Wednesday, July 2, 2014

A temporary 'Home' offer...

I'm regularly asked if I will consider releasing "The Welcome Home" pattern in pdf format, and due to the size of the pattern pieces, and a few personal reasons, I hesitate.
Back in March I made the decision to only have it available (here) as a paper pattern and I've been pretty happy about that - until now.
Mr E reminded me that we can get most things of the paper kind in some form of electronic medium these days and I needed to not drag behind technology. Seriously, I laughed my head off! 
I mean I have a laptop, an iPod, an iPad, an iPhone, a blog, and I already sell patterns as his notion I was avoiding technology gave me a giggle.
But you know, he's right. He usually is. 
If I could go back to writing letters, real land line phone conversations, and afternoon tea drop-ins, I would. There is this part of me, the wistfully romantic vintage part, that daily laments mobile phones, emails and the 21st Century formalities about needing an invitation before you drop in on people for a cup of tea - mostly because everyone is busy or out and about these days. When I was growing up most people were home; and going out was a big deal. I think being home is a big deal to a lot of them now.

And this design, well it's all about home, and my romantic view of how special it is to be in a home you love, a home that makes you feel welcome. A home from times gone by. Sigh.

Anyhow....back to Mr E...
I listened. But I'm going to do it my way. 

"The Welcome Home" is now available as a pdf download HERE in my shop but only until July 31st. 

This special offer replaces my regular monthly pattern bundle during July and I've reduced the pattern's normal price accordingly.

 On August 1st, it disappears as a pdf and returns to paper only. 
And I find that kinda tea...

Oh, did I mention I added something 'extra' to this pdf pattern?

For those who purchase it, enjoy the surprise. xx



  1. Big squeal from me! Not this week but I'll make sure I download before the 31st! Thanks so much Jen x I really hope the surprise is the second house because that is truly gorgeous - theres some magical things going on in that head of yours!

  2. Das ist ja wiedermal wunder wunderschön.
    Liebe Grüße Annerose

  3. Linda essa almofada !
    Essa casinha bordada é encantadora.
    Tenha um bom dia.

  4. I like your cottage 'e designs. I hope to get them. Thank you.

  5. This is a gorgeous pattern, I just popped across and bought it :) hugs Wendy

  6. Ha! I love it. Listening but doing it your way! sounds so like Mark and me! Hee...hee....

  7. What a great idea. Such a different way to make a pillow. Great job!

  8. Thank you Jenny for making it available in pdf. I turn away from buying paper patterns from abroad as the postage cost is so high to get them to me. As I don't have a lot of disposable income, I tend to baulk at paying a lot of postage, so thank you. And yes, I bought it!

    I wish I'd lived in the times you describe, well i suppose I did, being born at the end of the 70s, but I think I was meant to be an adult in the 50s, I think that would have suited me better, I'm not so good at going out!

  9. Technology is a double edged sword -- it's the here and now. Kids today are born with a techo-gene! They speak it too, nearly from the moment of birth. Oh how I miss snail mail -- I supposed it why I so very much love writing personal notes in my Christmas cards. Lovely houses -- the warmth of heart and home is best.

  10. Lovely Jenny and great stitching as usual. Wonderful your catching up over a cuppa and cake with some friends, my crafting friends live in other areas, we moved, they moved, I did go to a group class for a while years ago, thinking I should investigate if it is still going, was at a Community College craft trainer's home in our area after they changed the college's format and no more craft which is a shame, it went all formal and professional. Not all my friends do craft. Have to mention the Fireman Sam quilt, the recipient very lucky little boy, a fantastic job, can see a lot of work and love went into that. Hope you have many more gettogethers soon Jenny. All the best for your leg healing too, Judithann :-)

  11. Love this pattern and when I came home LGS with it DD asked me to make it for her when she moves out of home. The 2nd house is adorable....

    Hugs Gail XX


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