Monday, February 10, 2014

Some Valentine projects!

It rained heavily yesterday so Mr E and I played some Scrabble, drank lots of coffee, and generally had a rather quiet and lazy Sunday. Lovely.

During one of my coffee breaks I found some rather sweet, free, Valentine projects at various blogs and thought I'd share them with you, just in case you like to make pretties for February 14th.

Back in 2010 Stina shared six little heart stitcheries on her blog for Valentine's Day, and they are still available. Aren't they gorgeous!? You'll find them HERE on Stina's blog...

Anorina from the Samelia's Mum blog created a cute bookmark, pieced with a heart centre. THIS would be perfect to make from fabric scraps...

I've seen pretty dream catchers before, but I love this heart catcher by Dottie Angel!
She has a tutorial HERE...

Do you crochet?
THIS honey of a heart comes with a tutorial from My Rose Valley...

And what about a mini love letter?
Kerryanne from Shabby Art Boutique has a tutorial to make THIS for your sweetheart...

Do you celebrate Valentine's Day?
What special thing will you be doing this year?



  1. Thank you for linking me up with Stina's sweet little Valentine wall hanging. I need some more Valentine decorations. I have Valentine's Day off from work, so I am going to suggest that hubby and I go out to either breakfast or lunch to avoid the crowds and I can quilt the rest of the day and evening...

  2. Thank you for these links to very pretty projects

  3. I will make lots of hearts this week, mostly crazy ones and I will use lace, ribbons, buttons etc. all I can find to make them pretty! Not just for my DH but also for a few friends I love.

  4. Hellooooo.... Long time no see..thank you for the" linky love" ... It's so fun to share them... I am happy to be sewing and blogging a little bit more now.. Feels fun again.. Take care and see you!! Hugs...:0)

  5. Thanks for the inspriration.

  6. Thanks for the links Jenny....those crochet hearts look so sweet!

  7. Jenny and her wonderfull world!! Kisses by Vy

  8. My husband and I were scheduled for a six week mission trip that began two weeks ago. I've had a bout with my back (degenerative lower spine) and have been confined to home temporarily so my husband had to go without me. The work he is doing is very important and we felt like he needed to honor that obligation. So...he's been gone two weeks now and will come home for the weekend Friday, just in time for Valentine's Day. That's my present. :) blessings, marlene

  9. Thank you. But what I liked most in this post was the ...rain. We are in very, very hot and dry summer here in Brazil. Almost no rain since December - the first rain, I will be singing and dancing!

  10. Thanks for the linky love. I adore the stitched heart quilt, so am off the have a looksy :)

  11. Thanks for the links. I especially liked that adorable heart quilt.


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