Tuesday, February 4, 2014

This 'n' that...

Rain and cool winds have brought us a little bit of relief from the constant high humidity and heat of our summers in the tropics. It's still hot, but up high in the treetops we're welcoming the wind as it swirls in and around our house. The animals are enjoying being out on the deck too; a lovely break from hiding inside in the almost constant daily grind of the air conditioning.

On Sunday morning Mr E took me up the mountain for some time out. As we both work from home occasionally we need to escape the lure of our office and avoid deadline distractions, so we sit at the old homestead, enjoying the mountain views with a good coffee or two and some heartfelt discussion.
On the way there we stopped at a local market, and I found this elegant tea cup and saucer set. I had $8 worth of coins in my purse, and that's exactly the price marked on it, so home it came...

I don't know what the pattern is called but it was is stamped 'Colclough China' and made in Longton, England.
If you know the name of this china pattern would you let me know please?

Later I finished the very last chapter of a most inspiring and spirit challenging book. I've been slowly working through this for a few months - slowly because I like permanent change, and too often I think we sweep through books and soon forget the lessons they teach.
I made notes through all the chapters in a special journal, which allows me to read through the 'highlights' and things that spoke deeply to me at a glance. This helps me with accountability over the months, and even years, ahead.
I *highly* recommend this book...

Back to stitching and I played with a couple of new things - one for the next issue of my magazine, which I plan to publish later this month...

 ...and a brand Elefantz logo and blog header that I hope to have completed later this week.

Today I need to go shopping for my grandson's 6th birthday. Kezzie is getting him a kitten of his very own and he'd like a basket of kitty toys as his gift from Mr E and I.
I think that will be some fun shopping, don't you?

have a blessed day,




  1. I want to live at your house.....grin. Everything is so pretty and your cat is gorgeous.

  2. It must be hard to have this heat for such a long time, but here it has been rain for weeks and now we had two days of sunshine and everybody is happy! No snow, no ice, no real winter, but spring is in the air and the flowers are rising from the ground! Have no idea what the pattern of the china is, but it just looks fantastic, wish you well with all the things your creative mind is making, hugs

  3. It's always nice to get away and spend some quality time with our other half even if it's only for a couple of hours. Your cup and saucer is lovely, a great find. Hugs......

  4. So glad you both had some time out from work, something it's very hard to do when you work from home. Lovely to see little Bob the dog too.

  5. You should think there could be a meeting in the middle -- your oppressive heat to our wicked Winter. No relief in sight! How fun to shop for kitty toys.

  6. I'm keeping a Book Journal too this year. I am recording all of the books I want to read, the books I want to buy, the books I want to get from the library. That's a good idea to write the inspiring notes in a book. I usually write them on index cards.
    As always I love your stitchery!

  7. Your deck looks very nice to sit on. I love your idea to use up your stash. Since we are just starting to build a new house every cent is going towards inclusions so using up the stash is a fun challenge. Writing things down is a great way to make them happen and it is nice to look back at what was important to you over the years.

  8. Hi Jenny,
    Beautiful china! If you email a photo to ReplacementsLtd they can research it for you.

  9. what fun to live among the trees.
    i like your new look.
    for some reason your blog posts quit coming in my email. I missed the scripture verse but was reminded of it and posted it to my blog tonight. I tried signing up again but the window said I was already signed up. Maybe it is just a glitch.

  10. Here is a link to a little information on the cup and saucer. The China doesn't actually have a name it goes by a number CLC8 http://www.replacements.com/webquote/CLCCLC8.htm

  11. I know what you mean about the furry creatures in our lives loving the idea of being outside after being stuck inside. Weather in Texas has been very bi-polar. Hopefully we're gonna stay in the 70's for a while.
    I love the markings on the cat. He's so pretty.
    That tea cup is really pretty too. Thanks for sharing.


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