Thursday, March 6, 2014

A designer I admire...

I admire designers with integrity.

Have you been following along with her "Fellowship of the Flowers"?

Michelle is a friend, a mentor, an encourager, a very talented artist, a bunny lover and rescuer, and someone who teaches me about kindness and compassion through the example she lives out daily. Her love of life is worn on her sleeve, and if ever a woman deserves to succeed, it's Michelle.

Enjoy this eye candy from Fellowship of the Flowers; the work of her hands...

Michelle's work with felt, applique and embroidery is sublime.
I have her latest book, and a kit to make one of the projects - waiting patiently for me to return from Melbourne and begin...

 Michelle teaches classes with a delight that is totally authentic, liberally sprinkling her joy-filled attitude onto others. She has even appeared on television in the US, demonstrating her Folk Art Fusion techniques - what a treat for those watching!

If you've not been blessed to 'meet' this sweet friend of mine, take some time out today and visit her blog HERE. You'll come away smiling.

If you're more of a hand embroidery girl have a peek at my monthly Stitchery Club!

Painting a picture with needle and thread is where my own designer heart lies. Here's some examples of patterns my members have received in the past...

...and to see what inside the next month's issue of The Stitchery Club have a look here.

Every month I send my Club members 5 new patterns, plus a project and tutorial as a PDF file via email and you can be part of the fun too!

All the information is here on The Stitchery Club webpage along with what's inside next month's issue.



  1. What a sweet post on Michelle of Bunnyville. I adore her and her talents. Harrington and Hannah are such wonderful helpers. Creative Bliss...

  2. I love this post, how sweet of you. Her work is incredible, I would love to dig deeper into this talent myself. Thanks for sharing. Oh and I agree Harrington and Hannah are a hoot!


  3. Wow!! What gorgeous work!! Thanks for the link to her blog....I'm off to drool again!

  4. What lovely work Michelle does! I love beading, it adds a special extra sparkle!

  5. Thank you for introducing me to a lovely lady and her beautiful work. What a fun blog she has. xx

  6. Michelle's work is gorgeously detailed! Thanks for posting about her! lol Carli

  7. She does do awfully pretty work, and her Fellowship is not that expensive, especially when you look at what you are getting.

  8. I love her also. I did join her Fellowship and hope to start mine in a few months. I love all your designs also. But, you already know that. Thanks for sharing.

  9. I follow Michelle and think her designs are beautiful. She really is an inspiration and I am just waiting to see her on our local public tv station when they broadcast the shows she is on.

  10. Realmente o trabalho dela é lindo!

  11. You are just too sweet Jenny! Thank you for this lovely post! Hugs to you my dear Aussie friend. I love you bunches!


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