Friday, January 24, 2014

Peeks, cross stitch, and Melbourne calling...

In this new-to-us home it's become custom for Blossom and I to share breakfast, coffee and a chat before she heads off to work for the day.
An immense peace of soul comes from these early morning connections over good food and good discussion...

I'm also enjoying working my way through my favourite tablecloths. This very old cross-stitched cloth was purchased at an op-shop for a few dollars back in 2010, and is treasured. 
A special cloth, a special breakfast, a loving daughter. Life is a treasure.

After breakfast we both head off to our various occupations.
My creative space is just through the French doors, and has never been more inviting than within the walls of this home. I'm being blessed with an abundance of creative ideas and my sketch pad is rapidly filling with loveliness to stitch.

A new theme for me this year is the use of minimal colours. It began as a challenge to self to see what I could do when restricting a design to just two thread colours, but it soon became a JOY and I found myself totally at ease with this exciting direction.

Some peeks at what is coming in the future from Jenny of Elefantz designs...

A love affair with red and green is rather predominant, but isn't the red on grey gorgeous?

In March I will be one of the guest designers at "Let's Get Stitched" in Melbourne, and I've chosen to let my love of two colours flow into the design I'll be sharing at the event...

Don't worry if you aren't attending this three day delight because you won't miss out on the new design! Later in the year this project will feature in my magazine, but the girls attending "Let's Get Stitched" will have it first. I can't wait to reveal the whole thing - this little peek is just a tiny piece of the large feature block.

To read all about "Let's Get Stitched" you can visit the website HERE. Those who live in Melbourne can come along just for the Sunday stitching day if you like!
If you're going to be there please leave a comment below and say hi. I'm looking forward to meeting you!


 Now, back to that cross-stitch tablecloth. 
Do you cross-stitch? It used to be the only stitching I knew how to do, so I taught Kezzie, Sam and Blossom when they were very young, and both girls became quite proficient at it, gifting me with some very precious pieces to cherish.

I plan in the future to design a few cross-stitched projects, but for now I enjoy seeing what others have made from this art.
Just the other day I discovered that there is a new BOM from Little Miss Shabby, shared freely on her blog, and it's quilt blocks in cross-stitch!
Her first block is inspired by Camille Roskelley's "Swoon" quilt...

You'll find all the information HERE on Little Miss Shabby's blog.
If I can find some extra time I may just join in - after all, they are simply sweet but tiny blocks! 

Enjoy a blessed and refreshing weekend, dear readers.


  1. Love sneak peeks Jenny. I'm going to LGS and can't wait to meet you in person. I used to cross-stitch before I discovered quilting about 20 years ago. I'm planning to join in on Corey's stitch along too. Just got to go searching in my sewing room for some aida. I'm sure there's still some there!

  2. Hi jenny i cant wait to meet you also,i use to cross stitch also before i started sewing and i am amazed how many people have done the same,see you soon.xx

  3. Hi Jenny I'm looking forward to meeting you in Melbourne. I'm very pleased that you could come this year. I am a cross stitcher from way back but I don't have much time for it since patchwork had taken over my world. Vicki

  4. I'm in the U.S,but I sure wish I could come to the show. You make so many delightful things! I enjoy reading this blog. I have been a cross-stitcher for over 20 years and am just getting into embroidery. I also sew, quilt and knit among other things. Thank you for all the wonderful patterns! I am definitely going to be checking out the link to the other blog you shared! Amy

  5. Jenny the garden looks lush & beautiful, so different to our dry, scorched garden in Vic. The tablecloth is superb who could bare to part with such a beauty. It's good to use these special finds instead of putting them away because they are 'too good'. Each day is a good day to use a special cloth. Sandra P

  6. Loving the sneak peaks :) I mostly cross stitch....haven't quite figured out my sewing machine ...but ONE DAY I plan on stitching one of your gorgeous quilts! I actually just started embroidery again last night

  7. Hi Jenny,
    So many wonderful crafts happening around you!!
    Lovely work and you are right about the grey and red..
    they just go.
    Cheers, Anita.

  8. Beautiful tablecloth; and such a nice way to start your day.

  9. Thanks for always doing a photo-rich post. I love that treasured tablecloth, what a find! I don't XS. I can, but it's hard on my vision. I love what other people do with it, though.

  10. Seems a lot of people started out cross stitching and then moved into patchwork - just not enough time for everything.

  11. Amo passear no seu cantinho...amo tudo! lindos bordados, lindas ideias e um jardim muito colorido..beijinhos.

  12. It's always nice to read your blog, Jenny. It has such a soothing, mellow spirit to it. Look forward to seeing the new projects.

  13. So lovely! :)
    Greetings from Finland!
    Hugs, Ulla


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