Monday, June 2, 2014

And then there were two...

Did you stitch the free *make do and mend* block I shared a couple of weeks ago?

Yesterday afternoon whilst recovering from a long morning of 4WD-ing along bumpy, uncharted mountain roads with Mr E, I had this idea to reduce the size of the little block even more and stitch it with a single strand of thread. 
So I did. 
The pink and green Tilda fabric used to border the original block had well and truly captured my heart so I really wanted to make good use of the small scrap of it that still remained....

This is turn led me to look through my stash for fabric that complimented the green and pink Tilda floral print because my scrap simply wasn't enough to make something with.

"Tilda, meet Nellie Hill..."

Look what they became after striking up a friendship...

Some Tilda selvedge made the perfect trim for an offcut of bamboo quilt wadding inside the needlebook...

It seemed only right to use more of the pink spotty Nellie Hill to finish my larger block and create a cushion...
The cushion is mine and the needlebook is for a friend.
What a lovely way to begin a new week!

Have a lovely one too, won't you?




  1. Love Love LOVE this Jenny!!! What an absolutely adorable needle-book!!!

  2. It sure is a lovely way to start the week, beautiful work, and materials, gorgeous, blessed friend too. I just wish I could achieve results as fast. Thank you, I accidentally thought I was making needle book from felt but it was the cotton wadding which I could have kept and used but I discarded and remade in felt, I gain so many great ideas from your posts. Clever use of the Tilda selvidge, would never have thought of that, great idea, enjoy your cushion and thank you. Have a wonderful week, Judithann :-)

    1. Judithann, the bamboo wadding is incredibly soft and perfect for needlebooks. I think we all have odd shaped pieces of wadding left over from quilts don't we?! We must think of new uses for them. :-)

    2. Thank you Jenny, I agree in finding uses for leftover materials, very satisfying too, Have used cotton wadding in the past will look for bamboo next time, have used a bamboo/cotton mix 8 ply yarn and it is very soft silky. :-)

  3. How gorgeous, Jenny. Those fabrics are so perfect for each other.

  4. Oh Jenny that is just so beautiful - you have inspired me to stitch this design now :-) I love the whole thing of "making do and mending". Your little display in your last pic with your pink & green collection in the lovely basket is just sooo gorgeous. You make everything you stitch seem so simple & achievable. x0x

  5. Oh I do love this! I wish I sisn't have to sleep so I could spend all the time doing all these gorgeous things! Absolutely gorgeous Jenny! Do have a wonderful week :)

  6. Both of your creations are just beautiful. You have a wonderful eye for color. Thank you for sharing them with us.

  7. Oh my goodness - how absolutely beautiful!! I love it all.

  8. Very very pretty Jenny. xx

  9. A almofada ficou linda !
    Combinação perfeita do bordado com as cores do tecido.
    Beijos e boa semana.

  10. Great job on both finishes. Love your fabric choices.

  11. Waw! Fantastic work! Your pieces are so sweet, so perfect, so beautiful... I love them!
    Kiss, Lete

  12. Where do I go to find the instructions for the Make do and Mend pattern?
    It is gorgeous.

  13. I love all your work Jenny, you inspire me to keep persisting......Heather xxx


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