Thursday, July 3, 2014

Finally, a catch up with the girls!

Our regular fortnightly sewing group haven't had many opportunities to catch up the last few months. Heather started a new job with no Mondays free...Michelle finished one job, left for a month to travel through the centre of Australia with her hubby, then went off working for a couple more weeks...Wendy has been hands on with the medical care of her father-in-law who was diagnosed with cancer....and I've missed them all like crazy.

I managed a coffee morning with Wendy a few weeks back, which was lovely, but we sure missed Heather and Michelle. 
Until last night.
Mr E and Michelle's husband had gone out to a men's night at church, so Heather picked Michelle up and they both came over after dinner to have coffee and cake, a catch-up natter and some stitching with me. 
I love my friends! x

Heather's stitching a beautiful floral 'welcome' design on linen with variegated threads...

Hasn't she got a cheeky gorgeous smile?! 

 Michelle wowed us with the Fireman Sam quilt she designed and stitched for her nephew in England!

She downloaded free Fireman Sam colouring pages off the internet and used them to make the feature blocks, then after stitching, applique and colouring them, she designed the quilt to frame them. I think there will be a very happy little lad in England pretty soon...

I worked on some secret stitching for a new design that will feature in a future Elefantz magazine. It's such a blessing to show my friends what I'm up to and get their feedback, though they disagreed on whether I should use a vintage button on one area of the stitchery. Honestly, they make me laugh so hard with their banter!

Hopefully we'll get a whole day together soon, all four of us. Wendy lives 90 kilometres down the road so couldn't make last night's coffee and cake, but she won't miss out next time.
Friends, stitching, food and laughter...that's definitely a recipe towards a good life.

We don't get a lot of stitching done for the hours we usually spend together, but we sure go home with aching sides from laughing...and satisfied tastebuds. 

Do you stitch with a group of friends? I wonder if you are like us and do more talking and eating that sewing? 



  1. Oh such lovely projects. The details on that Sam quilt are amazing!

    I know how you feel. I miss the get together with my friends. It has been months since we have had one. We have all had trials too, moving house out of town, working,sick husband etc..

    Great to see everyone had a fun time. BTW, cake looks yummy!

  2. Stunning projects for sure. You and your friends are so talented.

  3. Such lovely projects. It's always nicer to sit and stitch with friends. Have a lovely day, Jenny. xx

  4. Yah! Friends - love them! Good for the spirit and the soul! what fun! I say use the button! ha!

  5. About to catch up with about 14 girls for a CRAFT (Chocolate, Relaxation, Alcohol Fun Times) weekend. We hire a big house and all bring something to add to the abundant food kitty. Some of us only catch up on that one weekend a year but its like no time has passed at all. Some of us bring what we're working on (or several things!) and some bring iPhone games and crosswords. But theres always laughing, cocktails and chatting - its close to my favourite weekend a year.

  6. Time spent together with good friends is time well matter what is done, or not, during that time. Eight of us meet at a cafe weekly and, though none of my friends stitch, some of them knit. I always take a project along, Sashiko at the present time, and am often the only one stitching or matter, we enjoy our time together. I hope that life allows your group to gather once again on a regular basis, for the company and laughter of good friends, and maybe a little stitching as well. :)

  7. Sounds like one of the best ways to spend an evening :) Stitching...friends...laughter ...and cake!! What more could you want??!
    That quilt is WOW! And the Welcome stitchery....beautiful! Your friends are as talented as you are :)

  8. Jenny, Wonderful to get together with stitching friends. Their projects are great. The fireman Sam is awesome.

    Patricia C

  9. What a wonderful way to enjoy good food, friends and stitching.

  10. When I was house/pet sitting for my daughter in Florida (she was deployed to Afghanistan), I had a been group of about 6 ladies that met every week to sew all day with a break for lunch out. Loved that and miss is so much now that I am back home. Need your Vit. F!!!

  11. What lovely work you are all doing and such a fun time. I have three friends coming to sew tomorrow afternoon - they are all people I have 'taught' patchwork to- one many years ago the other two over the last year. There is lots of noise and chatter and always something yummy to eat. Great fun. xx

  12. i love your blog and get all the free patterns, maybe soon i will have time to do one

  13. Wonderful! I'm so glad they could come over and stitch with you. I know you had to miss those times, because *I've* missed your reports on them! That cake looks absolutely scrumptious!

  14. looks like you had a great evening with very talented friends - I quilt with 5 other ladies - we try to get together 2 evenings a month after work and try to plan to sew for an entire day together once or twice a year (we "retreated" about a month ago"). On the retreats we all usually get stuff done, but in the evenings we sometimes just talk or do small stuff (one lady brings her scraps and cuts them into different sized pieces - only time she works on that project). It's good to do that and a pleasure to be with them.

  15. Yes. We have an embroidery club at our local quilt shop. Sometimes 20 arrive.. on 1st Saturday mornings. The Show and Tells are great. Sometimes a new stitch is taught. Or, source of patterns.... A group of 4 or 5 ... like yours... is special ... Treasure each one.


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