Monday, July 28, 2014

From a tidy up to a BAG!

It was a balmy day on Saturday, even for winter in the tropics, so Mr E whisked me off for a long ride on our motorbike to blow some mental cobwebs away after a busy working week for both of us.
After lunch he returned to his business planning and I set my mind to making baby things for my daughter (see Saturday's post for pics), but by mid afternoon I was at a loose end again so began a clean up and tidy of my sewing area and office.
About ten minutes along and everything ground to a halt.
I rediscovered an almost completed "J" block which had been shelved a month ago when work commitments needed more of my time. You see I'd stitched a few of the Rosedaisy Alphabet designs as gifts and one for display purposes but not one for me. 
I'd finished the applique, bee and all the rosedaisies before I packed the block away so all I needed to do on Saturday was stitch the bird and the ribbon to complete it. Thirty minutes later the block was finished...

...and here's what I made with it!

Making this small bag for carrying essentials on those photo adventure days with Mr E occupied my Saturday evening beautifully!
I made the pattern up as I went along, inspired to show off those gorgeous fabrics to the best advantage.
There is a pocket along the front which I divided into two sections...

...and another pocket across the centre section of the back.

The shoulder strap is long and padded, for hanging across the body from shoulder-to-opposite-hip.
But you know, there was still a little bit of fabric left over and I 'seriously' love this line from Cabbages & Roses, so my next idea was to make a lined zippered pouch for carrying my migraine meds and lip balm...

...but I couldn't decide which fabric to have on the outside of the pouch so I used both!

A few scraps of fabric still remained and how could I ignore them? They needed their own Moment to Shine.
Working with a little felt which was just the right colour to compliment the fabrics I finished the set with a snug sleeve for my iPhone...

Looking good...

...and made just in time...

...because today Mr E and I have given ourselves a 1-day holiday from work and are off adventuring!

Later this week I'll share a tutorial for making the lined zippered pouch and the iPhone sleeve - I made both in under 30 minutes. How easy is that?

Today Block 8 of "The Lord's Prayer" stitchalong is ready to download...

We're almost a third of the way through now!

Download these sweet stitch-along blocks as free pdf files HERE in my shop.
Blocks 1-5 are now a single pattern file, whilst blocks 6, 7 and 8 are still individual blocks. 
There are 26 blocks in all, shared between June and December this year, which will come together as a small quilt in time for Christmas giving.

Have a blessed week, everyone!


  1. I love your bag, Jenny. You have made such a lovely set with the prettiest of fabrics. Enjoy your day off!

  2. Very pretty fabrics and you made the cutest bag and accessories with them!

  3. Lovely fabrics and the style of the bag is perfect! Looking forward to the tutorials!

  4. Your work is simply amazing. Just beautiful.

  5. Thank you Jenny for even more inspiring gift ideas, love your 'J' bag and accessories and can take a number of ideas from this, it amazes me how much you get done in the time), have fun using them on your day's adventure, enjoy. I will get back to my gift making with even more ideas. Thank you, have a wonderful week, Judithann :-)

  6. Olá Jenny,
    Que lindo conjunto! Os tecidos são maravilhosos, como sempre. No Brasil não encontramos estampas tão lindas.
    Tenha uma ótima e abençoada semana.

  7. OMG, you are so clever. They all turned out great. Thank you for this weeks pattern. I feel behind on printing them off. =)

  8. Great work on all the lovely bags! Love the fabric.

  9. Wow Jenny how creative. Love all your "makings" - will you be putting the bag pattern up for sale?

  10. wow Jenny i love your new bag,well done and the fabrics are gorgeous.xx

  11. 28, 2014 at 8:19 PM

    I love the fabric and the bag and the lovely embroidery design with your initial. Just all SO pretty!

  12. Jenny - LOVE your bag and accompanying accessories. THey are all GORGEOUS!!!

  13. Oh I love the new bags you did...They are great....And thank you for block 8 as well.

  14. Another lovely pattern Jenny - thank you. And I love your bag and it accessories - beautiful. xx

  15. The bag is darling. Can you give the dimensions or a pattern?
    I am enjoying the Lord's Prayer embroidery, thank you.

    Patricia C

  16. Lovely bag and accessories you have completed. Sew rewarding to make just what you need and like. Enjoy your non-work day adventures dear...

  17. So gorgeous Jen
    Lovin that bag A great use for your initial stitchery xx


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