Wednesday, April 16, 2014

"F" for Fee...and paper patterns.

It's my sweet friend Fee's birthday today! 
You can drop by her blog here to give her lots of warm and cuddly cyber hugs, ok? She loves them!

So what to make for one of my very bestest friends?
Well, a cute Rosedaisy framed 'F' of course!

Fee is a true-blue Shabby Chic gal, so naturally this influenced my choice of fabric, threads, and frame. Once again, as I've been doing all year, I stayed with a simple colour palette of two. 
Aqua and Pink.
The pink thread is variegated which really made this block 'sing'...

Fee called me when her parcel arrived in the mail, and she loved it. Well, I reckon I love her more. ;-)

Now that Fee has received her framed F from me, I can show you another F block I stitched back in March. It is a different one because it's for my soon-to-be-born new granddaughter, Miss *F*, who is only weeks away from greeting the world. 

#Please do not ask me to share any more about Miss *F* as her mum (one of my daughters) is very private and doesn't want her family's life shared via my blog (along with almost all my other children who prefer to live quiet anonymous lives too)...#

I stitched the E from my Rosedaisy Alphabet for her big sister, 13yo Miss *E*, but created a personal *f* just for Miss *F*'s imminent arrival.
Actually, both Miss *E* and MIss *F* were the inspiration behind my 26 Rosedaisy Alphabet blocks...

As time goes by I will have more and more completed Rosedaisy Alphabet blocks to show you. I wonder how many I will have stitched by the end of the year? Mmmm...


When I released "The Welcome Home" pattern last month it was incredibly popular, which surprised me as it was only published as a paper pattern and not a pdf.
I chatted with Mr E about this, and he agreed with me that it would be a good idea to offer the Rosedaisy Alphabet as a paper pattern purchase too, because some stitchers just happen to prefer paper over pdf.
I have to admit, I personally love to buy paper patterns.

So from today, HERE in my Etsy Shop, you will now find the paper pattern for the 26 block set of the Rosedaisy Alphabet! 
It comes stored in a sturdy plastic A4 sized sleeve, flat and not folded. 

It will be posted world-wide, so no matter where you are across the globe it will arrive at your door!

I also have a few more of large "The Welcome Home" wall hanging patterns in stock...

...and as I want to save you as much postage as I can, I've also decided to list the double paper pattern set of The Rosedaisy Alphabet and The Welcome Home.

I'm offering to post both of these patterns worldwide for the same cost of posting one!

Purchase one or both of these Elefantz paper patterns HERE in my Etsy Shop.

  The Rosedaisy Alphabet is also available as an instant pdf download HERE in my Craftsy Store.

Thank you for your lovely comments, prayers, and hugs for Blossom yesterday. She's finally over the 'hump' with this flu and is slowly beginning the road to recovery. Such a great relief, as for a while there she was spiraling downhill fast, and her asthma wasn't helping. 
So bless each of you for caring. xx

Now I'd best get back to my stitching, as I am playing around with more two-colour designs that will feature some very special fabric sent to me by a clever Tasmanian designer!

If you're interested in my penchant for using only two, and occasionally three colours in my designs, check out some colour combinations I shared HERE to stitch Rosedaisy Alphabet blocks. You may be inspired!



Thoeria said...

What a beautiful, thoughtful gift Jenny :) And you must be so excited about the imminent arrival of little Miss F :) Glad that Blossom is on the mend - asthma can be a real problem....hubby is asthmatic but thank goodness none of the kids are!

Christina said...

Lovely gifts. Glad to hear that Blossom is feeling better.

Gillie said...

Please give Blossom a hug from me, I forget to send one yesterday :(. Actually, I was more amazed at how she was *relaxing* lol with that stitching.......I would be crazier than usual with all that dense work! I am better with motifs. But obviously it worked for her.......!

I am the grandmother of a Miss F too......born in December in Wyoming.......hope you are close by, Jenny, so you can get lots of cuddles.......

By Neymes said...


Anonymous said...

Hi Jenny i am so excited i have just ordered your alphabet pattern,whoo hoo cant wait.xx

Anonymous said...

So glad you are both feeling better today. All of your alphabet pieces and frames are wonderful. It's no surprise that the people who receive them love them. The frames are perfect for each one. I'm glad Blossom doesn't mind being part of your blog life. She adds a lot to things. =)

Anonymous said...

Get well soon Jenny! I have just ordered your double paper pattern set - so looking forward to making these. hugs x

Susan said...

Get better soon Jenny - I love the frame for Fee's gift - perfect for a shabby chic girl.