Thursday, June 26, 2014

Churn Dash baby quilt made with love...

When I began Jane's "Nested Churn Dash" sew-along it wasn't in my mind that I'd end up loving the project so much that it would grow into a quilt.
But when I finished the project as Jane had shared in her pattern (a 24" block with four nested churn dash's).... thoughts were running crazy with ideas of adding to the block, perhaps even making it a quilt size.
So I added a fifth churn dash and the block now measured 32"....

This is where I had to decide whether to keep adding more rounds of the churn dash block or veer in a different direction. With my Tilda fabrics stash depleting rapidly I chose to add borders using scraps and some of that beautiful washed out red floral featured in the third 'round' of the original block. 
I pieced it a couple of weeks ago, then put it aside until further inspiration struck. 
During this time I was also working on a quilt design for a new granddaughter due in August, but nothing I drew made me excited enough to start cutting fabrics.
And then on Tuesday I picked up this Churn Dash quilt top, made with the loveliest Tilda fabrics - Tilda always makes me think 'little girls' - and I just knew it was going to become the perfect quilt for this precious new life about to arrive.

On Tuesday afternoon and right through until almost midnight (Mr E was sweet enough to accept hastily scrambled eggs on toast as dinner) I sandwiched, basted, and quilted...

Exhausted I fell into bed for some shut-eye, but woke early Wednesday morning with one thought in mind - finish the quilt. After two large coffees I had the binding made and then I sat down to sew it in place.
I felt love grow stronger in my heart with every stitch. Love for a new life, a little girl far away in another state that I may not see for a very long time, and I prayed as many wonderful blessings over her life as I could think of. With the final stitch sewn, I hugged the quilt tight and felt more satisfaction over the work I'd just done that I have over any project for a few years. 


A couple of years ago I designed a baby bag to carry all the 'stuff' a new mummy needs for her cherub, and it's been patiently waiting for a granddaughter I could pass it along to, so this will be posted to my daughter along with the quilt...

I'm a very contented Nana today. Making purely for love and not as part of my business was a heart booster...

 Now to wash, wrap, and post it away!

To see how other quilters have finished Jane's Nested Churn Dash block visit her blog HERE.
I swooned over every single one.

What was the last thing you made that filled with you with satisfied contented joy? 
 Everyone is inspired by an honest feel-good story so write yours in the comments below. Let's share our delight in what we made, and why we made it. x


 About my leg ~
I've had an ultrasound and xrays and will get the results later today from my doctor. 
It's more painful than ever in my lower leg and walking has become a challenge, but I have my absolute trust in Jesus and His grace to carry me through my concerns and that niggle of 'fear' that keeps trying to bite me.
Will update as I know more.




  1. Your quilt is stunning! We may need to see a picture of your grandbaby on the quilt :) You do the whole Nana thing well!

    My project that brings joy and contentment is pretty much everything I have made this year. I keep making so many quilts and other gifts for other people and I never got around to making myself anything. I didn't have a quilt for ME!! So 2014 I declared to be the year of ME. I'm making myself quilts and working on projects that I have had on the "must-do" list and it makes my heart sing. It's refreshed me and I'm now looking forward to next year - when I can start making beautiful things for other people again.

  2. Hi Jenny,

    What an adorable nested churn dash baby quilt you have there! :-) Love how this turned out. The 'happiness' baby bag makes for a perfect pairing, too! Your daughter and granddaughter are very blessed to have such a special Mum and Nana. I'm sorry to hear your leg is still causing you so much pain. I am praying for a positive outcome for you; please do keep us posted.

    I had a similar joyful experience when I made our 8th grandchild his quilt two years ago. It was done in batiks which made me sing anyway, but the windmill type pattern I used and called "Perpetual Motion" has turned out to be a 'grandma must have known before you were born that you'd always be on the move', lol. That quilt and all of our grandchildren bring us much joy even though they all live states away from us.

    Hugs, Karla

  3. Congratulations on your new granddaughter. Granddaughters are so special. I have 5 and only one grandson. I hope you get to see her soon after she is born. Either way she and her momma will love the quilt. It is yummy!

