Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Tutorial - how to make an elegant fabric notelet...

Sometimes it's hard to know what to say, or how to reach out to a friend who is going through the trials of life. It can be equally as difficult to find the words that convey genuine heartfelt thanks, or a tangible expression of joy for the gift of friendship by a particularly special person.

Perhaps this very simple but elegant little gift project will be of use to you in just such a situation?
I made it a few years ago for a friend who was moving away, and thought it would be a nice idea to share with you today...

You can use this idea in small or large projects. The key is to use what you have on hand - fabric, beads, flowers, lace, brooches or pretty buttons.

So let's see how I put this sweet 'Believe' fabric notelet together, shall we?

* I began with a 4" x 5" piece of pale blue tonal fabric. Choose a pale background fabric so that the word you use, and the embellishments that will decorate the notelet, stand out.

You can use any word, or name, you like. I chose 'believe' because it's personal to me, and something as a Christian I feel we need to be reminded of - especially when facing difficult struggles. 

Trace your word across the bottom centre of the fabric, on a slight angle. I hand drew my word, but if you're not comfortable with that why not choose a font from Microsoft Office or from the numerous free font sites online? 

* Fuse a same sized square of Pellon or a scrap piece of quilt wadding behind the block.
Backstitch the word with two strands of thread. Add a pearl seed bead as the period above the stroke of the 'i'.

* Pin a length of lace across the fabric - above the word and on an angle. Thread a bead or embellishment onto the lace so that it sits about two-thirds  of the way up the lace...pin in place.
NOTE: I used a pearl bead pendant drop that I purchased in a bulk lot. They ended up costing me about $1 each.
Sew a small satin rosette above the bead...I had previously tea dyed my rosette to soften the colour.

* Use running stitch and one strand of matching thread to hand sew the lace in place.

* Next, I embroidered little lazy daisy leaves in soft green above the lace, and larger pink lazy daisy  stitches for the flower.

* Now sew tiny pearl seed beads inside the pink flower stitches...

* To finish my Believe notelet I added a fabric backing, before attaching some coordinating binding. Before stitching the binding down at the back, I added a small loop of lace at the centre top of the notelet for hanging later by the gift recipient...

* Place inside a matching envelope...

...and tie with a bow.

Isn't that a special gift?
And you can make the whole thing beautifully in about 90 minutes.
IDEA: It's almost Mother's Day in Australia - this would be perfect with 'Mum' or 'Mother' as the word!

If you make this, or something inspired by this little tutorial, send me a photo HERE and I'll share it in a blog post.

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Now how easy is that?

Have an especially fun day, my friends!
Mr E and I are still down with the flu. We both agree we've never been hit by a virus as hard as this one.
I'm just so pleased I have plenty of stitching to keep me stationary and rested...



  1. Oh my, that is just about the most beautiful thing I've ever seen. I love everything about it. Wow! I just love the way you put things together. Always!

  2. Oh, and you and Mr E get well soon!

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  4. Hi Jenny - gee, I hope you & Mr. E get better soon - no fun being sick. Thank-you so much for this great tutorial. I can think of many situations where it will make great gift.

  5. Lovely idea, Jenny; as always, your tutorial is so clear and encouraging. Thank you!

  6. This is such a lovely little mailable gift and has sew many possibilities. Thank you sew much for sharing. I must tell you that I purchased your newest magazine and I love it. You have written a wonderful edition and with such heartwarming content I am very pleased. Thank you! Creative Stitching Bliss...

  7. What a lovely, thoughtful gift!!Thank you - can hardly wait to give it a whirl!!

  8. Thank you for a lovely idea. It would be a great gift for almost any, or no, reason. I don't do pinterest, but it is generous of you to share through that outlet.

  9. So simple and so beautiful. Thank you. xx

  10. What a beautiful and uplifting gift. I know it will be treasured.

  11. That is just so sweet - what a lovely pick me up.. Gail xx

  12. So pretty but once again made me laugh out loud when I read on one of your post about being able to get this note let done in 90 minutes and post a pic of it on the same day....oh how your wonderful little snippets bring me such joy in reading them. Love your blog especially when you mention doing something in so and so minutes now maybe if you gave a time frame for us more craft challenged people it would be better but certainly wouldn't make me smile like I do when I read. My time line would be more like 90 min to get in to craft room 90 more to find my thread and needle lots of minutes for when I call 911 to have them come jaws of life me out of the craft room find a spot on the couch to sit that isn't covered in dogs and blankets only to find out I forgot the darn scissors! ! Blessings


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