Friday, February 21, 2014

Talented fingers, gifties, and a winner!

The other day I shared some photos of gorgeous doilies I'd collected over the years, and how I had used them for little display vignettes around my home. You can read it HERE if you missed it.

Lline emailed me afterwards and asked about one of the doilies peeking out from under a pile of vintage classics...

She noticed the applique was puffy and asked if it had been stuffed from behind or during the stitching.
Here is the back of the doily, which shows that the stuffing was actually done during the applique...

Like Lline, I am in awe of such intricate craftsmanship in applique! You cannot even see the needleturn stitches...


Today is my 55th birthday. Mr E and Blossom are taking me out for breakfast to Jam Corner and then I have no idea what they have planned. I'll show you my gifts from them tomorrow, but today let me show you the sweet delights some beautiful friends sent me by post this week.

Allie and I have been friends-of-the-heart for many years now, and we both yearn for a heavenly hug one day as we are on opposite sides of the world here on earth. She knows my need for simplicity, and her gift went straight to my heart when I opened the envelope. 
Look at these teeny tiny rose buttons! They are exquisite...

During my two years living in Esperance, Western Australia, I made friends with a lovely lady, Barb. She was the one who showed me how to bind a quilt, and encouraged me to pursue a career in design. She believed in me when I could not believe in myself.
It's been almost five years since we last sat across the table sharing a cuppa, but we stay in close contact, and always send gifts at Christmas and birthdays. I think you all know that I love birds because they feature in so many of my designs. Well, this birthday Barb added to my little bird collection...

Vickie lives up in the Northern Territory at Humpty Doo, which is in wetter tropics than the tropics I am in! We caught up 'for real' last year when she had a few hours between flights here in Townsville and we'll get to catch up again next month down in Melbourne at "Let's Get Stitched".
In an envelope with the cutest card was this beautiful tea-themed hanky...

And not a birthday gift, but a sharing between the best of friends, this leaf punched bookmark arrived recently from dear Ruth, whom has been a nearest and dearest for over 13 years!
We're both reading ( and re-reading) Rhonda Hetzel's "Down To Earth" book, and I've been using a cut off piece of cotton lace as my bookmark (a marvelous and simple idea if you're in need of a quick bookmark yourself) but I find I need about six bookmarks for such an interesting book as this so Ruth's sweet gift was perfect!

The thing I'm coming to appreciate more as I get older are the small, simple gifts that are made or chosen with the recipient in mind. I think in my younger days I tended to choose gifts that "I" liked, rather than making the effort to give something that was meaningful to the person of celebration.
And also as I get older I find myself wanting to give and receive 'smaller' things...after all, we can only own so much can't we?  
And simple little gifts need not be restrained to birthdays, anniversaries or the like - they can be given as the mood strikes, and I just love doing the unexpected to surprise someone, don't you?

I'm feeling very loved this birthday, and I don't feel old. 
I'm rejoicing that I've made it this far, and that God hasn't taken me Home yet because He still has a purpose for my life that has not yet been fulfilled. Isn't that an incredible thought!?
Of course I do want to go Home, because in reality I'm a spirit having a human experience and not the other way round, but whilst I am here I shall thank Him for being able to use me - for wanting to use me. 

YOU are here today because you still have a purpose to fulfill.
Honestly, that is the most exciting revelation I've had in years and every day I wake up and thank God I'm not too old, and that I really do have a purpose to fulfill. \o/

You, dear lady (or man) are a miracle, and your very special self has a purpose in this earthly life. 
To have a purpose is empowering.
Be empowered, and wake each day excited to discover how God will use you.
I pray the Lord bless YOU on this, my 55th birthday.

There is a Papillion Honey Bun WINNER!

Thank you to the 329 readers who entered my birthday giveaway. What a beautiful gathering of hearts you are, and I thank you for all the warm wishes you shared. xx
But there is only one honey-bun and the lucky winner drawn by Mr Random is ....

Congratulations to Sisababestitches!
I'll be emailing you today for your address details and then I can post this sweeter-than-sweet honey-bun your way.

The day is about to dawn, so I'd best get off here and pretty myself up for a very special birthday brekky with my beloveds.

Love and hugs to you all,


  1. Happy Birthday to you! Yah! Your birthday - enjoy! Love, hugs and Kisses from Karen, Hannah and Baa. xxx

  2. Happy Birthday to you....
    Happy Birthday to you.....
    Happy Birthday dear Jenny.....
    Happy Birthday to you.......

    Hope you have a lovely day with family and friends.
    Take care.....Annette xxx

  3. Happy Birthday Jenny. I hope you have a fantabulous day x

  4. Happy Happy birthday to you dear Jenny ... may your day be rich in blessings. I loved this post :-)
    Thanks so much for the chance to enter your wonderful giveaway. Hugs, Julie x0x

  5. Happy 55th! I really enjoy reading your blog, and today I especially loved your thoughts on if we're still here, God still has a purpose for us on this earth. Blessings to you.

  6. Happy birthday, Jenny! I hope you have a wonderful day!

  7. happy birthday Jenny and i will see you in Melb.xx

  8. Thank you for sharing all those lovely things from lovely friends. I hope you have a beautiful birthday celebration and many more before you go home to be with Jesus.xx

  9. I hope and know you will have a wonderful birthday.You are such a giving person and it is wonderful to see you getting love in return.God Bless you.Joy Richards.

