Saturday, May 3, 2014

A trio of angels, and how to do Split Applique!

It's May 3rd, and I woke soooooo happy today.
The tropical summer in North Queensland has finally come to a close.
It actually feels like autumn. I actually slept with a sheet over me last night. My nose really, truly, actually tingled with a slight chill about 5am. 
When Mr E and I got up to listen to Michael's podcast at 6.30am I actually had to put a thin cotton robe over my sleeveless pjs. I'm telling you, it was bliss. 
And coffee tastes so much better on a cool morning, don't you agree?

The other nice thing about May is releasing my latest budget busting pattern bundle of designs due for retirement!
If you're new to my blog, I have a backlog of older Elefantz designs that I am gradually retiring over the course of 2014, so at the start of each month I bundle up a few for their last stroll down the catwalk before leaving the pattern stage forever. 

This month I decided to bring together my 'trio of angels'...

In this pattern set you will find such sweetness to stitch!

But before we look at the photos of these designs let me show you how to use my
© 2010 Split Applique Technique to add that touch of elegance to regular blanket stitch applique - because two of the patterns in the May bundle feature it!

UPDATED: Go to THIS blog post for my step by step photo tutorial.

There are two parts to Split Applique. They stand alone, or can be used together.
Firstly, in normal blanket stitch applique, when fabrics overlap to create the appliqued picture, one applique shape will sit under the edge of another before being stitched down, but back in 2010 I got the idea of butting the applique pieces up against each other, without an overlap.
 When you do this, the applique sits beautifully flat and you avoid having to stitch through layers.

See in the photo below I've completely blanket stitched around both wings, and the 'cut away' inside the heart using a single strand of thread, with no overlapping of fabric...

After I've completed the single strand applique I used two strands of cream thread to chain stitch 'in the ditch' between the appliqued wings and the heart, then around the rest of the heart. This accentuates the heart shape as though it's popping out of the block, and yet it's sitting lovely and flat and your fingers haven't had to punish themselves stitching through multiple layers of fabric and bonding medium.
This effect often softens a design, adding a subtle touch of elegance...

The second part of Split Applique is to cut away some of the fabric shape and fill it with embroidery...

A lot of my appliqued patterns feature the Split Applique finish, but you could try it with any patterns you have on hand - just cut away the extra allowance added to a shape for partially hiding an edge beneath another shape before fusing in place on your block, or cut away some of the whole shape to make a smaller number of shapes and fill the gaps with embroidery. 
It's such an easy thing to try, and you might just love the results you achieve.

Now back to the May "trio of angels" bundle! Here's what you'll be able to make from this triple pattern set...

"Shabby Roses Angels Quilt"...

"Angels Bloom" wall hanging ...
(which would also be perfect as a cushion cover or quilt centre)...

...and the "Shabby Roses Angel" cushion.

 The triple pattern set is available for one month only until May 31st, and then all three patterns will joyfully retire.

Purchase the May Bundle for $5 over HERE in my shop as an instant pdf download.

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone! I hope you get to stitch something pretty, cook something yummy, and find something to do that just makes you smile.



  1. Thank you Jenny! I love these and have added them to my collection :) I live on the Gold Coast and I can tell you it was positively cold this morning brrrrr!

  2. So glad things are cooling down a bit. A truly beautiful design.

  3. Hi Jenny, I am a new to your blog and wanted to say Hi. I'm loving your designs and find myself spoilt for choice as to what to try. It's funny to read about your weather cooling down as here in Liverpool, UK we are starting to get a little warmer although rarely as warm as you.
    I'm looking forward to following your blog.

  4. Wow. Just added this pattern to my stash - now - may I ask…….do you ever SLEEP?! (HA!)
    Have a lovely weekend -

  5. Hi Jenny and thanks for your explanation but I'm afraid that without an actual visual demonstration, I am at a loss as to how to do your split applique. Your designs are, as always, quite lovely. It must give you great satisfaction to be able to retire some designs because you have so many. Have a wonderfully creative weekend.

    1. I will do a picture by picture one next week, Dolores...

  6. I so enjoy looking at your handwork - so elegant and perfect! Funny, I was so excited that yesterday I got to mow the yard in shorts and a t-shirt!!! Of course, I'm paying today with arthritis in my wrist acting up. You cool off and I'll warm up!! I really love the way you cut out part of the design and put embroidery there!

  7. I love your designs and the fabrics in this piece! What is the name of the fabric? Your thread colors always seem so bright and cheery. Do you use Cosmos? It's all very happy and cheery.

    1. Sherr, the fabric is Princess Rose by Lecien, and the threads were Anchor.

    2. The fabric in the wall hanging is vintage Tilda.

  8. Your posts are the fresh air in my emails! Love them and they certainly make my day! So appreciate the biblical stitcheries you do as well as the rosedaisy alphabet I recently purchased. Have several ready to stitch. Is there a pattern for the star shown in today's blog? Stars are another fav and was curious if it was available or not. Thanks so much and have a wonderful week!

    1. The Star is a block in my Shabby Roses "A Christmas Story" quilt. The pattern was retired last year. Sorry! I may do more with stars later this year, so keep watching. x

  9. Hello Jenny. I don't know why I missed your posts but here I am and before I could even truly read I had to purchase your May Bundle Trio. I adore your designs and this idea of shattered hearts with flowers is just amazing and uber creative. I love love love everything you stitch. Thank you sew very much.


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