Saturday, February 22, 2014

'Fessin up, and birthday pics...

It's now day two of being 55.
I confess that I must be as vain as the next person. 
Looking at myself in the mirror I am rarely greeted with the image I'd like, and thanks to some rather excellent image alteration gadgets available through Picmonkey, a couple of weeks ago I was able to change the view from this, my natural untouched complexion... this. The enhanced and air brushed version.

After a few comments about my flawless complexion, I decided I must confess to my detour down Vanity Lane and inform you that an airbrushed Jenny does indeed have a flawless complexion, but the real Jenny would now like to embrace her flaws. See the top photo, and you see *me*.

I think I'll take time next week for some real shots, front on, and replace the airbrushed version in the side-bar. 
Yes, I'm 55 and it seems as though I may be growing up.

Yesterday was birthday day, and it dawned overcast with a few scattered showers about.
I had a *beautiful* time with the Lord and He blessed me with three Scriptures to encourage me over the next year.
Next was the gift opening, and I was indeed spoiled by Mr E with this ceramic bird (and you know I adore birds)...

...and a gorgeous candle in a stone filled bowl!

Later in the day a bouquet arrived in the florist's van, another exquisite gift from my beloved husband. Just look at that rose!

Miss Blossom had her thinking cap on when choosing my gifts. I leave for Melbourne in less than two weeks so she bought me a beautiful new handbag, and a voucher to be pampered at the Body Shop!

And as everyone knows, I can never have enough flowers so she gifted me a bunch of my 'happy' flower favourites - gerberas...

Us girls have worked out that we prefer birthday breakfasts over birthday dinners, and this birthday breakfast was the best ever.

We arrived at the Jam Corner restaurant just after 9am, and feasted on the most amazing cuisine!

Blossom had the 'eggs benedict with smoked salmon on toasted brioche with house-made hollondaise'.
Mr E spooned the 'house-made granola with banana and organic honey, swirled with a raspberry sauce'.
My breakfast delight was the 'roasted field mushrooms with esquites, noodle wrapped fried feta cheese, poached egg and quinoa'....

If you want to drool over their menu (which I find brilliant for menu ideas at home on a simpler - far simpler - scale...) it's HERE.

Once home again, the postie arrived with this sweet pair of pears and a cute card from my friend, Angela...

The rest of the day was very quiet - we watched some Miss Marple and a Disney movie, stitched a bit, nibbled on cheese, fruit, and crackers, chatted with my grandsons on the phone - then laughing our way through a few old episodes of Frasier before bed.
It was a GOOD day.

Thanks for all those birthday blessings you've left on previous posts. What an incredibly kind and thoughtful group you are. I truly appreciate you. xx
Now we shall not discuss my birthday again for a whole 'nother year, I promise! 

Have a blessed weekend, just as you have blessed mine.



  1. Beautiful gifts. Love the colour of the gorgeous rose. Hugs, xx.

  2. I don't like what I see in the mirror either, so what I do is think about being one of God's creations and then I don't feel so bad. Happy birthday. BTW you are a beautiful woman and so talented.

  3. Lol Jenny!! I don't see why you felt you needed to airbrush your beautiful face!! You're gorgeous, just the way you are!!! <3 ... Good to hear you enjoyed your special day - and that He's blessed you with some good verses to hold tight to the year through!! May He continue to bless you over the coming weeks, months and years!! Hugs!!! ... REAL ones in less than 2 weeks!!!!! ;) xx

  4. Thank you for sharing your special day and beautiful gifts and gorgeous flowers, enough for you to not want to leave your lovely home, a perfect day. Your breakfast looks very yummy, thanks for sharing the menu and ideas and you certainly do not need any airbrushing, you look to have very good skin naturally and a lovely face, guess most of us can be a little critical on looking in the mirror, its good to get to an age and be able to accept oneself, good for you achieving that, you look good anyway.

  5. I apologise as my comments ran away from me somehow when I thought I was previewing and had not edited or finished off, I am enjoying all that you do and write, very talented, think it is safe to say you bring so much to many people. Have a wonderful weekend, Judithann

  6. Looks like you have a great birthday. Congratulations, even if it is late. The great thing in all your posts is to "feel" how much you enjoy life - this is a very rare gift. Have a wonderful weekend.

  7. Glad you had such a wonderful birthday. Your gifts were very thoughtful and beautiful. I'm also glad that you don't feel the need to hide your natural beauty with an airbrush. I am 62 and it took me 60 years to realize that I don't need to be made up everytime I leave the house and the wrinkles that are appearing more and more every day are really a natural beauty. I have to confess that I'm not too fond of crepe-y arm skin ~lol~

  8. Jenny,
    You are perfect just the way you airbrush needed! Your birthday gifts are lovely, and all very thought out and given with much love. I'm glad you had a wonderful day.
    God Bless,

  9. What wonderful gifts you received. Happy Birthday!

  10. Happy Birthday! What lovely the ceramic bird!

  11. What a great Birthday you had! You are just baby and the only difference I see in the photos is you look a little more tan in the second one.