  4. Your quilt is gorgeous Jenny. A new baby in the family is always such a joyous occasion. Hope all goes well with the doctor today. Hugs....

  5. Jenny, The quilt is beautiful! What a wonderful job you did.

    Patricia C

  6. The quilt is devine as usual. Would love to hear more news about this daughter and grand children. Prayers for that leg. x

  7. Hi Jenny,
    What a pretty quilt. Together with the bag it makes a lovely gift.
    I made an embroidered quilt for my grandson's 3rd birthday. (I'll be posting about it tonight.) I put a lot of love in that quilt and I hope he enjoys cuddling up with it:)

  8. Your quilt is gorgeous Jenny, perfect for your new expected Granddaughter, how exciting, it will be something for her to cherish forever and love the bag too, your daughter will be thrilled. So special grandchildren and new additions, we feel very blessed to have our two, boy and girl. For myself it is getting back to my crafting and making many gifts this year, though can be overwhelmed with inspiration and ideas but includes lots of lavender bags, items using doilies, also making simple crochet bags. Also the bag I made for a friend with matching crochet hook roll to go with the many other things I made for her 70, the bag seemed to evolve as I went along thinking of things to adorn it like suffolk puffs, doily, beads and charms, I was very pleased with my creation. Now working on another 70 gift. Thinking of you and wishing you the best with your leg Jenny.
    Judithann :-)

  9. Jenny, your project has inspired me to do this QAL (that really didn't interest me until I saw yours.) I absolutely love how you finished it up. Your attention to detail created a stunning quilt. Thank you for sharing it with us.
    Your work always touches me.
    :0)Best of wishes!

  10. It is such a treat for me to read your blog posts and I think everything you make is lovely. This quilt for the new baby to come is gorgeous. I just finished a quilt for my son and delivered it to a quilter last night. I am happy to be making him a quilt that he doesn't know about for the bigger bed he needs. At 14 he is now 6'1". I pray the doctors will be able to give you answers. Wendy

  11. Love the quilt! You have such wonderful ideas. I have the pattern, but not enough mojo to get sewing....grin.

  12. Your quilt is adorable! Love the way you added to it to be perfect for the new baby!

  13. Jenny,
    Your quilt and bag are just perfect for each other. What a beautiful name for the quilt.

    I am so glad you were able to sew for self enjoyment and what a wonderful joy to be a Nanna again.

    I will be praying for you. I hope that leg is on the mend soon.

  14. 'Loved you before you were born'.....such beautiful words. I am glad this quilt has brought you so much joy. Praying all turns out well with your leg. Take care Jenny

  15. Oh Jenny what a beautiful quilt for the new special little one.
    Wishing you all the best with your leg. Hugz maria

  16. Aww its gorgeous, beautiful colours.
    I felt the same way when I finished the fabric basket and softie fish for my Cousin's baby. I can't wait for him/her to arrive so I can hand them over as my special gift to the new arrival.

  17. I do love that quilt Jenny and have enjoyed seeing it grow. Perfect for the new baby. Sorry to hear no improvement in the leg and continue to hold you in my prayers. xx

  18. Hi Jenny. Your quilt is so beautiful! I love the bag that goes along with it. Such special gifts! Hugs, Christine xx

  19. Oh Jenny.....that is just perfect! I love the name you've chosen for she is truely loved before she's born :) The little diaper bag is the perfect touch too!
    Hope that your leg improves soon xx

  20. It is absolutely gorgeous Jenny!!! Feeling uber jealous of that precious little one who gets to be wrapped up tight in this beauty!! ;) ... Glad to hear you've had the scans done on your leg - I hope it's helpful news/results, and that your healing will be swift!! Right now I am certainly understanding the walking being a challenge, lol!! Couldn't believe I had to stay overnight after my surgery, but was glad by the middle of the night when I started to begin to feel better :) ... Keeping you in my prayers sweet sister xxx

  21. Both the quilt and the bag are too darling for words. What a lucky little girl..

    My latest gift from the heart was in the form of food mailed off to my SIL last week. Something she loves and can not get in her neck of the woods. I know it will make her happy.

