Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Show & Tell, plus morning tea with Bloss and Bob!

Once again I'm blown away by the blessing of seeing Elefantz designs popping up on blogs and in my emails.
Here's the latest bundle of delights!

Melody has already made a few of the free "Simply Love" blocks I shared last week. She's using them as the feature on sweetie bags - how delightful....

Gunn Vage has been busy again, and isn't this gorgeous!?
She has finished stitching Daisy Days...

Sandra also finished Daisy Days! So bright and cheery...

Maylin Hu made my day when she shared the photos of her version of my "Welcome" block from the Feb/March issue of Elefantz Magazine!
(isn't the sewing machine hanger sweet?)

Blossom had to work on Mother's Day so we had a special morning tea down by the beach yesterday and took little Bob-the-dog with us for a treat.
She's Bob-the-dog's mummy so it was only right that he come along to join in the celebrating...

 We enjoyed fresh fruit salad with frozen yoghurt and honey...

...and played around with a couple of selfies as a reminder of our belated Mothers Day.

We have fun when we're out together. I am blessed.



  1. Lovely finishes from your sweet patterns. Happy Mother's Day Blessings with Blossom and Bob. You are truly fortunate to share fun times together.

  2. What a lovley way to spend a Mothers Day. Yall look so much a like Jenny.

  3. Happy Mother's Day and lovely finishes from your designs.

  4. Thank you for sharing, lovely to see others versions of your designs and patterns Jenny, they are all lovely, and wonderful you get to see the different colourways etc., talented crafters. Also a lovely Mothers Day treat with Blossom, looks yummy and lots of fun, happy for you two or should say three with Bob. Blossom looking more and more like her mum, gorgeous. Happy days. Judithann :-)

    1. Bob-the-dog was quite impressed with his outing. ;-)

  5. Such beautiful work. The stippling on the "Welcome" hanging is fantastic. Glad you had a lovely belated celebration.

  6. So beautiful pieces and pics!
    Thank you for sharing!

  7. Oh my gosh...beautiful finishes on your designs! I especially love the Daisy Days finishes...well done ladies! And Jenny, you and Blossom are both so beautiful!!! A belated Happy Mothers Day my dear friend. Big Big hugs....
    Nancy Jo

  8. She is certainly your daughter!!! Beautiful! All the finishes are fabulous!!!

  9. Bob - the - dog you are looking so handsome especially with your haircut - but it is obvious you needed to go out with your girls to protect them as they were looking so beautiful. You did good Bob!

  10. Son unas labores preciosas. Gracias por compartirlas. Saludos


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