Wednesday, March 5, 2014

A sneak peek of something soooooo sweet.....

Tomorrow is the day I hitch a ride with my buddy Wendy on a big plane and travel waaaaaaaay down south where the air is cooler, much cooler than here.
I will get to hug in real life my truly special friends-of-the-heart Vikki and Fee, as well as girls I've known and loved for years like Dawn, Joy and Vicki. And as well as those precious gals I'll have almost fifty new faces to meet at Let's Get Stitched!

I will also be incredibly blessed to spend the whole day on Saturday with my daughter Kezzie, and my two grandsons, Cal and Dee! I haven't seen them since December 2012 so this will be a much anticipated reunion. \o/

I won't show any pics of the two projects I'm sharing with the troops at the Sunday Stitching Day, but I will show you a sneak peek of something new I'm releasing as soon as I return home.... here next Wednesday, March 12th, for the biggest Elefantz reveal of the year so far...

I'm so excited!

 The three winners of my Zig Millenium pen giveaway were drawn yesterday, so let's shout a hearty
to Lisa, Shari, and Renea!

I've been busy in the kitchen again, nourishing my body with good foods that I probably won't be able to access from a motel in Melbourne.

Raw Pecan and Oat Porridge with Dates...
(recipe from Kemi's dvd here)

Bliss Balls...
(free recipe here)

Raw macadamia nuts, orange zest, raw cacao, and medjool dates... 

 ...blitzed to a paste in the food processor, and rolled into little balls with a dried cranberry hidden in the centre.
Store on a bed of coconut, if you think they'll last. They didn't last in my house.

While I'm away I've scheduled some blog posts for you, and I hope you enjoy them.

If you have some spare prayers, pray for our safe travel as fifty women are flying in to Melbourne from all over the country. Pray that our families are fine while we're absent. 
And pray that I get to share Jesus.

Bless you heaps!


  1. You'll only be a few minutes from Preston Market where there heaps of fresh fruits and vegies, nuts, dried fruit and an organic stall etc so at least you will be able to get lots of tasty snacks

    1. oooh I'll make sure she gets there Melody....or I'll stock up for her 'cause we're sharing a room!!!! hee hee Thanks for the heads up! xox

  2. Have a wonderful time Jenny. Maybe next year will be my time to come. It is just not my 'season' as yet.

  3. Jenny, Have a wonderful time. You deserve it for all the hard work you have done.

  4. I love the peak of the stitching you posted! Blue/ that combination!
    Have a great time & I hope you laugh a lot!

  5. How exciting!! Hope you and Wendy have a wonderful time away.....enjoy the cooler weather. Look forward to seeing some lovely pics of the weekend. Safe travels xoxo

  6. oooh I'm soooo excited hunny.......remember the ginger lollies for the plane travel and I'll be there to hold your hand if you need it!!!! We are going to have the bestest of just wait!!!!! And YES.....that sneaky peek is just perfect.......I can't wait till it's released!!!!!!
    xxoxoxo biggest sugary hugs
    Wend :o)

  7. Another sneak peak to tease and tantalise :D I can't wait!!!
    Have a great time Jenny....with friends as well as family!

  8. Have a great trip, Jenny! Prayers are going with you!

  9. I am so glad you will get to see your daughter. A year and 2 months is way too long. Make sure you get lots of hugs. I'll be praying for safety and that you will get to share Jesus, the greatest gift of all.

  10. Have a safe journey Jenny and lots of fun! God be with you. xx

  11. I pray for all those things for you, and many more besides. I look forward to the new reveal! Have a wonderful time with family and then with friends.

  12. What a wonderful adventure of friendship, stitching and faith. May best wishes and prayers guide your days.

  13. You are likely in the midst of it all now - laughing, stitching, sharing, loving. Have a wonderful time!

  14. Jenny,
    Oh my sweet friend ... I am so excited for you! What a wonderful experience to be headed off on this adventure, to share your talent and inspiration, along with friends ans a special visit with Kezzie and the boys. I will be keeping you and all those traveling to Melbourne in my prayers. Also your family at home while your away will be included in my prayers as always.
    Congratulations to the winners of you ZIG giveaway tooo...Enjoy, you lucky ladies!!! :o)
    I can't wait to see your new designs when you get back, along with pictures of your Stitching day. Big, big Hugzzzzzz coming to you, Nancy Jo

  15. Have a wonderful trip Jenny and thank you for your good wishes for our own trip tomorrow to NZ. It's such an exciting time for you especially seeing your daughter and grandsons as well, just wonderful, there will be lots of hugs, enjoy it all with catch ups and meeting your crafting friends. Looks like maybe a gorgeous giraffe in the sneak peak, those and elephants top my list of favorites. Once again your food looks so yum and healthy to boot, hope you are able to keep a little on track in Melbourne and enjoy some yum food. Wishing the best for you and your family. Judithann

  16. Hope you enjoy your Melbourne trip. Your sneak peaks look really interesting - I'll be back on the 12th (if not before!)


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