Saturday, May 17, 2014

Let's cook!

When the pics of my Shepherd's Pie were on the blog the other week, I got a number of requests to share the recipe...

...and today I finally got myself organised to make TWO recipe downloads for you, starting with this yummy comfort food!

The recipe for my Shepherd's Pie is ready for you to download HERE.

I've actually just come home from a grocery shop, and we have another lovely shoulder of lamb to roast tonight, so a repeat of Shepherd's Pie will be on the menu again next week. 

Another recipe I thought I'd share is one I made up when Mr E was away last week. When he is away on his work trips it's the perfect time for some culinary experimentation, and if the recipe doesn't work I haven't abused his taste buds, only mine. Sometimes my experiments pass from plate to trash rather hastily, and other times success is indeed sweet.
Happily, I can report that this Protein Power Brunch recipe worked.
In fact we had it for brunch today and I doubt we'll be hungry again for at least six hours. Mr E ate everything on the plate - well, you know, it was delicious!

The main ingredients are nitrate-free leg ham, chick peas, tomatoes, herbs, onion, garlic, eggs, and a secret ingredient (it's in the recipe, don't worry) that lifted the flavour to something truly special.
We don't eat bread anymore, but if you do then some buttered toast soldiers on the side will be perfect!

Another thing I love about this recipe is that its all cooked in just one pan.
How's that for minimal washing up? 

The Protein Power Brunch recipe is waiting for you to download HERE.
Both recipes are gluten free, too, which is so great for those who can't stomach wheat or gluten products.

It's V8 Supercars racing in Perth this weekend, so I have a stack of hand stitching to do and the coffee machine hot and ready to brew. It's also the Moto GP  in France tomorrow so I guess my weekend is all planned out...two wheels, four wheels - either way, I love motor racing!

How about you? What's on your weekend agenda?



Anonymous said...

Hi Jenny,
I am vegetarian but that won't stop me from making your yummy recipes.
Easy just leave out meat. Guess what is for tea tonight?

Anonymous said...

Hello Jenny, you have made me realise I am hungry, your food looks yummy, thank you for the recipes. I have been frantically sewing on this beautiful sunny day, glorious day, but I am inside sewing a crochet hook keeper roll which I will embroider the words 'crochet hooks' and attach to the back, and then thought of a matching carry bag to carry the crochet craft in with a smaller hook holder as an inside pocket, this is for my friend's 70 and as this year is mainly a handmade gift year for friends I have been in overdrive thinking of projects and getting much inspiration from you, so thank you so much. I have already crocheted a shoulder bag that could hold her tablet as well as general use and crocheted sack so I am on a roll, unfortunately I could not do this with cars wizzing around a race track, that does not work for me, peace and quiet or maybe some smooth music would work. Sounds like an enjoyable, yummy weekend for you and husband. Enjoy, Judithann :-)

Jenny of Elefantz said...

Indeed, both are yummy either way. :-)

Jenny of Elefantz said...

Now this is really funny, Judithann, because I have a simple crochet hook storer I'm going to feature on the blog next week - but I love the sound of your gift for a friend! How blessed is she?!

Anonymous said...

Thankyou Jenny.xx

KimM said...

WOW! This looks amazing! Can hardly wait to try your recipe. Thank you for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Recently I have had so many coincidences, really funny,, I just got my idea from a knitting needle roll projectI came across in craft mag years ago and made for gifts, down sizing using stiff interfacing and whisperweft on back and creating pockets in contrasting colour and stiffening and rolled with a ribbon on the end to wrap and tie, if you can understand that. I hand stitched the outside binding down last night and now have a little embroidery patch to do, will be funny if I end up making a completely new version, well I could do with one for myself, always seem to make items to give away. I think my friend will be very pleasantly surprised as I haven't done much crafting for a few years and she has been concentrating on crochet and knitting last couple years. Best get back to the machine and the craft bag, also finishing for another birthday coming up,, 5 this month. Have a wonderful Sunday,

Karen said...

I love my V8's too! Thanks for the recipes. I am quite partial to creating while the cars are zooming around the track.

Patricia said...

Jenny, Thank you for the recipes. We have been on a road trip and was afraid I would miss it.

Patricia C

Susan said...

That Shepherds pie is like my mum used to make - only she minced the lamb with some onion and no vegetables, but a bit of bread to clean out the mincer at the end. Ive tried it too but it still doesn't taste like hers. :-(