Monday, April 14, 2014

Deconstructed Hexie tutorial, and a magazine at last!

I cannot tell you how excited I am to tell you that the April/May issue of Elefantz Magazine is now published and in my shop to download!

I have three gorgeous patterns inside, and the first one inspired the tutorial I'll share at the end of this blog post.

 But let's look at what you can make from this issue of Elefantz magazine first!

Project 1 - TWEET: A Needle Cupboard.
...not a needlebook for 'used or in-use' needles, but a cupboard to store your needle packets... 

Project 2: SING - A Cushion.
...with an empowering message for you...
"not everyone will appreciate your song...but sing anyway"

Project 3: The ROSEDAISY Journal/Book Cover
...which comes with the full set of alphabet monograms for you to personalise it...

Purchase the April/May issue of Elefantz Magazine HERE today.

Inside the magazine I'm also chatting about living simply, and with beauty, in a technology driven world, and I share ideas and examples to help you start your own illustrated journal as a family keepsake.

 I love hexies! But I find them awfully fiddly things to put together when they are small. 
In my TWEET Needle Cupboard design I did something a bit different. I deconstructed a hexie and appliqued it instead!

These hexie flower shapes are a tiny 1/4 inch each, and to begin you'll need to download a free pattern sheet HERE.

The first thing I did to make the two hexie flowers on the TWEET cover was to trace 14 of the 1/4" hexies onto the smooth side of some Vliesofix, but you can use any fusible bonding paper for this...

Then I fused each one onto particular sections of the back of the floral fabric I'd used elsewhere in the design - this is known as 'fussy cutting'.
I chose the little blue daisy print for the outer hexie petals, and the small rose print for the centre...

Cut out the hexie shapes, and peel off the Vliesofix...

Using tweezers carefully place the hexie shapes onto your background fabric. Fuse them in place with a warm, dry iron, but make sure you bring the iron straight down onto the hexies and don't push the iron back and forward over them as it may shift them...

Use one strand of thread that matches the outer petal fabric and blanket stitch the outside hexie petals in place.
 Blanket stitch around the middle hexie with a single strand of matching thread....

Using 3 strands of thread, chain stitch around the centre hexie...

Complete your de-constructed hexie by chain stitching around the outer petals with 3 strands of matching thread...

How cute is this!?

You can do this on any project you like, using any size hexie you want, but if you'd like to use it as I have in the TWEET Needle Cupboard you'll find the pattern HERE in Elefantz Magazine - available until May 30th only.

Time to get back to a whole new set of designs that need to be ready 'someday in May'....

Have a brilliant week!



  1. I love your new projects. Looks like a lot of work has gone into them. The little appliqué hexie is cute. I really like your blog header too.

    1. Thanks Val! I had a lot of fun playing with those hexies...they were a perfect match for the little birds. x

  2. Gorgeous projects Jenny. I hope you are all okay up there. Thinking of you all. Hugs, Christine xx

  3. I love the birds in this one! And I've been pinning hexie projects lately to have a go in the school holidays, so this is well-timed. Beautiful projects Jenny!

  4. Jenny, all of your projects are so lovely. I especially love the design on the Needle Cupboard. Great job!

  5. Love, love, love this magazine! Gorgeous!

  6. The needle cupboard is a great idea, and the deconstructed hexies are adorable!

  7. Lovely idea. I should actually be able to see which needles I have. Thanks Jenny.

  8. It all looks fabulous again and I love the birds! Wish you a good and happy new week, hugs

  9. Yet again I'm wowed by your creativity Jenny :) I love the idea of the needle cupboard! And that sing pillow can relate to the sentiment of not everyone wanting to listen to me sing!! Thanks for the tut on the hexies....Its definitely something I plan on trying!Have a great week :)

  10. Beautiful new projects!! Especially love the verse in the second one - 'Sing anyway'!


  12. I love love love the new issue!! Once again, besides the beautiful patterns, I love your chat with us in the beginning. I teared up at the mention of your nana, such beautiful memories she gave you. Thank you for the patterns and the words. Each issue inspires me and makes me so happy when I look through it.


  13. Lovely projects Jenny, looking forward to reading your latest magazine, you have inspired me to get back on track with some crafting, love your work and enjoy your writing. Have been enjoying looking through collected magazines with some including your projects, also treated myself to a visit to the newsagents (adding to my collection) and library.. Thank you for the cyclone updates and photos, a huge relief now for all in FNQ getting back to normal, hope it didn't do too much damage at yours.
    Have a wonderful week. Judithann :-)

  14. Everything is just lovely. What a wonderful hexie tute. Thanks for sharing.

  15. Love all the designs in this issue Jenny, just beautiful. Take care xx

  16. My you have been busy. All that lovely stuff you've made you deserve a rest. Take care of yourself hope you recover soon.


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