Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Planning Day and then a treat!

It's early Wednesday morning, really early.
Today I have a special place to go, with special people who make me laugh and feel good about life in the midst of it's ebb and flow.

But first, planning...

...and some preparation for new things to embroider when I come home.

Seriously cannot wait to start stitching with these colours...

They will become a 12-step remake of an older design of mine. Laid out so pretty, filled  with vibrancy and words of life...

The floral is from Sandy Gervais "Chance of Flowers", and I'm not sure about the green tonal as I purchased it as a single fat quarter and there's no selvedge markings to identify it's source...but they make a sweet marriage.

I'm stitching on cream hanky linen,
with Anchor threads.
and from my heart.

First, though, I have a morning appointment with Heather and Barb...

I hope your own day is filled with friends and pretty things too,


  1. Jenny I love the colors you picked for this pretty something that you will be showing us!! Hugs and Blessings Jan

  2. I am also redoing that same pattern this time in all those watery colours. And...I am actually working on the one you have shown in this post!
    I love your new fabrics. With those colours & your perfect stitches it will look great.

  3. Great colors. Hope you had a wonderful day with your friends.

  4. Those are very pretty colors and ones that I would like to work with soon. Have a great time with your friends:)

  5. that green is just PERFECT, but hide it from know how she likes your greens! LOL
    hope you had a fab day...wish I could have been there :(
    xox sugary sweet hugs

  6. Have a fun filled day with the girls. I do envy you ladies. Love the new color / fabric combo. Can't wait to see your new project.

  7. I've no doubt that you will have an absolute blast :)
    I love LOVE that fabric you're using! Don't think I've seen it here. Which range is it ?

  8. The green print is from Fig Tree Quilts, the Mirabelle collection, I think.

    Lovely fabrics and embroidery! I am always inspired by your posts! Thank you!

  9. I love your blog :)
    You had a post several days ago of a tote bag you whipped up for an outing.
    Is there a pattern available for that tote ?
    It would be perfect for a cross stitch piece I'm working on

  10. Enjoy your High Tea Jenny. hugs.....

  11. Hi JoanneS :-)
    No, there is no pattern for that particular bag, though I've been asked a few times this week so I may put one together in August.


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