Wednesday, January 1, 2014

The Elefantz 2014 Calendar and tutorial!

Today I want to share with you a very simple and lovely way to display a calendar!

My Elefantz Home subscribers have already received their 2014 Stitchery Calendar via email, but if you'd like one yourself I have it for sale in my shop as an instant pdf download HERE today!
My very first calendar contains twelve stitcheries for you to make throughout the year... well as the printable calendar!

So let's get back to that tutorial, ok?

Firstly, print up my calendar (or use one you already have), and choose a wooden frame that is larger than the calendar pages, and fabric that will co-ordinate with the frame colour...

Remove the glass from the frame and dispose of carefully.
Remove the backing from the frame...

Lay the frame down onto a piece of thin fusible Pellon and trace the inside shape of the frame aperture onto the Pellon with a dark pen...

Centre the Pellon behind the fabric you have chosen, and fuse it in place. The fabric will need to be at least 6" larger than the size of the frame backing...

Machine quilt the fabric. I chose to do narrow lines down the checked section of my fabric, leaving the floral panels as they were...

If you are using the Elefantz Home 2014 Stitchery Calendar trim the pages by 3/4" down each side, and 1/4" from the top...

 Carefully stacking the calendar pages on top of each other, use a fine new needle in your sewing machine to 'sew' a line 1/2" down from the top edge without thread - this will allow you to tear away the pages at the end of each month...

Sew another line a little way above the first one, but this time use thread as this will bind your calendar pages together...

Place a couple of small pieces of masking tape behind the calendar (these will be removed later)...

Position the calendar pages onto your quilted fabric backing, and sew a line of cotton lace across the top, being sure to sew through the calendar pages. The bottom of the lace should cover the perforated tear line you made with your machine...

Sew a second row of lace above the first, covering the top edge of the calendar pages. Add a couple of old buttons at either end of the calendar edge. My buttons are over 70 years old and stained, but that's what made them a perfect match for my vintage style fabric...

Fold the fabric behind the frame backing board, keeping the calendar central to the frame opening. I used masking tape to secure my fabric edges to the backing board because I will remove it at the end of the year and re-use the frame again.

Place your calendar inside the frame and display in your sewing room!

My 2014 Stitchery calendar, which contains a printable colour calendar plus pattern sheets to sew the stitcheries featured each month, will be available to purchase through January only.
It's just $7.50 HERE as an instant pdf download - that's less than 65c a design! Happy New Year blessing indeed!

Also in the shop today is a simply sweet new design of mine...
~ Lemon Rose Pillow ~

I think this would be a lovely gift for any age!

Time to breathe now...time to refresh...time to look ahead.
May your New Year be filled with adventures and delights every single day,


  1. Still waiting for the New Year here in Canada. I hope your year is peaceful & that new ideas continue to brew!

  2. Oh your calendar is very cute. Love the pillow. Happy New Year to you and your family.

  3. Happy New Year, Jenny. Your calendar tutorial is amazing. Can't wait to get mine printed and made up. Love the way you displayed yours. And the Lemon Rose Pillow - LOVE it. I do so much in pink that it is just a beautiful change of pace. Thank you.

  4. Happy New Year. I'm looking forward to another year of seeing all your wonderful sewing.Love todays project Hugs

  5. Thanks Jenny! I just bought the two patterns and downloaded the free one...

  6. Happy New Year! Lovely designs you show on the first day!

  7. I didn't receive my emailed calendar :( Do I have to re order it?

  8. I'm having trouble envisioning how you change the calendar to the next month. Does you calendar start with January being at the bottom so you can tear off on the perforation and have that drop down to reveal February? Most calendars I have ever gotten start with Jan. being on top and you fold up the bottom portion and attach it at the top (hanger/nail) to reveal Feb., etc. Maybe I'm not following your instructions correctly. Can you help? I love the idea of this framed calendar and being able to reuse it each year.

    1. LJ
      The pages tear off as you go through the year. At the end of January you tear it off to reveal February, then tear off to reveal March etc.
      It means at the end of the year you will only have the December page left.

  9. I love the idea that the printed photos of the stitcheries can be used here and then I can stitch them, too. Thanks for both the calendar and the pillow, Jenny!

  10. Lovely work (that's not unusual) and a great tutorial! Happy New Year Jenny! May your blessings multiply in this new year...hugzzzzzzz

  11. Your your embroidery is beautiful. I so want to make my stitches as perfect as yours.
    How do I become a member of your site?

  12. Hi Jenny,
    Love your stitching. Love the little roses and the clock. Beautiful work.
    Thanks for sharing

  13. Lovely Jenny.
    Thanks for the tutorial. I think it will be wonderful to hang in my sewing room.


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