Thursday, June 19, 2014

A wonky forest...and a commenting solution!

Last month Mr E and I were out adventuring with no particular destination in mind when we came across something quite unusual...

Out in the middle of nowhere, between flourishing fields of sugarcane, the most unusual copse of trees we'd ever seen...

It was a rather hot dry Sunday, yet as I walked into the covering of leaning trees the air temperature dropped noticeably, and I felt a sticky dampness under my toes...


Such beauty...

We've no idea how the entire wonky forest came to lean as it does, but it really was a magical discovery that day and I hope we find it again on another adventure.

Have you ever seen trees that lean like this?

This information may help some of you...

Over the past few months there have been an increasing number of blog readers who have emailed me about their inability to leave a comment on my blog.
One such reader is Susan, who always emails her comments so I don't miss out. Subsequently we've shared some lovely conversations, but this whole commenting problem with Blogger really bugged us so I went on a hunt to track down a solution, as I tend to do when I need answers.

Now you may be a reader who has also found herself unable to leave a comment on various blogs - or you may be a blogger who has her own readers complaining of the same problem as Susan had.

1. Go to the top right of your blog page and click on 'design'.
2. In the left hand sidebar, click on 'settings'.
3. From the list shown, click on 'posts and comments'.
4. Go to 'comment location'...
5. ...and choose either 'pop-up window' or 'full page', but not 'embedded'.

It was the embedded thing that caused the problem, you see.



  1. Awesome bunch of trees! Gave me a Lord of the Rings moment - thinking they were all leaning in for a deep and meaningful conversation about those Hobbits and Elves!

  2. Amazing and Beautiful!!! At the mouth a canyon where you turn to head up into the mountainns near where we live, a strong wind blows from the east at all times, straight down the mountain pass. Your Copse of trees reminds me of the trees at the entrance to the canyon. For about 1/2 mile along the river all the trees grow, leaning at about a 30 degree angle westward. Both small and large lean at exactly the same angle and it is a bit un-nerving to drive between them along the highway. It gives one an odd feeling of vertigo, LOL. But still, it is amazing to see. Thanks for sharing your photos Jenny, I always enjoy them. Big Hugs...

  3. Thank you so much for being so persistent. I've had to change my comments location as well. It was getting pretty lonely in blogger-ville without those sweet comments. You are a dear for sharing your efforts.


  4. In certain areas of New Mexico and Texas, the trees lean because of such high winds. I'm guessing that the trees in the copse you saw were probably planted around the same time since they appear to be about the same age. Was it windy when you were there?

  5. The copse of trees really does have a magical look. I wonder if there is an underground spring which accounts for the damp ground. A wonderful find on one of your adventures.

  6. I love, love, love those pictures. Wind is the only thing I can think of, too, but it would have to be persistent and constant to cause trees to lean so much! What a magical place, indeed.

  7. BTW, several friends have changed their comments, and I'm so happy to be able to comment on more blogs again! Just knowing the cause is helping with the frustration, too.

  8. Thanks Jenny,
    As an Aussie living in the USA, I love seeing you pics of gum trees, and OZ in general. I was able to print block 2, and finished stitching it today.


    Colleen Speed

  9. Those trees are crazy!! One tree, maybe two trees, but a whole forest??...what a puzzle. Awhile back I used Explorer as my browser and started having problems leaving comments plus many of the blogs weren't loading properly and looked weird (this did seem to happen after Google made some changes). Anyway, I finally dowloaded 'Chrome' and began using it as my browser. To my surprise and happiness, blogs loaded perfectly and commenting was no longer a problem. Perhaps some of your followers are having some-such problem. At least, it is something to check into.

  10. Oh yes the trees in Greenough lean even more than your little wonky Forrest. I am sure you remember seeing them Jenny.
    Pleased you fixed your comment problem.

  11. I like wonky :) Describes me :D That is a really lovely copse of trees! I can only think that the wind must have played a role when they were little!

  12. Yay, I have tried to comment and been unsuccessful but just thought it was something I was doing wrong.

  13. Those trees are amazing! What a cool ( literally!) find.

  14. Love those wonky trees, maybe it's a fairy kingdom!! Thank you for sharing how to fix the comment thing, I just changed mine yay!

  15. Jenny, The forest is awesome. What a find.

    Patricia C

  16. Jenny,
    My husband (Rich) and I do the same thing. We will just get in the car and go (with camera) and if we get to a dead end, it is right or left? I love taking pictures of trees also. Wouldn't be great if you could find out the history of this little out crop of trees.

  17. Wow - the trees are so beautiful. Thank you for sharing with us all.

  18. Wonky because of the wind perhaps? Thanks for sharing the blogging tip. Do you mind if I share it on my blog?

  19. Never seen a whole forest, but in the North of Holland all the trees are blown from west to east so they are all leaning! Nice to finally had time to read your blog again, wish you a warm winter and lots of inspiration, hugs

  20. I have seen many trees that have grown leaning to one side - usually it is because they live in an area where the wind is strong and thus the trees grow at an angle because of the frequent windy conditions. Very common on the coast of England and British Isles for example - not only on the coast though it can happen on the moors or any exposed area.

    Yes I do cross stitch but haven't done for some time - QUILTING is my main hobby right now - and a little dressmaking for granddaughters.

    Not keen on herbal and fancy teas I like black tea - standard tea that the English drink by the gallon - I am English and a Canadian citizen living on Vancouver Island.
    perry94022 at hotmail dot com

  21. Beautiful trees. I have not had a problem leaving a comment but I have signed up to follow by email which works for a while and then suddenly stops. Then for no reason starts again. When you disappear I have tried unsubscribing and then subscribing again to see if I can kick start it but no luck. Anyway, at the moment you are arriving regularly so happy days. xx

  22. That's crazy. I've never seen that many trees lean like that.
    And thanks for that blog tip about omments


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