    God speed with your leg issues.

  22. The Quilt is so Beautiful!! What a precious Gift, along with the 'Happiness' Bag.

  23. Such a pretty quilt and so nice with a bag that matches. Mommy and Baby will be so happy. You did a wonderful job. Wishing you Well very soon.

  24. The quilt is so pretty. It was a beautiful post and spoke to my heart. My only daughter and her husband are expecting their first child in October….then sometime next year they will move from the USA to Singapore. I am working on a quilt now for the baby…among other things.
    Thinking of you and good results from your MD.
    hugs xxx

  25. Quanta beleza !
    Por isso que sempre te visito ,para apreciar essas obras de arte. Bom dia .

  26. My In Full Bloom (Patern Lysette Anderson) Quilted and finished all by hand, after not been able to quilt by hand for years, that makes it my favorit! And when I see your labour of love, I fully understand the joy it must have given you to make this lovely quilt as Nana!

  27. Oh your quilt and bag are just lovely! Great job on both of them. The colors are so fun and pretty. Congrats on the soon to arrive new family member!!

    Everything I make fills me with satisfaction. Probably because almost everything I make is for someone else. And it feels so good to finish something since my stitching/sewing time is very limited with work, school, etc..

    Continued prayers that your leg feels better soon.

  28. I love the pieced border you added to the "Nested Churn Dash" quilt. It is the perfect finish! I know that your granddaughter will love her new "loved you before you were born" quilt and her mommy will love the bag!

  29. Your quilt turned out so pretty. I love it and so will mom and baby.
    Praying for good news on your leg.

  30. Your nested churn dash is beautiful. I love the colors and the baby bag looks just like one of your beautiful creations. I am praying that you have good news today from your tests. Thank you for all you do.

  31. Perhaps your leg just wanted a little bit more of a vacation. :o)
    Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers for healing and a quick recovery.

    Peace and Laughter!

  32. Love the quilt for your new granddaughter!!! Perfect choice for the border :)

    It will be getting my daughter's wedding quilt finished - have about 150 hours into the quilting and still have more to do! I have a due date on it too since the wedding is August 1 and the quilt is part of the decor at the reception!!!

    Praying for your leg...please let us know what the doctor has to say! Just think of the witness you are to so many others through this! Keep calm and trust the Lord!

  33. Just wanted to let you know that grandbaby quilt is gorgeous, and I can just feel the love there.

  34. What a lovely,lovely quilt block & quilt.
    You do such wonderful work!
    I always look forward to the next project you share.

  35. A beautiful baby quilt with a perfect name! Thank you for sharing your story of the quilt. Each time I finish a top for American Heroes, I feel great satisfaction thinking of the person who will receive the quilt, and the comfort it might bring. Some are for the wounded heroes and some are for the children of those who have sacrificed all, and each gives me great satisfaction in the doing and the love and care and prayers I pass along to them.

  36. Jenny, the quilt is beautiful. Love the bag too.

  37. An absolutely beautiful quilt for your new little granddaughter!! Your daughter will love this quilt and the bag to go with it. Perfect! I know that each of the quilts I made for my grand-babies had love and prayer in every stitch! So sorry to hear that your leg is still hurting you. You will be on my prayer list!

  38. Beautiful!!! I made a pillow for my oldest daughter using one of your patterns!

  39. Absolutely beautiful Jenny! Oh this post spike to me as I was reading your posts. I gave just literally finished sewing down the binding for a quilt for my Dear Brother! He has had some serious health problems and is a Diabetic....this quilt is to keep his legs and feet warm. I made it out of a Layer Cake that I was saving for me as I loved it so much but decided to use it for the quilt ad I think he will like it too! Sending Prayers your way. Xo

  40. Forgot to say: Cngrats on a new grandbaby! How exciting!

  41. It's just beautiful! What a perfect outer border!!!


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