Friday, May 2, 2014

Attitude of Gratitude...

Aussie designer and owner of Pattern Press, Helen Stubbings, has just launched her new fabric line "Primrose Sands"!

Last month Helen asked if I'd like some of her new fabric to design with and naturally I replied with an excited YES!

I chose seven fabrics from the Primrose Sands range, six in particular to use as two sets of three, and one cream fabric to use for stitchery backgrounds.

Here are the two 'sets of three' fabrics I chose...

Sticking with my desire to use minimal colours across my 2014 designs, I loved the melding of grey/aqua/red, and grey/red.

I've almost finished the first Elefantz design using the grey/red set, and next week on the blog I'll be taking you through a step by step tutorial to make it!

Here's the new block I designed for this project, "Gratitude is an Attitude"...

I believe the way we think, and the choices we make in reponse to life events and the people we interact with, are pivotal to how we cope with everyday highs and lows.
On the worst of days, cultivate an attitude of gratitude.
On the best of days, store up everything you're grateful for - then you can dust it off in your mind and remember them when the bad days come calling.
As much as possible, keep an attitude of gratitude...

Mark in your calendar Tuesday May 8th, and drop over here to the blog to make my secret tutorial project!

If you'd like to stitch the "Gratitude is an Attitude" block before we make the project it's just $2.50 as an instant pdf download HERE in my shop today with full stitchery instructions.

 Love Helen's new 'Primrose Sands' fabric range as much as I do? Ask your local patchwork store to stock "Primrose Sands" and I'm sure they'll be happy to make your day!

I love Friday and the winding down of a working week, don't you?
My husband is home again, there's (finally!) a cool change on it's way to the tropics, and every day I feel my pre-flu strength returning that little bit more.
I've so much to be grateful for.

What are you most grateful for today? Please share it with us in the comments below. 
It may just be the story of hope someone needs to hear about.



  1. Gorgeous fabrics. Like your new photo!

  2. I already downloaded this from your Craftsy a bit ago. I better hurry if I am going to get it stitched. Today I am grateful for being able to visit the grocery store and buy healthy fruits and vegetables to eat. Those that know me would be surprised as I mostly prefer candy, cookies, chocolate and ice cream in lieu of real food as my husband calls it. Being grateful every day is a blessing...

  3. lovely fabrics. beautiful stitching too.

  4. So true Jenny - it's all about attitude to things that happen and people!! Being positive and grateful is good for the soul.


  5. That is such a truthful statement Jenny! And approaching challenges with the right attitude is what gets us through them :) Today I am grateful to have both my parents in relative good health ....I'm grateful for my own family....I'm grateful to be on holiday with all of them ....oh my......,if I sit and think about it...there is so much more to be grateful for than grumpy and despondent about. Thanks for reminding me about that :)

  6. Very pretty fabrics and stitching!

  7. Just downloaded the pattern…..YIPPEE!! Looking forward to the tutorial!!

  8. I love this line of fabric!!! I'm grateful for my husband working so hard so I can stay home and work on quilting!

  9. Jenny, it almost looks like Helen Stubbings designed her material primarily for your stitchery. I can see so much of your curves, curliques, hearts and leaves in her design. Isn't that marvelous? I think it is. It just looks like something you might have designed yourself if you'd wanted to. Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful designs with us. And prayers are with you for your good health to return soon.

  10. First let me just say that your designs are absolutely perfect for this fabric. The design and the colors are perfect. Gratuity is a skill one must nurture over time I think. In each phase of life our perspective changes as does our capacity to be grateful. I have survived the most unbearable loss of my young Son recently and have struggled at times to be grateful. Through this journey I am grateful for my strength in my faith in God. Without this, I would not have survived. He was a gift to me and I am blessed to have known him. I am also grateful for all the elements of my life that have permitted me to find myself again. My sewing, quilting and embroidery work has always been a refuge and now it is enhanced by all those in blogland who contribute their time and talent to inspire me.

  11. I am allways greatefult o ha e wonderful husband of 25 years and 2 wonderful kids and to have beaten my battle with breast cancer.

  12. Love the greay and read - great stitchery :-) Greatfull for my embroiderymachine who makes me going :-)
    Have a great week end.

  13. I'm grateful for you and your husband Jenny... That you tuned into my interview today and commented and made it feel worthwhile that I invested that time, and that my remarkable wife Judy found your site and told me about it. I love it!

    Blessings from Sarasota, Florida, USA

  14. I'm grateful for my wonderful husband and family, being blessed with gorgeous grandchildren and being able to share so much time with them, very special, (my own two children missed that opportunity to spend a lot of time with my own parents as I had moved interstate after marriage, but there were special visits and they did see a lot of their paternal grandparents and I know some don't get to experience grandparents in their lives at all, including my youngest brother in laws). I am also grateful for wonderful friends and for finding your blog and experiencing all that you offer Jenny, love your blogs and beautiful stitcheries. The new fabrics and patterns look gorgeous. If I can aspire to stitch as well I will be very grateful for that too. Though I am grateful for the ability and love of craft, Even through difficult times we can find the positives to be grateful for. Oh and I am grateful for the rain right now, greening and refreshing everything (plus it feels like winter) though it is the weekend and probably interfering with outdoor sports and activities.
    Have a great weekend. Judithann :-)

  15. I am grateful to you for your wonderful work that you do, I came across your site while looking for some thing to do. That would relax me as i find things difficult at this time as my husband has Alzheimer's, he can be ok one minute and difficult the next.
    I know with God's help I will get through, so I am grateful to be able to do some of your wonderful work
    Perhaps mine is not as good as yours as yet but it's nice to have something like this to do thank you so much. May Our God Bless You to what ever you put your hands to. And for your lovely designs l o l Rosemary x x x

  16. May God's wonderful strength be yours, Rosemary. Let Him carry you, and He will. xxx


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