  12. perfect way to spend a birthday...

  13. Hi!!!! That breakfast menu sounds wonderful!!!!! You look great in both photos!!!!! I love your bird!!!! Too cute!!! Glad you had so much fun!!!! That is what keeps you young!!!!

  14. Jenny you are beautiful inside and out - no need for air brushing :) The photos are stunning as always - may I ask what camera you use please? Love your blog, always lifts my spirit x

    1. Janet, my camera is a Sony DSC-HX200V. It was a gift from Mr E last birthday and is amazing.

  15. Best wishes to you for a wonderful year! Thanks for all the beautiful stitcheries.on your blog and Craftsy. I really do enjoy seeing your work. Having just turned 58 myself, I find that the person looking back at me from the mirror isn't really the face I envision when I think about myself - that person is about 20 years younger! LOL. Here's to a dynamite year for you! All the best!

  16. Happy belated birthday Jen. I am glad you had a lovely day....very cute little birdie and lovely gifts. Big hugs xxx

  17. Glad you had a lovely birthday, Jenny. Sorry I missed your special day! In my family, we celebrate birthday 'week', so Happy Birthweek!!

  18. You are beautiful! It looks like you had a great birthday! You are indeed blessed! Here's to another year of growing in the Lord.

  19. I don't see much difference in the pictures, you look great in both. What a wonderful B-Day! Love the eating a breakfast instead of a dinner to celebrate.
    Patricia C

  20. Sounds like you were truly lavished with love on your birthday! I agree with Patricia, you look great in both pics. Have a wonderful day!

  21. Looks like a wonderful birthday! I love birthdays... any excuse to hang out with friends :)

  22. You were blessed with a wonderful day for your birthday! Happy Birthday and I hope you enjoy many more!

  23. Sounds like you had a wonderful birthday and I agree about going out for birthday breakfast rather than dinner. You made me laugh about touching up your photos. I always say that the reason our eyesight deteriorates as we get older is because God doesn't want us to see what we really look like. We can just go on with that image of what we remember from younger days.

  24. Love your blogs Jenny and the above comments show we are all very similar with how we view ourselves, I think a smile and laughter makes a huge difference along with making us feel brighter and isn't imagination wonderful on how we imagine we look taking us back in years, its just the mirror brings some of us back to reality sometime each day but keep smiling I say, I have 10 years plus on you and just hope I don't get caught off guard by the camera too often, you have a lovely fresh face, shows how you are. I am young at heart and thoughts and grandchildren also keep me in the zone no matter what the mirror shows at times, love the above comment regarding failing eye sight, that made me laugh.
    Have a wonderful and creative week, hope the GF cooking going well. Judithann

  25. Happy belated birthday!!! Big hugs and kisses. I have seen you in the flesh and you don't need to air brush!! Anyone who really cares for you (the person), will not care about wrinkles. You have a warm and friendly personality which is shown when you smile. Some times people with perfect exteriors smile but it's only with their face and not with their heart. I would rather receive a heart felt smile. Lots of love Barb xoxo

  26. Nachträglich alles Liebe und Gute zu deinem Geburtstag. Man ist so jung wie man sich fühlt. Bleibe gesund und so wie du bist.
    Liebe Grüße Annerose

  27. Sorry I'm late (been away)... but my birthday wish sent here...still means the same...sooo
    HaPPy BirTHDaY to YoU!!!! :)

  28. Happy Belated Birthday. I'm so glad you had a wonderful day.

  29. You are beautiful....airbrushed or not. A funny for you: I know a lady who airbrushes all her photo's before she puts them on facebook. (which she does quite often) People are forever commenting on her flawless skin and asking about her makeup, which makes me giggle. Well, recently, someone asked and she gave them an incredibly long description of her makeup routine on facebook!! I laughed and laughed, as I saw her in the nail salon a week or so later, and she did not look at all like the air brushed lady on facebook. I say we should all just 'keep it real'. ;))))

  30. What brilliant photographs. Gorgeous presents too.

    Glad you had such a lovely day Jenny.

  31. Thank you for your lovely birthday pictures they are lovely.happy birthday. Thank you for sharing your lovely stitch work that you have done. I went on to your site from pintrestcraft.
    And have down loaded some.
    I was looking at the one with, let not your heart be troubled neither let it be afraid. My husband was having a bad time and I read this to him it came just at the right time thank you for listening to God.
    I have made of the friendship to take to our friend in holland in June. Thank you so much what you do is such a blessing to us all here in England. Rosemary.x x o x o

  32. Feliz Cumpleaños!!!! Gracias por todas las cosas bellas que haces!!!


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