Tuesday, January 14, 2014

The Posca experiment...

This year I want to try new things. 
Not for any particular reason. 
Just for fun.
So when Mr E took me to the recycle shop at the local tip last week to look for some old wooden pallets he could sit his 'man shed' stuff on, I pounced on a few plain white ceramic tiles for just a few cents each so I could begin my first new thing in 2014.
Drawing with Posca pens....

These pens are for drawing on ceramics or crockery. I saw them used in a magazine last year and thought, "I'd love to give that a go!", so I bought a pack of pens and they have sat waiting for their first 'outing' ever since. 
But then I saw those white tiles and I knew I had my own 'palette' to play with!

The tip on these Posca pens are a little wide for my liking (I actually thought at the time I should have ordered the finer tip - note to self: listen) which made the freehand drawing a challenge but I still had fun getting the hang of using them...

The ink comes out pretty fast, which meant there was a lot of 'lines on, wash off' happening, but it was fun nonetheless.
'hope' is one of my words for 2014; the other is 'home'...

After an hour or so of drawing with the pens I scrubbed all the paint off my tiles and packed them away until my next rainy day play-date. 

Have you started something new this year? I'd love to know if you have.

 This week I'm back to my design table with a number of new projects at various stages of developement.
The stacked plastic tubs house projects 'on the go', and I have a number of others sketched and ready to trace onto fabric...

The embroidery in this design is almost finished. One more episode of Poirot and it will be ready to frame...

Not today though.
Mr E and I saw The Hobbit 2 on our wedding anniversary a couple of weeks ago, but today I'm off to see it again, this time with Blossom. Girls afternoon out. Sweet. 



  1. Looks like you'll be having lots of fun! I'm still sorting my mother's things, trying to sell her house, and working on moving my quilt room upstairs. Stairs are becoming really difficult for me, so I'm taking over the family room on the main floor and getting out of the basement. Enjoy your movie!

  2. Your tile looks cute. Those would be fun to design your own dinnerware. Hope you and Blossom had a great day out.

  3. Glad to hear you are having lots of fun,hugs

  4. Those pens look like fun - can you make it permanent?
    Shame you are not in Brisbane - there is a tile place giving away tiles for $0.00..yep - nothing...

  5. I love trying new things too! I even host a link party on the 25th of each month to celebrate trying, would love you to link up!

  6. I'm with Celtic Thistle... I love trying out new things and your ceramic playing looks like so much fun :) Looking forward to seeing what comes next xx

  7. I love it - "One more episode of Poirot" to finish! =) The ceramic play looks like fun. If you make a design you like, is there a way to keep it permanently? Nice to see you have more than one project going at once, too!

  8. Did you get these at poscart.com.au?

    1. No, I bought them from http://www.artmarkers.com.au/posca-markers


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