Friday, April 4, 2014

Sleep...let's make a bath sachet, shall we?

I love a good sleep, but lately, sleep doesn't love me.
Since returning from Melbourne almost four weeks ago my sleep cycle just hasn't been what it used to be, so the other day I asked my friend Dawn to send up some serious prayers for my rest because my 'lack of slumber' was now affecting my day to day life.
God answered, because yesterday morning when I woke I remembered that I had all the information I needed to help restore a sensible sleeping pattern right at my fingertips.
You see, early last year I had written one of my magazines based wholly on getting restful sleep!

It's funny how we forget knowledge we've gained previously when life becomes more busy that it ought to be and too many waking hours leave us heavy and unrefreshed. I'm pretty sure that's what has happened to me over the last month. 

Re-reading that issue of my e-zine, I had more than a few 'aha' moments and now feel well equipped to tackle the restoration of my sweet dreams using some of the natural methods my research at the time had shown me.

What about you? Are you fully rested when you wake each morning, or could you use some simple ideas to restore your own sweet dreams?

Over the next week I'm going to do a few blog posts to help us all sleep well, and enjoy a brighter morning each day. I think we all go through seasons like this, so perhaps you'll find an idea amongst the many I'm going to share that will bless your pretty little sleep-head?

Let's begin by making sachets for a simply lovely lavender bath. 
Lavender is a natural relaxant, as is a warm bath, so put the two together and you may discover your pillow summoning you sooner than you imagined.

I discovered this gem of a 'recipe' in Willow Crossley's book, "The Art of Handmade Living"...

To make 12 little bath sachets (they're perfect for gifts too) you'll need...
* one cup of Epsom salts
* half a cup of coarse sea salt
* quarter cup of bicarbonate of soda
* 25 drops of lavender essential oil
* a packet of dried lavender flowers

Mix it all together in a large bowl...

 ...and then fill twelve small bags.
I used some organza bags that we already had, but you could also sew bags from muslin or cheesecloth.
Just looking at them relaxes me...

I have some lavender bath sachets to make. Do you?



  1. Sounds devine! Love lavender... :)

  2. This sounds wonderful Jenny, but where do you get your dried lavender flowers from please?? I hope you get to enjoy a more restful sleep. :) xo

    1. Many craft stores stock them. I buy mine at Spotlight. :-)

    2. Thank you jenny, I will look for some on my next visit to a Spotlight store as the closest one is about 1 and 1/2 hours drive away. :) xo

  3. I will be watching this topic closely. My almost 26 yo son has had insomnia since he was 16. He went through a sleep study at the hospital and the diagnosis? Insomnia. Well, you don't say! We could have told the dr. That without the expensive test! I doubt I can get him to use a lavender bath but maybe I can come up with some type of shower disc like the Vic's shower discs for treating colds. I know I have seen homemade online somewhere. He has a week every other month where he sleeps only 2-3 hrs a night. Not good. Thank you...

  4. Such a great idea. Sleep is such a wonderful thing - we seem to appreciate it most when we don't get enough. Definitely true that absence makes the heart grow fonder when it comes to sleep!

  5. what a wonderful idea,thankyou for sharing Jenny.xx

  6. I do really need your help! I'm having troubles to sleep!
    First of all I'll try lavender sachets!
    Thank you, dear!

  7. And who can't use the relaxing bath, even if they sleep well? Thanks, Jenny!

  8. Hi Jenny, another great blog and info, thank you for sharing recipe. Lavender is my most favourite thing just love it, think it goes back to my childhood in Tasmania where it grows well, my Nana grew it and made lavender bags, my first bags as a very young girl were made out of peices of old sheets tied with a strip from the same material, my dearest friend still has one I made. I grow some and sometimes order on line from a lavender farm in Vic when making craft items filled with lavender for gifts. On our recent road trip around New Zealand saw quite a lot in flower too and couldn't resist picking a few sprigs to squash and take in the beautiful fragrance as we drove around, it really is therapeutic for me. I hope your sleeping pattern is improving for you, you are so busy with all your creative ideas and beautiful art and craft. I know myself if I get too mentally alert at night it is hard to get to sleep. All the best, Judithann

  9. One of my favourite verses for sleep(or lack of) Proverbs3:24 very comforting. Love having lavender around me.

  10. Thank you for the good times on your blog. I often post to watch ( again and again ) these wonderful items you shared . Very interesting. Good luck to you !


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