be spoiled too. xx



  1. Love your tea towels. I made a whole heap of the apple design ones and use them all the time.

  2. I absolutely love decorated tea towels. Thank you for sharing this pattern again.

  3. Hallo Jenny,
    Here me back from a smal holliday and now I saw your lovely tea towels! I love them, they look so fresh! I made several teetowels a few years back, but I don't use them now, but when my kitchen will be done, they will be the perfect match!
    If you love to see them, I can send you some pictures, they were designed by a Dutch designer!

  4. I was looking at the sorry state of my tea towels last night and thinking I really must get the book 100 Tea Towel off my book shelf... I deserve pretty tea towels too!

  5. Hello Jenny, What beautiful designs. The colours and different fabrics work so well together. I just downloaded the pdf pattern - can't wait to get started! Many thanks.

  6. I do deserve spoiling! =) This year, some of us are taking printed tea towels and making quilts with them!

  7. Oh these are all so gorgeous. Makes me want to make new kitchen towels

  8. When I was part of our school craft group, we would make about 25 appliqued tea towels every year.....and they were so popular. Makes me think of doing some more, Thanks Jenny xoxo

  9. You are right Jenny, there is nothing nicer than see an applique tea towel or one with a stitched border hanging in the kitchen. I love giving them as gifts, such a simple thing wrapped in love. xx

  10. your towels are beautiful-I love them


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