Saturday, June 7, 2014

Finishing my coloured block...

Back here I showed you how to use Prismacolor pencils to colour in a stitchery design using one of my Rosedaisy Alphabet blocks.
As I was cleaning up my photo files on the computer last night I realised you'd never seen the finished block, and it really turned out so pretty that I thought I'd share the photos today. 

It became a birthday gift for a dear friend, Vikki, affectionately known as my adopted little sis...

Don't you love that little porcelain bunny in the bottom corner of the photo? Vikki gave it to me as part of my own birthday gift from her when we met up in Melbourne earlier this year. It's one of my special treasures.

Back to that coloured block...

It was beautiful to stitch, but my big concern all the way through was whether or not the Prismacolor pencil would smudge as I embroidered the design outlines. 
It did not leave a mark, and I don't use a hoop so my hands were all over the block throughout the stitching- the result was clean, and exactly as I'd hoped!

The 26 alphabet pattern set is still available here in my shop.

My tutorial for colouring the block is here. 

Have you had a play with colouring a block before you stitch it yet?
Go on, it's fun!



  1. Olá Jenny,

  2. I'm sure Vikki just loved it, Jenny. It is gorgeous.

  3. Gorgeous Jenny, your friend is going to love it, work and detail beautiful, love what you have created for 'V'. Judithann :-)

  4. Beautiful!! And thank you for the information about the Prismacolor pencils!

  5. Lovely finish Jenny. I have used the fabric pencils before and it turned out really well. Hugs Noela.

  6. I have used crayons. I set them with an iron. I love the look too. Will have to give the Prismacolor pencils a try. I have not looked for them here in the US.

  7. Love the look of the block….now I have to go see if I've purchased these from you :)

  8. Oh, what a nice finish. Love the frame.


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