Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Misty Mountains and Tully Gorge...

What a wonderful adventure away we had on Monday!
Mr E and I hit the road very early so he could attend a business meeting 250 kilometres north, before spending the rest of our trip exploring the beautiful Tully Gorge and surrounding Misty Mountains. There was light drizzle all day which only enhanced the beauty of the misty clouds that hung low among the mountains...

Such wild beauty...

There are many places along the Tully River to stop and take photos, and one such viewpoint gave us a brilliant front row seat of two rafts heading towards the white water further down stream...

As the rafts came closer we exchanged greetings and they all waved at the camera, some with a shout of  "Hi, mum and dad!" - so if you recognise any of the adventurers in the raft tell their parents they were having a ball...

We stayed and watched as the rafts headed closer to swifter currents, praying for a safe and exciting ride...

With a promise to each other that we'd return for an extended stay (and with a large hamper of supplies) in our 4WD next time, we turned the work car back towards the little town of Tully...

I pre-warned Mr E that I wanted to stop and take photos of cow paddocks and farms before we reached Tully but I wasn't expecting such exquisite views as these...

I could live here, and I hinted as much. It's like a picture postcard isn't it?

There are banana plantations all around this area and the cattle graze alongside.
I think this is my favourite photo of the day...

Or maybe this...

Actually, it was all amazing...

Just another wonderful day adventuring with my man...

 ...and I can't wait for the next one!



  1. You made it sound so wonderful. In fact we just came through this area on Sunday, and it sure lived up to it's Misty Mountains name! LOL.

  2. Thank you Jenny, just beautiful your day out and photos, all amazing and you are so right just like a post card, good quality and the adventurous rafters having much fun, thank you for sharing, it has made my day, having a cuppa break from putting notes etc together and making a handy shopping bag to include with some sweet relief goodies for our friends sorting and packing up for Coffs, tomorrow is the big move day, huge after 27 years in same large house and over 35 in the big city. Still seems surreal even through the preparations. A bonus we are enjoying a glorious sunny day in Sydney but to change later in the week, gorgeous right now.
    Thank you and have a great rest of week, Judithann :-)

  3. what a perfect way for you and Mr E to spend the day....gorgeous views in a gorgeous part of the world....yep....I could live there too! EEEEEEASILY!
    xox sugary sweet schmackas honey!

  4. You have the most beautiful countryside where you live! Love the cows! :0)

  5. Beautiful pics. Thanks for sharing your adventure.

  6. Lovely pictures, thanks for sharing with us. I am glad you had a great adventure :-)

  7. Looks like a lovely day. Mr. QD and I also enjoy such adventures.

  8. Jenny, Love the pictures, thank you for sharing. I spent my summers at my Grandparents farm and love cows. Your pictures made me remember those wonderful days.

    Patricia C

  9. Ok cows next to those palm tree looking things-totally foreign to me! Hee hee-where I live its just rolling cornfields forever! Thank you for sharing the wild beauty of Australia with me-simply breath taking!

  10. Wonderful, beautiful pictures! Am especially amused by the expressions on the cows' faces - aren't they funny! The pic of the cows next to the banana trees that includes the white birds is my favorite.

  11. What beautiful pictures! They did look like postcards. I envy those kids. I love to go canoeing and it looked like a good river to go on.

  12. Brilliant pictures Jenny - thank you. Love the one of the three cows looking at you. xx

  13. What wonderful photos. Thank you for showing us such beautiful places.

  14. hi Jen such beautiful pics,thankyou for sharing.xx


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