Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Return to the Misty Mountains...

It's been a couple of months since we first discovered a rarely used track into the Misty Mountains, but at the time we were in the road car and not our 4WD so we only explored a little way in. It was very wet, muddy, a narrow driving track, and sheer cliffs by the side of the track so definitely not a place to get bogged.
On Saturday Mr E and I packed up Luigi (our old green 4WD for those who haven't read THIS story), both cameras, and hearty lunch supplies for a day of adventure back inside Misty Mountains - but this time we were going the whole distance to follow the track wherever it would lead!

Misty Mountains are about 3 hours north of home, and the track we wanted to take is easily missed if you haven't come across it before. In fact we did miss it and ended up at Mena Falls before we realised our error...

 I couldn't resist a stroll across the sway bridge! It was cold, wet and windy, and a fellow ahead was quite ill over the side, but I loved it...

Back to the car, we turned around and went looking for the way inside Misty Mountains again.
Past papaya farms and tea crops...

...until we realised where we'd missed our turn off.
Eventually we found the right road, and the right track in. Misty Mountains ahead!
Inside the mountains it is cold, wet and quiet. In the three hours it took us to follow one track we never saw a single person - though we did see wild pigs and other critters running across the tracks.

The waterways are exquisite...

I was reminded to watch what was around me when walking the edge of the creek as a thorny vine fell across my shoulder - ouch. I was now wearing closed in joggers (which I rarely do as I dislike shoes) in case of snakes and spiders, but my eyes would have to protect me from thorns...

 There's not a lot of different colours in the mountains, but there is a bountiful display of every green imaginable...it's quite breathtaking.

 Back to the car, we continued to follow the track...

...until we found a nice clearing where we could warm up with coffee and lunch.

Mr E stated that he'd like us to build a house 'right here' and I was in total agreement.
Imagine living inside the mountain, surrounded by so much beauty?

Back on the road again...

...and a little while later we came to a halt where the track had been closed recently. Fortunately workmen had cut the obstacle in half and there was clear access ahead but we wanted to investigate anyhow.
This was a recent tree fall, but along our journey we'd found the track constantly littered with fallen trees from years passed, in fact, further along we saw two fallen trees spanning the road as they rested on larger tree tops almost ready to collapse onto the track - but we drove under them without a problem...

How interesting was the base of this palm...

...and I was sure I'd met an Ent from Fangorn Forest! Can you see his face in the trunk of the tree? Long nose, eyes small and narrow...

The tree itself was a work of art...

Almost three hours later we came to the end of the track and found ourselves back on the highway.
With our bodies a bit weary and needing a rest stop we made one more detour before the drive home; a small creek to explore, Gooligan...

I cannot think of a better adventure than being on the road with Mr E in our old Luigi!
I wonder where we'll explore next week?



  1. Wow....spectacular...thanks for sharing with us Jen

  2. I love that you share the trips you take! What beautiful things you see! :0)

  3. WOW thanks for taking me along. Almost too beautiful to put into words, our Mother Nature.

  4. Thanks for sharing your wonderful adventure in nature. Loved every minute and photo....so beautiful! Lunch was pretty good too! Hugs xx

  5. Oh what an exciting adventure. I love the photos....Everything looks so peaceful and relaxing

  6. Beautiful pictures, gorgeous scenery, and the most interesting things!

  7. You are very brave to explore the off-beaten path. Your rewards of Nature's Bliss is amazing. I do see the face in the tree. Great Adventure Bliss...

  8. Hi Jen you go to the most amazing places,what fun and i love your pics,hope you are having a lovely day my friend.xx

  9. What absolute splendour and wonder there is in the world...if we only open our eyes to the beauty around us and stop focussing on merely surviving from one day to the next :) Thanks for sharing these Jenny and reminding me that life is for LIVING and not merely getting through xx

  10. Lovely pictures Jenny and a great day out. xx

  11. Oh, it is lovely to explore these parts of Australia with you. Looking forward to your next adventures :-)
    I love seeing your thoughtfully packed travel lunches too :-)

  12. Fotos belíssimas Jenny, parabéns, deve ter sido um dia muito agradável.

  13. Wonderful pictures!! Thanks so much for sharing. Your country is beautiful.

  14. Jenny, What a beautiful country you live in. And how wonderful for you that you have such a partner to share it with. Thank you for sharing your travels with us. I so enjoyed your photos. Greetings from Northern Michigan, in the USofA, Roxanne Big Hugs!!

  15. Thank you Jenny for taking us on another wonderful adventure, beautiful pictures and wonderful they are seen and enjoyed wide and far. We are blessed in many ways and yourself and Mr E enjoying such natural beauty, (the great advantage of having a four wheel drive), recharges the batteries and just imagine the book. Judithann :-)

  16. Oh Jenny! What a beautiful "Wonderland" !!! I wouldn't have been surprised to see Hobbits and Elves and maybe even Alice and or Cheshire Cat sneaking peeks at you. I could definitely see the Ent you asked about. I was totally enamored with the incredible trees. When we are out on scenic drives, I take my sketch book and it is the unusual trees that will fill my pages. But though we have some incredibly beautiful Red Rock area very near, as for trees, we have nothing here that can compare to the trees and foliage your Misty Mountains hold! Thank you so much for sharing your adventure with us. Big Hugs sweet friend...
    Nancy Jo

  17. Wonderful, wish I could be there.

    Patricia C


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