Saturday, April 12, 2014

Handmade, and an interview...

I've been one of the regular designers to contribute projects to Australia's HANDMADE magazine for almost five years now. 
During those years I have seen a few editors come and go, and new layout designs 'tweaked' to give the readers something really lovely to read through - never allowing the magazine to become stale or boring.
Recently Handmade said goodbye to it's editor, the lovely Victoria, who got herself hitched to the man of her dreams and headed off into the sunset to work in the family business. (how darn romantic is that!?)

Then, stepping right through Handmade's door, Elizabeth New gathered up the reins and was off and running into a new year, a fresh new magazine format, and a blog! 

She's a real sweetheart, and just this week asked if I'd answer a few questions about myself and where the future is taking me. I was "happy as Larry" to do that ('cause we used to have a dog named Larry and he was always happy, especially when his 'leaping so high that he could destroy everything on the clothesline' skills were in play), so head over HERE and find out what's going on in my head and my day to day life.

I have two projects inside Handmade's April issue, so if you're in Australia or New Zealand you can pop into your local newsagent and grab a copy today. \o/

This weekend we're hunkered down inside as Cyclone Ita brings her destructive winds and rain south of her landfall. We're praying for the little coastal towns at ground zero - who expect to be wiped out.
Our town is expecting 400 mm of rain in 24 hours from late Saturday, early Sunday, and pretty wild winds.

Cyclones are a fact of life up here in the tropics, but a Category 5 is always going to take more than most others. Please pray for those towns and people affected. 



Wanda said...

Praying for your family's safety and for all those along the coast.

Jenny of Elefantz said...

We are fine, Wanda, a s we are south of it. Down here we'll get the dumping rain and some wind,but not destruction. Just praying for those who were in its path. xx

Patricia said...

Jenny, Thanks for sharing your interview. Praying the storm is not as bad as the weather people say.
Stay safe.
Patricia C

KimM said...

Take care. Wishing you and your family the best with the weather coming your way. xxx

Nita said...

Very exciting about the magazine! Good for you! And I hope the cyclone damage is minimal for those folks on the coast.

Farm Quilter said...

Great article in the magazine! I googled Cyclone Ita and watched a news video of it - it looks like the intensity of the storm decreased. Cairns and some isolated places around there are going to get drenched, but here's hoping that the storm surge is not too big. Praying for everyone affected by the water, wind and power outages. Please let us know - international news is not covering this.

Anonymous said...

You life is always interesting. I hope it's also safe today.

Unknown said...

Hi Jenny
Thank you for all your lovely things you do, may our God bless you in all the things you do.
I have made the sparrow for a friend, the back ground was in pink and it was pink roses for around the eged of the picture and for the sparrow. I gave it to her last week, she was very pleased with it.
Sorry I can't show you as I do not know how to send a picture.
I would like to know what shade of red and green do you use?
It did the blanket stitch on my sewing machine, then some one asked me could I do a butterfly for them, I found one so I thought I would have a go to do the blanket stitch by hand it looks good so I am pleased with it.
Love in Jesus Rosemary x o x

Jenny of Elefantz said...

Hi Rosemary :-)
You can send me a photo by clicking on the 'contact me' button under my blog header. :-)
I use many reds and greens...or do you mean in my blog header?
God bless! xx

Unknown said...

Thank thank you so much.
The red and green that you use in your embroildery what is the shade of them the number
God bless rosemary

Unknown said...

Hi Jenny I have just down loaded your mag and looking forward to have a good read and some of the patterns in it. That will be fun to make.
Have a great day Rosemary x x x x

Jenny of Elefantz said...

They were both Cosmo threads, Rosemary.
Green 2631
Red 346

Lovely and vibrant against the white hanky linen. :-)