  10. Happy Birthday!! I hope you have a fabulous day. What lovely gifts from your thoughtful friends! Enjoy your day!

  11. Happy Birthday Jenny, enjoy a wonderful day with loved ones and have a great weekend to follow. Thank you for sharing a look at your beautiful gifts and sharing the intricate craftsmanship of the doily, it is great to see so much talent and wonderful ideas and loved your post. Thank you for your generosity. **Judithann**

  12. Have a wonderful day Jenny. Reading your blog before work always puts a smile on my face. Enjoy your celebration of life.

  13. Happy Birthday Jenny and many Blessings to you. Your gifts are very beautiful. Enjoy your day with the ones you love.

  14. Happy Birthday. Beautiful gifts. Hugs,xx

  15. Happy Birthday, Jenny, and best wishes for a happy, fulfilling year ahead. Your words today really encouraged me. Thank you.

  16. a fabulous message today hunny.....I can hear the love in your voice!!!! have a very blessed birthday gorgeous girl....just know you'll be spoilt rotten by those beautiful two!!!! Congrats to Sisababe......she will love her winnings I'm absolutely positive!!!! You are truly a very special person with a wonderful heart! You deserve it all..... Love you hunny! xoxoxox

  17. Happy birthday to my wonderful, creative and sweet Aussie friend. Hugs on your special day. I love all the beautiful gifts . Those birds are gorgeous.

  18. I hope you had a wonderful birthday! I wish you many more and I hope each day is full of beauty and joy since you add such beauty and joy to all of your readers lives all year long! God Bless you and yours Jenny.

  19. Happy birthday Jenny. I hope you have a wonderful day. Hugs, Christine xx

  20. Jenny, Happy, Happy Birthday! I hope your day was filled with wonder and fun.

  21. Happy birthday, Jenny!!! I pray that the coming year blesses you beyond all expectations!

  22. Happy Birthday to you! Hope you have a lovely day.
    I printed out my Feb Mag yesterday and had it bound at Office Works on the way home.
    I love sitting with a cuppa and looking at all you gorgeous designs. x

  23. Happy Birthday!
    Wishing you a great day.

  24. Happy birthday Hon, hope you had the most wonderful day. Hugsxxxxx

  25. Wishing you a very happy birthday Jenny...and a year filled with love, happiness and many blessings. Hope your day was magical. Love the 'new' magazine and thankyou for the many lovely blog posts over the last couple of weeks....some days you really just hit the spot!! Have a lovely weekend xoxo

  26. lovely post Jen..congrats to Sisababe..I am glad God has realised you are still needed here for many years yet..hug time real soon cheers Vickie

  27. Happy Birthday Jenny My Mum had a lovely day for her birthday
    I will get to meet you at LGH in Melbourne
    So excited xx

  28. That was LGS .Happy birthday again

  29. Happy Birthday Jenny :) What a lovely thought provoking post. Enoy your special day with your loved ones!

  30. Happy Happy Birthday to You Dear Jenny !!!! Gesundheit und Zufriedenheit und ein glückliches Leben mit
    Herrn E. und Familie und Freunde. Ich wünsche Dir von ganzen Herzen daß Du weiterhin so kreativ bleiben
    kannst und weiterhin sooo schöne Dinge schaffen kannst.
    Deine Christa B.

  31. Here's Wishing you A Very Happy Birthday!!! May you have a wonderful year ahead...... Lot of Good wishes and Prayers....
    You truly are an Inspiration to Me.

  32. May this be a wonderful day of love and celebration for you. My hope is the Lord has MANY purposes for your life yet to come, and every day you find His blessings poured out upon you as you move in the direction he gives you. You are blessed with many friends, and you are a blessing to all who know you. Your post today has given me an answer to a question with which I have struggled for four years. Thank you, Jenny.

  33. Happy Birthday, Jenny: May God bless you with all His richest blessings in the coming year, and may you come to see your heart's desire.

    Love and hugs

  34. Congratulations lot of health and lots of light in your way, congratulations to friend who won the gift from you, and you always loved giving the hint of flower with required filler! Continue with this person light!!

  35. Wishing you a happy and blessed birthday dear friend. Have a delightful day filled with love, laughter, family and friendship. Big, Big Hugzzzz

  36. I am so happy that your birthday has been so special. Thank you for sharing your wonderful designs. I love your work.

  37. Happy birthday to you Jenny. Your designs are very inspirational right now. My Christian journey is the number 1 focus of my year this year as I turned 60 in January. I visit you daily for your tile scriptures and blessings and of course your lovely designs. I know the Lord will continue to bless you each day on your Christian journey as you start your new birth year and bless you with new inspirations.
    Faith, Fort Worth, TX USA

  38. Have a wonderful Birthday Jenny. Enjoy the day.

  39. Fijne verjaardag voor jou, Fijne verjaardag voor jou, fijne verjaardag, fijne verjaardag, fijne verjaardag voor jou! This is the Dutch translation of Happy Birthday to you! Better late then not! Sorry but it was a very busy day and a very busy week, I hope you had a fantastic day and lots of special presents! I wish you a good, healthy and creative new year with all the people you love!

  40. Happy Birthday Jenny - todays post is one of the most beautiful you have every written (well, to me anyway).....hope your day is awesomely blessed. And Sisababe - congratulations!!!!!

  41. Happy birthday, Jenny! I whish you all the bests! Hugs from Hungary!


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