Sunday, June 8, 2014

The Lord's Prayer Stitchalong - block 1!

Today we begin stitching 26 sweet embroideries that come together over the next six months to create a lovely wall quilt; the kind of quilt that becomes an heirloom, something to be handed down or passed along to inspire and encourage those who come after us that the Lord is good, our Rock and our only true Hero.
The quilt has eight rows, and 26 blocks. 
Block 1 is the title of this beautiful prayer taught by Jesus to His disciples...

I have used the Geneva Bible as my translation throughout the blocks as this was the prayer I learned as a child and the one we taught our children. This version is precious to me, but you may prefer a different translation so inside the pattern I have included my alphabet for you to trace whichever version is your own favourite or to translate the prayer into your own language.

As Block 1 is the title of the prayer it has one complete row to itself, and the instructions for piecing the row are also inside the pattern.

Donating to A21 along the way...
The complete 26 week Stitch-along will remain free, but I am hoping that as you gather the blocks each week and stitch them that you pray for the A21 Campaign (I shared about it here), and also that you would consider making a donation to it.
Even a dollar or two, when added together by many donating the same, becomes large.
Let's be part of the 'large' and support those who are working tirelessly to free slaves from human trafficking across the globe.

The free pattern for Block 1 which includes  -

* 'the Lord's Prayer' block to trace
* the full materials list for making the quilt along the way
* the stitching instructions for block 1
* the alphabet template if you'd like to use a different Bible translation or language

- can be downloaded HERE.

A new block will be shared on Monday June 16th, then every Monday for the next 25 weeks.

Please spread the word as I know stitching this quilt for yourself or a friend will bring blessings of the heart. xx




Rebecca in AK said...

Thank you Jenny for this wonderful pattern!!

Gabriella said...

Thank you ♥

Kaisievic said...

Thank you for your generosity, Jenny.

cassandra cusack said...

Thanks so much Jenny, I have the perfect person in mind for this

Tammy said...

Thank you Jenny. This is so pretty.

Little Penpen said...

Beautiful!!! looking forward to seeing this quilt develop!

Christina said...

Thank you so much. I know this is going to be beautiful when it is done.

Lin said...

Downloaded and donated. Thank you Jenny. xx

Unknown said...

I just came across this on Pintrest thankyou Jenny

Unknown said...

Hello Jenny, love this stitchers and was wondering if the full pattern is still available. I truly hope so, kind regards, Julia

Jenny of Elefantz said...

later this month (July 2020)