Saturday, April 19, 2014

Working through the lurgy...

The dreadful lurgy lingers.
But my, oh my, how I love the soothing sweetness a pot of honey and lemon tea brings to my throat...

Mr E has also succumbed to this virus so generously shared amongst the family by dear Blossom.
Together we're brewing and sipping copious measures of the lovely tea liquid between large mugs of freshly blended green smoothies and bowls of cooling watermelon slices.
It's not all bad, you see?

Whenever I'm under the weather my creative cells tend to launch into overdrive. 
This current miasma-caused-lurgy...
(I adore that word...miasma...a 19th century description of a 'vapour' that causes nasty diseases - okay, I'm overstating things, but bear with me...I'm feverish, have always wanted to use miasma in something, and probably won't remember I wrote this tomorrow...don't remind me...) 
...has been the catalyst for a whole new series of stitcheries that may just end up being my next free BOM. Mmm.

 But before that, I best stitch down this quilt binding on the current BOM, yes?
It's taking me forever to get it done, but I'm burning up and even with the air conditioner at my back the thought of covering myself with a quilt is not appealing.
But then I look at it and it's so darn pretty...

I'll just pray today is "the day". After all, you're going to want to see it on Monday when you receive the final block. Are you as excited about seeing it as I am about showing it to you?

As I'm not at my best right now, why don't we ooh and aah over these photos of Elefantz projects some lovely readers have stitched and sent me!

Let's start with Renata's gorgeous use of some of the Shabby Roses Home BOM blocks!
I saw these on Facebook and they took my breath away...

 From lovely Lydia, who has been busy sewing a few of my stitchery designs in her own cute settings...

Joy from Bundaberg is a treasure, always showing me how wonderfully busy her fingers have been!

And Diane, all the way from Scotland (we have some marvellous email chats about her country and how much I envy her snow) also took one of my designs and framed it in her own project.

The Rosedaisy Alphabet has only been available for a month, and already I'm seeing the blocks popping up everywhere on FB and blogs!
Here are a just a beautiful few...

From Lin...

From Agatha...

From Sue...

 ...and from Heather!

Thank you SO much, ladies!
Everything is beautiful, and you've blessed me. xx

 Okay, it's time I put the kettle on for more tea and perhaps some simple toast and butter on the side.
There's something rather comforting occurs when you bring stacked slices of hot toast with lashings of real butter to the table with a pot of tea...

have a blessed Easter,


  1. Hope you and yours are better soon. You have more creative juices when sick than I do when healthy ! Thanks for sharing and Happy Easter

  2. (((((Jenny))))) Praying that you are all well soon. Your teapot is adorable! Hopefully it's contents will soothe all of your aches. I am so excited to see the finished quilt! I have downloaded most of the patterns for it, but I think I missed a couple when my printer was on the fritz. Back in the winter, I traced the first few blocks, but have not started stitching them yet. Life is very busy these days. It is so much fun to see what everyone does with your designs. You are so creative, Jenny! I thank the Lord for you and your generosity. You are such a blessing! Have a blessed Easter everyone!

  3. Hi Jenny, so sorry to hear you are all battling the nasty flu virus & hope you are soon feeling much improved dear heart. I too love your little tea cosy, your red dotty pencil made my heart skip, & Oh that quilt .... I so look forward to seeing the finished article. Take care & hope the virus passes soon. x0x0x0x

  4. Get better soon my friend.xx

  5. Happy Easter Jenny, I love the fabric for your quilt especially the aqua/green cannot wait to see the finished project. Will catch up in a few weeks time & I Pray you & Mr E are better soon. Bless you my friend.

  6. Hope Easter is a happy one for you because you are all on the mend! Meanwhile, enjoy the honey and lemon teas!

  7. It is so lovely to see everyones interpretation of your designs, thank you. If I have not already wished you a Happy Easter then I am doing so now! I hope you will be feeling better soon. xx

  8. Hi Jenny, try chewing some sage (dry or fresh) It is fantastic for a sore throat. Add to your lemon tea and honey too.Hope you get better soon! In His grip!

  9. Ummmmm ... lemon spearmint herbal tea sounds absolutely grand - with a little honey to soothe the throat, and yes, a stack of deliciously buttered toast - but I'm having a warm hot cross bun with a ton of real butter on it. Can't beat the real thing, can you? I'm sorry you AND Mr. E. are down. I hope his creativity is as much in overdrive as yours is. =)

  10. Happy Easter and best wishes for your health.
    Like to surf on your site.
    Kindest regards,
    Rya Lucas, Rotterdam, Holland

  11. Sending get well wishes to you all. Hope this coming week will bring he return of good health. Love all the stitchery projects. And you have me very curious to see what you are working on that is new.


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