Monday, August 11, 2014

Block 10 ~ give us this day...

Lord, give us this day all that we need...

Lord, give us this day a deeper knowledge of how You are working in our life...

Lord, give us this day a heart to follow you more completely than we ever have...

Download Block 10 HERE.
All the Lord's Prayer blocks are free, by the grace of God. 



  1. must start working on this one for ME!! Lovely design from a gorgeous girl! xoxoxo sugary sweet schmackas hon
    Wend :o)

  2. Jenny, Thank you, I need to send you a picture of my progress.

    Patricia C

  3. So pretty - I've downloaded…..but find I've fallen behind making each block each week….but next week, it's back to stitching and sewing.

  4. Jenny thank you so much for these patterns - they are simply beautiful. blessings, marlene

  5. Hi Jen ,I so love this fabric and your stitching is beautiful.xx

  6. I like this wall hanging more each time I see it. I have almost enough of the right fabrics to get started. If I don't have to find a job. No time then. =P

  7. How beautiful, Jenny. I find your posts to be such a daily blessing.
    Have I noticed correctly that you do not use a hoop for your lovely stitchery? I have never worked without a hoop, but am willing to give it a try. Thank you again, dear Jenny.


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